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    Does anyone from LG see these posts? It's just staggering. Selling a bunch of TV models not fit for purpose!
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    According to the developer site, the Web Engine powering the Apps and I assume the Web Browser on WebOS is built on version 53 of Chromium (for 2018-2019 models) or Chromium 68 (for 2020 models). Version 53 is from 2016, and 68 is from 2018. The current version is 85. The latest version of JavaScript used by modern websites (ES7) is only supported in version 68 and above, and there has been some evidence that although WebOS is using version 53 of Chromium the browser is not fully compatible with the previous JavaScript version (ES6). The result is that by keeping the WebOS browsers locked in older Chromium bases users will find more websites become unusable on our Smart TVs as old sites are upgraded to new versions and new sites come out. This is not an issue for Android based Smart TVs where users can install current web browsers of their choice. LG is supposed to be a leader in technology- I have been incredibly pleased with my LG phones and other appliances but am extremely disappointed with the proprietary WebOS browser on LG Smart TVs. IN 2020 it is unacceptable thar such a fundamental function of a smart device (web browsing) is so out of date.
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    Looks like Disney finally fixed its app - have not used D+ in months as I purchased an NVIDIA Shield Pro and now stream everything from that (including Movies Anywhere, CBS All Access, HBO Max and Peacock). Just for fun loaded the D+ app on my LG, saw a 9/14 update and applied it, and lo and behold the D+ 4K movies now show 4K available and play in 4K. Still better with the NVIDIA since I can get ATMOS sound in addition to Dolby Vision (the 2016 models do not have eARC and can only output 5.1 max via HDMI).
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    @kimbovk1984 Translated the above: " hello good [people], I have a television lg webos tv oled55b7v and the image and the colors do not look good. I need someone who can show me how to configure [it]". As no-one on this forum will be able to "see" the issue, or know what you current settings actually are, it would be almost impossible to know how to advise you on what to do. You need to call in a local TV technician, and let him take a look, and set things to how you want them.
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    @David Ramplin I HAVE seen something similar posted on here, and it MIGHT be related to TV firmware or WebOS updates on certain models. This is only a Peer to Peer forum, and has NO control or voice, or feed DIRECTLY into LG. If this is a recent issue, and you think it is caused by a recent update, please report it to LG support in your country. The more user who report issue, the quicker the resolution (in theory anyway). 😊
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    The the past three (3) weeks Sling App looses my login credentials and/or lists and error message. I've had to uninstall and reinstall the Sling App multiple times on both of my LG OLED 55" & 65" tv's. I've contacted Sling and their customer services noted they are aware of this issue with LG and some Samsung TV's and have no updates on when it will be resolved. Anyone have the same issue? Greatly appreciated any suggestions on how to cure this issue., thx.
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    Sorry to disappoint you but your tv won’t be receiving any updates. As for smart tv updates and blaming LG that it has stopped providing updates, its the same with every manufacturer. Even android tvs stop getting updates in 2-3 years. Its always better to buy an external device for this purpose. They last longer and can be upgraded when needed. Buy a firestick or an apple tv whichever suits you. There are many more options. Firestick is just 2000 INR. Does your android phone receive updates for more than 3 years? No, however expensive it may be. Its the same case here. I am not defending LG just providing the solution and wanting you to accept the reality.
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    @Tony Levy Most of the "magic remotes" use 2 different technologies to support the buttons. Some use regular "IR" (Infra-Red) like standard remotes, while other buttons (like the HOME button, and the ballistic "red cursor") use Bluetooth (like a wireless PC Mouse). Test that your Bluetooth functionality is working on the TV side by pressing the Home button. If it works OK, and you can select your TV APPS with the left and right, then the Bluetooth side is working, and the issue is likely to be the remote itself, possibly the ballistic motion detector "chip" inside it. If the Home button does NOT work, check out how to Re-Pair the remote with the TV Bluetooth. Try this if pairing is the issue:
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    I am afraid ITV and My5 dont work on smartdns there is no work around for this the only otherway is via vpn as you have Nordvpn maybe you can use this to see ITV etc. Otherwise you would need a special vpn router useing ddwrt or tomato firmware maybe https://www.sabaitechnology.com/vpn-routers/ i use one works fine on openvpn from Nordvpn had one for many years now.
