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    Expectations vs reality... Chromium would need to be entirely recompiled for webOS and its memory requirements I would think exceed what is available in a TV. Smart TVs can be seen as a TV with a little bit of computing power, not a lot of computer with a little bit of a TV.
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    Hello: Hotstar App not available on LGWEBOS is 05.30.60 Model: OLED65C6P LGStore: USA Tweeting @hotstartweets they replied to contact LG Support see below: Our app has been available on LG WebOS since 22nd Mar in India. If you have WebOS 3.5 or above and a supported TV, you should be able to find it in the store. For device specific compatibility details, please contact LG support. Can you please advise am I unlucky the one who cannot be helped by LG Support or by Hotetar App Team OR there is a ray of hope? Please advise ASAP! Latest comment by @hotstartweets We do support the OS version you have mentioned. For device compatibility you will have to contact LG support, as there is very less that we can do in this case. Manish, we developed the app and it is available for all our LG TVs with WebOS 3.5 and above, so if there is a TV which is not showcasing the app, it is a compatibility issue from the device manufacturer, and how much we try to help you with this it wont help, as it is a device related issue.
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    Excellent, if you receive any feedback would you let the other forum users know please.
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    It is down to content providers to produce an app for the platform as LG would not have access to APIs, server settings etc. Of course you can contact LG directly using the suggesting form link elsewhere on the forum to voice your desire for a Disney app.
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    How did you get this? 66.5Mb/s which is 532mbps 66.5 Mb/s is 66.5 Mb/s or Mbps 66.5 MB/s is 532 Mb/s Mb is Megabit MB is Megabyte If you have a movie with 66 MB/s that is two hours long, it would occupy 464 GB. That would not fit on a Blu-ray disc.
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    May I know why there’s no Facebook apps on LG store? Can you provide it ? I’m dying to have it ..thanks
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    Hi Paulus, Thanks for the information, learn something new every day.
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    this is becoming common, some website are changing as to protect security,, they are not really taking into account smart tv users ,,where browsers can not be updated as things change. you will see this with big name companies, eg, Best Buy, Home depot, Costco etc,, all we can do is try to bring to their attention to their IT guys to fine tune the pages. I have had some success with informing some sites like Flipp.com , their response was amazing, this has happened twice with them, and within 3 days, they had tweaked what ever caused it,.so basically its all in their coding.The screen share you have is the same problem I had with Best Buy. but is viewable, but very slow . You might also find big name companies websites might work in other countries other than the one you are in. I guess we have to be patient and wait.But I do suspect in time it will only get worse.I might add some might find some sites open but with in seconds shut down. In the end, you are not alone. by the way, I tried the website you are having trouble with and it works for me, and just to add my software version 05.50.55, but have found even updates don't cure these problems,
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    Me too. I've subscribed but so far will be unable to watch it. I have Fire TV but Amazon and Disney are not friends. Don't want to buy a Roku. No good Android TV boxes except Shield but it's long in the tooth. Thinking maybe a Chromecast Ultra via my tablet. CORDCUTTING IS HARD!
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    A proper lossless 4k/Atmos stream is 85 Mb/s - 128 Mb/s, which is 85 - 128mbps. 100mbps doesn't fit the bill, to stream 4k you need a 1gbps Ethernet connection. I have already spoke to Samsung about this, even their latest and most expensive TV models only have a 100mbps connection yet they deliver 4k TV's, Atmos/DTS:X speaker sets. They advised me to purchase their Samsung UBD-M9500 or UBD-M9700 player to fix this problem because they should have a 1gbps, turns out even these players have a 100mbps connection. Sony and LG are doing the same as Samsung. Why sell 4k TV's and Atmos/DTS:X speaker sets without offering a product that can actually play the content without inserting a disc, now I have to start researching 3rd party products to be able to make use of these features.
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    Si puede proporcionar al foro detalles de su problema y qué modelo de TV tiene, estoy seguro de que los usuarios intentarán ayudarlo. Traducción de Google.
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    Sir, do we have any chance that we will get Sony app in web os in near future as it is already been produced by Sony?
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    Just only Netflix, Amazon prime, hotstar, zee5 provided in LG content store this is called as smart TV how? it dose not content any other applications which are really required, when LG provides this indian apps then only TV get smart.
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    My lg 43 inches smart &3d TV with lg web os doesn't have apps like zee5 which is available in other models .I think buying of smart TV is my biggest mistake I have purchased TV three years back.kindly help by providing at least some comment use apps like hotstar,zee 5 ,alt balaji as already demanded by various users.
