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    You need to remove the optical cable and connect an HDMI cable from the tv’s HDMI ( ARC) port to the soundbar’s ARC port. After doing that turn on LG Simplink in the settings. Then you will be able to control the soundbar from the magic remote. You can also add the device using device connector -> add device. Simplink is basically HDMI CEC that allows control of connected HDMI devices. Optical cable is just an audio output cable and cannot be used to control the other device. Get a decent HDMI cable.
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    The app should be available for your WebOS version.You should search for the app in the LG Content Store.If you find it click on it and click on install. If you don’t find it, then write to [email protected] and ask them.
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    Just for your amusement this is an example of the level of control I have on ALL LG TVs: the menus you see are custom made.
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    Thanks Geroge. Sorry about the confusion. Let me get in touch with Hotstar as well. Will update back if i hear anything promising.
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    That is because LG is webOS not Android.
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    Hey there, Does anyone know if it is possible to swap between watching something in Dolby Vision or HDR? The issue is when content is available in either option (depending on hardware watching on) the TV will always default to Dolby Vision but I would like the option to watch in HDR because sometimes it is too yellow and the picture setting options are limited in Dolby Vision. Thanks
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    Hi, HotStar is very popular application in india which allows you to watch tv shows/movies and lot more. I don't see its app available on LG Store. Any plan to launch Hotstar app for WebOS Store?? Thanks, Bhavesh
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    It is possible that the UNITEL website has not be optimised to work with the webOS browser. The only thing you could do is as UNITEL to investigate.
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    Please add the ability to have eye comfort mode turn off / on at set times. (Similar to night shift on iPhone) Or at least move the setting to an easier location to avoid digging through settings menus. I turn it on every evening to stop the light effecting my circadian rhythm, then off when watching TV during the day and this would be very convenient.
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    Generally speaking LG do not write apps for the webOS platform, it is down to content creators to make them.
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    This is not a forum from LG, Like it said on the top of the page, it is a forum of WebOS users on TV. There are no LG employees here. If you need to switch to Android TV buy a Android TV box. You can buy them under 50 Euro's. Problem solved. Other solution is to use a player like Plex and the Plex app on the TV, also a solution.
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    unlike computers with hard drives, tvs do not support downloading,they have very little storage space,,You are basically stuck with any apps they have for downloading.
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    You should probably ask Eurosport :-)
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    I am looking to install the 'HBO NOW' apps on my LG Smart TV. The list for the United States does not contain that apps. Is it possible to still get it? Thanks, Joe
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    Why is hotstar not available in lg webos usa? Any plans to launch soon before the world cup?
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    Hi there, I have successfully created content and a playlist using SuperSign Editor. Now I would like to deploy this content to my LG Digital Sign 86UH5E, which has a built-in media player. The sign is connected to my network via ethernet cable, and I can access it over the network. I see options for "Content Manager", "Group Manager", and "Control Manager" (see screenshot)....however, there does not seem to be a way for me to upload content/playlists created in SuperSign editor. There is an import function under "Content Manager", but this only allows for importing photos/videos. The content exported from SuperSign editor is .pcts file type, and the playlist is .cpls file type. Has anyone had any luck deploying SuperSign content to their LG Digital Signage over the network? I have heard that SuperSign Server is an option, but shouldn't we be able to deploy direct to the digital sign? Thank you for your time!
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    Been waiting since Dec. 2017 for the HBO app. Gave up; I don't think they are going to bother. LG keeps saying its up to HBO, and HBO says its up to LG. I went and got a ChromeCast, has all the apps you'll need. I got the ChromeCast Ultra, which can be wired via CAT5 cable, so you don't tie up Wifi. Just plugged it into an empty USB port on the TV.
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    I believe that someone elsewhere on the forum stated that Samsung have secured the rights to have HBO NOW on their platform, so LG and others are not able to release it in your region.
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    Please bring Airtel TV app for LG web os TV. We want this very much & it will more smarter..
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    please bring airtel tv app to webos which will make our tv really smart
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    Are we ever going to get Eurosport Player on lg smart TV ???
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    Have you approached Jio TV to ask them when they will be producing an app for webOS? This figure of other manufacturers being 60% cheaper than LG makes me wonder why you bothered buying the set you did if you knew that everyone else was cheaper and provided a better range of apps.
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    I think I'm having the same problem as Tom S. with by B6P, though after factory reset my TV would respond to the magic remote for a brief period...some of the time. After many restarts, I finally got through setup, and now I get the "Bluetooth service needs to be initialized." message every time I push the wheel/select button, so TV functionality seems severely limited. I've ordered, and will try using, the AKB73975702 remote, and will post whether that worked for me too. UPDATE: After some time (maybe six restarts), a message pops up saying that the magic remote has paired...and the TV seems to be back to full functionality for now. I'm sorry that the resolution seems so mysterious (not sure why it paired then and not any of the many previous attempts).
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    I am late to the party. I have the same exact problem. I am in warranty and LG shipped me a new remote. I factory reset and was stuck not being able to configure the TV. Problem solved as I was able to use a standard usb mouse to get configured. Now I am using the iOS app. I have a service call scheduled for this coming Friday. Not excited about taking the tv off the mount. But I want my magic mite back.
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    Any in which I can flash or install Web OS on LG Smart TV 42LB5820 ?
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    Currently the only way I know of getting HBO GO on webOS is via the Amazon Prime app: https://help.hbogo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204872107-Watching-HBO-on-Amazon-Prime I am not sure whether you have to have an actual Amazon Prime Video account as well, or if you can just install the app and use the HBO GO part of it. Sadly so many sites and services rely on Adobe's Flash, which is a constantly changing environment, instead of moving to newer more stable platform agnostic technologies. Many manufacturers just do not want to have to keep playing catchup with Adobe.
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    I am surprised that there is a Facebook app for Samsung and other popular TVs, but not for LG. Does anyone see a Facebook app in their location?
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