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    See my post, I consider the only way is to replace with a Samsung.
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    Told them its all over the Internet! Plenty of forums etc for you to see this issue on. I just find it astonishing that 2 years later and 2020 models still not got this sorted. It's just crazy.
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    @T0BlAS I tried every options, even what @td47 suggested, but changing the location settings does not enable usb recording. I would try changing the number in tool_opt6 but I couldn't find any lists of code numbers to type in there. @Selvin Fúnez you can enter the menu by downloading AnyMote Smart Remote on your mobile phone, then press EZ-Adjust key, type 0413 as password and you're in. Can you please post a picture of your settings under tool_opt6 so I can try to copy it? Thank you!
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    Hello. I have an LG UN7300 with USB recording enabled in Honduras, just tell me how to get there and I'll share the code.
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    Hello, I have the same Problem with the LG UN7300 from italy. The reason for this is, that LG doesn't pay the italian tax for recording devices (SIAE), which also includes TV with DVR/PVR. I went in the EZ-ADJUST menu and found the DVR Ready function under "ToolOPT6_Energy/Country". It's greyed out so it's not possible to turn it on. Would it be possible to change the number of "ToolOPT6_Energy/Country" to a number for a country where USB Recording is available? Is someone here with an LG UN7300 and working Recording who can share this number?
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    please update lg content to download disney hotstar and mxplayer
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    Just bought an LGLED-65UJ630 65INCH TV. Right away I started to get the message "This app will now restart to free up more memory". After searching the internet and forums, I now understand that this problem is huge, it has been going on for years now and it is right across many models of LG TV's. I have tried everything to fix this problem. It has the latest firmware. I did the factory reset and that lasted 4 hours before I got the message back. I turn off the TV and leave it for 10 minutes, maybe one hour later I get the message. I delete browsing history, maybe 10 minutes and I get the message..... you get the message. As I understand it, the problem is that LG TV's don't have enough internal memory, but they have shipped a ton of their "smart" TV's with this problem. My question is, has anybody heard anything from anybody, anywhere about a solution to this problem. I really want to keep this TV, but it is not fit for purpose in this state.
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    Change to android
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    I'd like a fast accessible shortcut to turn off the screen, eg. when pressing settings, a button on the screen. Or even better, the possibility to configure the speaker off button on the remote to turn off the screen instead. It should work independently of the energy saving feature, so that energy saving is not set to off when the screen is turned on again. The existing procedure to turn off screen is to complex press settings, press all settings, press energy saving, press off..... and when the screen is turned on again, the energy saving is set to off, and not to the previous value (eg. auto). OLED65C7V-Z
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    Yes LG are about the worst. I am on the same page as you, i will also never buy another LG product. Just wait until they impliment their system into driverless cars.......
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    Hi Hi @zizou There is this guide: https://www.wikihow.com/Display-the-Secret-Menu-in-LG-TVs Give it a try and let the forum know if it works for you.
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    @Kunal Mali Unless you are a registered developer, and you have an LG TV set up in developer mode, you cannot add any .APK you want to your TV. LG controls WHAT is allowed on THIER LG Store APP for any given location/country. Copyright and program availability (and functionality) varies widely from country to country.
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    Hi Jay I did the same move a few years ago, luckily I happened to speak to LG in the Uk who told me a UK/EU TV won't work in NEW ZEALAND - unless it's connected to a sky box or something like that - the core function parts (app store, channels etc) simply don't work. I latterly also discovered the same thing when moving from Australia to NEW ZEALAND - so there is a theme here. Basically I think LG are delivering a very budget service for NEW ZEALAND consumers - the firmware updates do not include functionality improvements offered/made available in other countries (ie, Alexa).... My decision is my next TV will not be an LG, they simply don't support updates for long enough to make them worthwhile.