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    Hi, I've tried to find the answer online but can't seem to find it. Just got my LG 65SM8200PLA tv and updated it once to version 3.60. This was easy and worked but it won't update to any versions newer than this. I read some people have firmware version 4.00 / 5.00. My TV says its the 2019 model...
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    Finally I understood too... thanks!!!
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    Hi Darin, If you are opening a web page and you get a message "We have detected you are running an older version of Chrome" this is because the website is not detecting the browser correctly, but it is identifying that it is based on WebKit, which is is as is Chrome, Safari the upcoming Internet Explorer et al. There is nothing you can do about this apart from contacting the website in question and asking them to update the site to recognise and render the webOS browser correctly.
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    Hi Deepak, In regards to Google.com if you are referring to "We have detected you are running an older version of Chrome" this is because the website is not detecting the browser correctly, but it is identifying that it is based on WebKit, which is is as is Chrome, Safari the upcoming Internet Explorer et al. Because sometimes Google, although doing its best not to be evil, does get some things wrong.
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    Yes there are people that can handle the management of their equipment, but unfortunately companies have to cater for the idiots of the world who would be the first to complain loudly when they ruin their TV.
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    Subtitles aren't appearing for certain shows(eg. Big Bang theory).NO option to change audio language,video quality. Certain shows are like watching snapshots at 10s interval(check Homeland). Cricket matches are having slow frames per second although i have good bandwidth and fps on my tv(LG UJ652T). NO VIP option also.
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    Disney like a lot of other content providers are going to provide first for the platforms that are most prevalent first as that will bring them the biggest return/income. If you want Disney to release an app for LG then I am afraid you will need to start lobbying them to make one directly via their feedback system.
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    The current setting is definitely horrible and not working correctly. Screensaver should *NOT* come on when I have apps running like Spotify or Netflix. Like Dave, I don't want to have to keep pushing buttons to follow along with what songs are playing and what lyrics the songs have. I get that it is burn in protection, but I paid good money for this TV and I prefer for it to work the way I want it to and disable any "protective" features if I don't want them, rather than be forced to stare at a black screen with a few dots pretending to be "fireworks".
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    I called LG customer service and they wanted me to do a total reset on the tv. I was afraid it would wipe out my calibration that was done by a professional calibrator , so I didn’t try it. There has had to be some solution.
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    U should include voot app and hotstar in LG webos tvs
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    After months of frustration and days of googling (is that a word?) I found this post and tried my luck. I am so happy to confirm this adapter also works on the 2018 models (in my case OLED65C8). I even took the time to create an account to say thanks. So... THANKS!!! After plugging in the device it takes some time for the tv to install (I think), after a while I (un)plugged the lan cable again, then the lights started flickering. Still the apps (youtube) say no connection, I had to reboot the tv first. As mentioned by others above, the TV shows no connection for LAN and Wifi, but it all works flawlessly I downloaded the speedtest app, I get a more then reasonable 250Mbit up/down (I have 1GB up/down fiber connection). So I should be able to play all available 4K videos. As for LAN content: I use the onboard LG Videoplayer, it plays almost everything without transcoding over DLNA. I am able to play all my 4k HDR files right from my synology with Media Server App installed. Also with Universal Media Server on my HTPC (with some .conf changes) everything plays perfect, incl. subtitles. Right now I am not at home, but later today I will try and play some of these reference files: http://jell.yfish.us/
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    We need steam link app. We could use hardware steam link, but now, when it is discontinued by Valve, this app could be the way. Please respond, thanks!
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    Please add, introduce "Airtel premium TV" app in your smart TV LG content list, we are not able to download and watch this TV as this TV app needs to be downloaded in the webOS, currently it is available only in android
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    Hi there, so far, the inbuilt media player was able to play a lot I threw at it, but it, but some videos just won't play. They are playing on every other platform and other videos with the same codecs involved also play, but there seem to be things (maybe a higher compression, bigger container data or something like this) that throws off the in-built player, so it just says "couldn't recognize media, want to continue with the next video?" So I was looking for another media player on the LG app store but other than a few IPTV players and client-side streaming players (like Plex), I couldn't find any app that I could try playing those videos with (from an external hard drive which is plugged into the TV, that is). Basically, I'm looking for a VLC-like app that supports 4k and HDR. Alternatively, there doesn't seem to be a way to update the in-built player, right? I assume it's included in the general TV update. Given that I'm up-to-date with this one, I assume this means that I can't to anything there. Any help or suggestions are appreciated!
