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  1. if there will be no update for 2014 LG TVs ill say good by to all lg products for good and even campaign against! All my friend told me to go with Samsung but noo i want something new fresh i want to give chance to development world (what a full i was)!!!!
  2. I am just wondering why LG went with WebOS, when with android TV you are sure that there will be ongoing development and huge team of people working on it. I just hoppe that someone will make available to change OS on TV as you can change it on phone, and i would emidiatly switch to Android TV!
  3. Agreed, i alredy posted my disapoitment, I was fulled by the tv presentation about LGwebOS, it is actualy worse than any OS i have ever seen on TV as far the performance - the idea it selff is OK. switching chanels takes 3-5 sec opening seings somtimes takes up to 10 sec. you can only chose external or tv speakers not simuntaniasly and many more other things. I would gladly install google TV if there will be posibility or - even previuse LG smart tv OS
  4. Please explain how do you get to the option to change audio language of a movie streemed from HDD
  5. You are right LG has announced next version of webos tv for 2015 and they call it second generation of webOS TVs, i am only afraid that we will be left hanging with the first generation of webOS TVs without any support! I have should know better, not to by stater product of any kind only when it has some medium maturity of production!
  6. I don't understand why going with webOS for TV which is still in development, when there is Android TV that is prity mature! I would gladly install Android TV now if there is possibility!
  7. I am using hdd didn't even tested subs (audio more important for me), but you cant chose audio out of multiple languages it uses the first set audio language by default!!
  8. How do you change audio language i could not find that option!
  9. 9) There is no option to chose desired audio language out of multiple languages video streamed from HDD (which is quite easy on my Panasonic 42led)
  10. Sorry to say but webos is quite shity OS - i had good opinion about it while watching presentation but once i have it (55LB671V) i am so disappointed,The many is not fast at all as on presentation, many things do not function all in all bad!
  11. But what about choosing audio language, i am quite disappointed, i have old Panasonic led TV that gives you option to chose one of the multiple audio and on modern Lg webos there is no choosing!

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