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    COME ON LG do something about this ice age browser, enough is enough of this dinosaur!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Excellent post, something LG might finally listen to due to its technical basis. If you agree please reply to the OP’s post because change in this topic is way overdue. LG WE WANT CHANGE!
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    The sales person in showroom pushed for LG saying it has better sound and picture richness. But obviously didn't reveal big shortcomings of non-android smart TV in today's ecosystem. This is useless as you are not having freedom to install apps of your choice from playstore. I can't even get Sonyliv. Horrible OS. Now I am trapped for years after buying this TV. Don't buy LG or other non-android TV unless you can affford to throw it in weeks. When will LG grow up?
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    @Hinderslyne I se a lot of complaints about this Channel 4 app. It seems to have a lot of trouble handling advert transitions to and from the viewing program. I see that too sometimes with other apps here in OZ. It is possible that their CDN (Content Delivery Network) servers are struggling. Best thing would be for you to log in to that Channel 4 site, and decribe your issues,how many times it happens per day, and what effect it has on your viewing pleasure. The more complaints, the quicker it gets fixed. Check your network though: Are you using WiFi or LAN internet connection? If WiFi, is it 5GhZ or 2.4GhZ band? Does the signal strength look good on a phone using the same WiFi band as the TV, when you are near the TV?
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    I tried to downgrade my the firmware but TV shows update failed because SW version is lower than the TV SW version. Anyone can help? Thanks!! Model: LG 49UB850T Current TV SW version: 05.05.90 NUS Request <REQUEST> <PRODUCT_NM>webOS</PRODUCT_NM> <MODEL_NM>HE_DTV_WT1H_AFAAABAA</MODEL_NM> <SW_TYPE>FIRMWARE</SW_TYPE> <MAJOR_VER>05</MAJOR_VER> <MINOR_VER>05.90</MINOR_VER> <COUNTRY>MY</COUNTRY> <AUTH_FLAG>N</AUTH_FLAG> <IGNORE_DISABLE>N</IGNORE_DISABLE> <ECO_INFO>01</ECO_INFO> <CONFIG_KEY>00</CONFIG_KEY> <LANGUAGE_CODE>en-MY</LANGUAGE_CODE> </REQUEST> NUS Reply for HE_DTV_WT1H_AFAAABAA-0.req <RESPONSE> <RESULT_CD>900</RESULT_CD> <MSG>Success</MSG> <REQ_ID>882674538</REQ_ID> <IMAGE_URL>http://snu.lge.com/epks/</IMAGE_URL> <IMAGE_SIZE>662123743</IMAGE_SIZE> <IMAGE_NAME>starfish-dvb-secured-goldfinger-23.ashley.goldfinger-2309-05.00.25-prodkey_usb_V3_SECURED.epk</IMAGE_NAME> <UPDATE_MAJOR_VER>05</UPDATE_MAJOR_VER> <UPDATE_MINOR_VER>5.91</UPDATE_MINOR_VER> <FORCE_FLAG>Y</FORCE_FLAG> <KE></KE> <GMT>26 Jul 2020 11:34:06 GMT</GMT> <ECO_INFO>01</ECO_INFO> <CDN_URL>http://snu.lge.com/epks/starfish-dvb-secured-goldfinger-23.ashley.goldfinger-2309-05.00.25-prodkey_usb_V3_SECURED.epk</CDN_URL> <CONTENTS></CONTENTS> </RESPONSE> Log: 26-07-20 13:34:06 Got NSU Request from 26-07-20 13:34:06 Parsing Request... 