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    Hi, LG content store administrators! When will you give us Jio TV on WebOS. You have been left back by almost 2 years by other TV OS. At least compete with others in the present market. In the name of WebOS you are charging your customers heavily but you are not giving them even the minimum. Other TV manufactures e.g. MI, VU, Samsung, etc, are giving the world to their customers for a price as low as 60% of what you are charging. Still you have useless apps in your store which have no meaning at all for a TV and have left the stuffs that are inevitable in market. P K Prabhakar [email protected]
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    PeterV thank you so much for your help ....i will try this hope it works
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    Maybe the player cannot handle the Sinhala language. You could try to use something else. What I do is use a Plex server on my computer and use the Plex app on the LG TV. This works great. Good luck.
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    Hi Marky, If you took the time to look (see the forum's logo above) you would see that this forum is not run by the LG group, but is here run by owners and users of LG webOS products. To return your TV well I imagine wherever you purchased it from would be the best place to start. As for false advertising I cannot possibly know what you saw and what you interpreted from it, but if it was genuinely false then that would give you excellent grounds for returning your purchase.
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    When will be available hotstar app in lgtv ..?
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    What I did to solve this problem was to insert a video file on a flash drive and play that for a couple of seconds without a problem and the TV then began playing the files on my network. I am back in business. I know this sounds strange but it is what happened. While doing all of this I was thinking of resetting the TV back to factory settings but I could not locate the password in my manual. Can anyone help me with that?
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    We had the same issue. Unplug your tv and press the on/off button on the tv, hold it in for 10 seconds while the tv is unplugged. Then wait 20 seconds more and plug the tv back in and turn it back on. This solved the problem for us.
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    Have you approached Jio TV to ask them when they will be producing an app for webOS? This figure of other manufacturers being 60% cheaper than LG makes me wonder why you bothered buying the set you did if you knew that everyone else was cheaper and provided a better range of apps.
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    Disappointed in Smart TV. Other than OTA TV through Tablo, most TV we watch is on Sling. On the Roku app we can use the Sling DVR. But on the LG TVOS app, we can not. I confirmed this with Sling and LG. Now when someone asks me about the TV I am tempted to suggest they get a UHD TV, but not bother with SMART. Am I wrong? Something to be done?
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    Finally found a way to read a pdf file on LG WebOS. Upload your document to google drive from your PC or mobile phone. Then run the web browser at LG WebOS (TV). Type the web address of Google Drive (https://www.google.com/drive/) Then find your pdf document and click to open it. It is opened by Google Document Viewer automatically on yor TV. You can read the PDF file by using the controls on the page. This is an indirect method really to read a PDF file on your TV, but it is the only way that works for now
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    I´m hoping this is an app that will be on webOS asap? Would be great ad to LG.
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    http://www.lgwebos.com/topic/1660-better-subtitle-handling-parsing-the-ii-and-bb-tags/ Until they fix the issue, the only way is to fix the subtitles by replacing <i>, </i>, <b>, </b>, <font...>, </font...> etc. tags with 'notnihg'. Here you are the macro for UltraEdit to get rid of <i>&<b> tags: InsertMode ColumnModeOff HexOff UnixReOff Find "<i>" Replace All "" UnixReOff Find "</i>" Replace All "" UnixReOff Find "<b>" Replace All "" UnixReOff Find "</b>" Replace All "" I have assigned this macro to Ctrl+F5 so now I need 5 seconds to drag'n'drop the subtitle file to UltraEdit, press Ctrl+F5 and save. You can use any text editor that supports macros and extend the functionality as you need.
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    Hi Hanmant, As with mobile phone OS creators the said manufacturers do not produce (with obvious exceptions like apps to access their own products) all the apps to run on their platforms, the same is true for Smart TV platforms. LG do not produce the app, so if your favourite content provider does not produce an app then you need to lobby them to do so. You can also use the official LG contact form (https://www.lgwebos.com/topic/2550-lg-has-a-feedback-and-suggestions-form/) to let LG know you would like apps for particular content providers. This however will just be in the hope that LG will make overtures towards the content provider to show them that there is a desire for them to create an app for the webOS platform.
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    Hi Rajesh, Hotstar has produced an app for webOS, however its availability is dependent on certain criteria: Model of TV webOS version of TV (Possibly) Location
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    I purchased a "new" LG OLED 65C8 in April, will I get the Airplay2 update?
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