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  1. Hi everyone, i was a bit busy these days but now i am back, i would like to inform you that if you install a new update, the first time you use there will be no errors and you can use apps, watch movies on the browser,etc. But when you turn off the TV and try it the second time, it will start giving you errors. It's LG guys, crazy logic, but i have found a real solution, a little trick to get rid of the out of memory error, soon i will post it, be patient, yes, our dream will come true, no out of memory error. But remember that it's a temporary solution. Thanks, pleased to help you.
  2. Wo, relax, i just sayed "shocking" the way of replying with just a simple "no" without any details, and i didn't sayed in any moment that they have an obligation to do that, instead i just shared the answer to what people were exited about and wanted. I didn't payed 760€ on a smart tv just to buy a mini pc apart, and if some people don't know, there is an app named MKV_VOD for WebOS that is similiar to kodi, it has the similiar UI and similiar functions, even the same backroung image, the problem is that it's only available in a specific coutry, i think that the app is compiled using the same code as kodi. You can see tons of videos about MKV_VOD on Youtube.
  3. No,the memory issue is happening to everyone who has a Lg TV running the WebOS, it is caused by an unprofessional programming that leads to a memory leakage, as you can compare to their old OS Netcast, you could watch everithing on the web browser and it even had flash player, lg is going backwards because their new OS the WebOS, so called the fastest TV OS by LG is a shit for me, i bought lg TV because i wanted to watch movies in the web browser but it doesn't do what it's pourpose is, if you only want to watch youtube and use facebook, you can buy a BluRay player wich supports it, don't buy a LG smart TV.
  4. I also have LB650V Model, you have to go to Settings>General>Location. Then you can try change it to spain and it will work.
  5. A simple solution is to change the country to another.
  6. Yes, but they also commented me that it's not a computer or a smartphone memory, so that means it doesn't automatically refresh, once the memory is full, you have to reboot the TV. I personally think that they have put a cheap and chinese RAM.
  7. Ok, once i asked lg how much memory it had and thet answered me that it had 1.5 GB, i asked for 2 models and they sayed both of them had 1.5 GB.
  8. The memory doesn't leak, it's not a material or like a liquid, the problem is that the OS itself uses too much memory and the apps apart from youtube are programmed in a way that they use memory that they cannot refresh it, the web browser is the worst of them, even if you visit a webpage with very small content , it closes due to memory error, webOS has to be fixed. The youtube app is the only that works nicely and smoothly.
  9. No, it depends on the company, i had to change my tv in the store, they replaced it with the same model and now i can watch movies in youtube but other apps and web browser still crashes with memory out error.The memory associated with other apps and the web browser isn't coded nicely, but google has programmed youtube app to work smoothly and use as low memory as possible on any device, but lg hasn't programmed the web browser to be memory friendly. And other apps developers don't know about this memory problem in the webos compared by netcast. Same thing happens with other lg apps like smartshare and others.
  10. Yes, now we can only wait and hope that lg releases webos 2.0 for 2014 models
  11. Yes and LG doesn't beleive us either, i sayed them that my friend has a 2013 model with netcast and he can watch movies in the web browser without any problems and when i watch the same movie at the same website the tv after 5 minutes sayes out of memory, and they replied me that it's impossible that a 2013 tv with netcast works beter than a 2014 with webOS,shame on LG, they are just crazy , i'm planning to make a video comparing the 2013 tvs with 2014 and upload it on youtube to prevent people from buying tvs from LG, i'd recommendd them more Samsung, even the cheapest of their tv has a quad core processor and it has more support, LG is a dumb company.
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