26-07-20 13:34:06 #### Request Details #### 26-07-20 13:34:06 # Product Name: webOS 26-07-20 13:34:06 # Model Name HE_DTV_WT1H_AFAAABAA 26-07-20 13:34:06 # Software Type FIRMWARE 26-07-20 13:34:06 # Version Major 05 26-07-20 13:34:06 # Version Minor 05.90 26-07-20 13:34:06 # Country MY 26-07-20 13:34:06 # Device ID 26-07-20 13:34:06 # Auth Flag N 26-07-20 13:34:06 # Ignore Disable N 26-07-20 13:34:06 # Eco Info 01 26-07-20 13:34:06 # Config Key 00 26-07-20 13:34:06 # Language Code en-MY 26-07-20 13:34:06 #### END #### 26-07-20 13:34:06 Skipping Request dump (same data already on disk) 26-07-20 13:34:06 Found @ALL_OVERRIDE, providing starfish-dvb-secured-goldfinger-23.ashley.goldfinger-2309-05.00.25-prodkey_usb_V3_SECURED.epk for HE_DTV_WT1H_AFAAABAA 26-07-20 13:34:06 Providing epk file epks/starfish-dvb-secured-goldfinger-23.ashley.goldfinger-2309-05.00.25-prodkey_usb_V3_SECURED.epk 26-07-20 13:34:06 Built Response: 26-07-20 13:34:06 <RESPONSE><RESULT_CD>900</RESULT_CD><MSG>Success</MSG><REQ_ID>882674538</REQ_ID><IMAGE_URL>http://snu.lge.com/epks/</IMAGE_URL><IMAGE_SIZE>662123743</IMAGE_SIZE><IMAGE_NAME>starfish-dvb-secured-goldfinger-23.ashley.goldfinger-2309-05.00.25-prodkey_usb_V3_SECURED.epk</IMAGE_NAME><UPDATE_MAJOR_VER>05</UPDATE_MAJOR_VER><UPDATE_MINOR_VER>5.91</UPDATE_MINOR_VER><FORCE_FLAG>Y</FORCE_FLAG><KE></KE><GMT>26 Jul 2020 11:34:06 GMT</GMT><ECO_INFO>01</ECO_INFO><CDN_URL>http://snu.lge.com/epks/starfish-dvb-secured-goldfinger-23.ashley.goldfinger-2309-05.00.25-prodkey_usb_V3_SECURED.epk</CDN_URL><CONTENTS></CONTENTS></RESPONSE> 26-07-20 13:34:06 Sending Response...
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    Really even m also thinking the same thing bcz they don’t have SonyLIV, amazon music, gaana and jio cinema apps etc. Last year in October we have received the voot app. Really don’t know what’s going on very poor OS, Samsung OS is really awesome they have all the apps.
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    Yes, fair enough. They must pay for wasting my money on a piece of retro!
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    Hi Sbzz, That is fine, and based on this, LG shall expect less sales as people will move to Android. Another Nokia story! Fair enough. I will do my best to advise anyone NOT to buy a TV with Webos, to avoid spelling his money down the drain.
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    This is a TV and not a PC. It's "smart" in the sense that it can do other simple stuff aside just live TV or pre-recorded video. You can watch YouTube, download available apps etc ..but trying and asking to turn a tv into a full blown emulator? That's a mighty stretch at this stage. If you want android apps natively on your TV, it would make more sense to buy a TV based on Android. Simples.
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    you are so correct about I should have researched everybody should due the research, Most of the research I did said the LG's tv's are great, which is true if you only want to watch TV. LGOS web is so restick' tive It is not fun. One buys a smart tv to do more than just watch TV. I would never buy another one
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    LG don't care about answering the people who chose their products it is our fault to trust them
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    YES!!!!! THIS THIS THIS Is there some kind of firmware update out there? This situation is really crazy for us LG smart TV owners. Constantly losing access to websites because the WebOS browser can never be updated.
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    The application is full of bugs, it keeps buffering every few seconds البرنامج فيه مشكلة في تقطيع البث
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    It seems to me like the dialog above is circular with LG customers complaining that many streaming web sites issue the same error instructions, "upgrade your browser" and LG basically saying, "Not our problem. Contact the website and tell them to fix the problem." That is not an answer. That is basically a cop out saying, "to bad so sad, it not our problem". I really love my new LG TV. S But I didn't buy the TV to stream movies from my laptop via a HDMI cable. What's the point of purchasing a high end smart TV if the only solution the vendor offers is to either use a "work around" (stream content from another device) or tell the steaming vendor to fix their problem. Come on LG. Have your really checked to see what the problem really is with your TVs not being able to stream CBS All Access? Is the problem with CBS All Access that they are streaming with Adobe Flash. I really find this hard to believe. What I do believe LG should be doing is checking out what the problem is and then coming up a a viable solutions for your customers. Do you know why I can stream movies from Disney Plus and not able to stream from CBS All Access? Step up to the plate and give us some answers. If the CBS All Access problem is because they are still using Adobe Flash, then tell us that so we can direct our complaints to CBS to stop using Flash.
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    I just checked CBS All Access Help Center. According to the help center, "Which LG TV models are supported by CBS All Access? The answer posted is, "We support LG smart TVs running Web OS 4.0 and higher on 2018 to current models." I have a LG OLED55BPUS TV (2018 model using WebOS version 4.1.4-5xxx) . Unfortunately, I am getting the same error message, "update your web browser". Yes, I am able to watch Star Trek Picard using my laptop connected to the TV via an HDMI cable as suggested. But that defeats the purpose of owning a high end OLED smart TV. So far, the discussion above is circular with customers complaining about not being able to watch streaming video from various website and LG saying there's nothing wrong their WebOS. Being that there are a number of website not supporting the current LG WebOS browser, I would suggest that perhaps LG should look into the problem instead of saying to your customers, "too bad - so sad, there is nothing wrong with our WebOS browser. What do you think LG?
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    This is becoming more of a problem. I am being warned by several websites that my browser is out of date and soon I will not be able to view the site. It has nothing to do with Flash. Perhaps they are not reading the browser id string, I don't know, but why should all LG TV users have to contact all webmasters to change their code? Seems to me it that LG needs to come up with a solution (besides connecting my computer to my TV).
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    Hi @trphilip I believe that HOTSTAR only support TVs with webOS 3.5 and above, your model from the factory had version 3.0 so unless it has received an Over-the-Air upgrade you are not going to be available. The decision not to support earlier models was HOTSTAR's and there is unfortunately nothing LG can do about this. As for voot as yet I do not think they have produced an app for the webOS platform, so you would need to as them via customer support or via their social media feeds when they are planning on producing one.
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    Hello everyone, i need to help to downgrade my 43UJ651V tv. I succesfully apply all steps and at the last step seems this error message in the tv screen: Update failed because software version is earlier than the version installed on the TV. 5.80.50 version installed on the tv now. But i want to return 04.70.55. Is this possible? Can anyone help me about this? Additionally, i am in Turkey. I want to install real official firmware. Can anyone send me the right firmware for me to install 04.70.55 ( I dont want to have language problems. I see the LgDTVUpdater package RU version)?
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    The sad truth is that trusting in LG webos was a bad move. I wish I had thought better and choosen a TV with a more dynamic and supported OS.
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    I just found the answer on another forum --- On 1/13/2019 at 12:35 PM, George Hofmeister said: Ignore the option of trying to download, basically the website is trying to read the browser identification string, failing and then offering you the nearest equivalent it has available. The reason you are being told Chrome is not up to date is that the LG webOS browser is based on WebKit which is Apple's basis for its Safari browser and is used (or soon to be used, I'm looking at you Microsoft Edge) by pretty much every other major browser out there apart from Mozilla's Firefox. Yes webOS is 'nix under the hood, but this does not mean that you can just install a Linux app on the system, it would have to be written and compiled especially for the platform. Thanks, George
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