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  1. I have noted that TV WebOS is very slow and when you start TV it taking long time to go to any menu. Is there any way to make it fast ? Is there any way that it will update program guide quickly ? Is it possble to change Change font size ? Does magic remote cofigurable ? Is it possible to change remote scroll wheel to sound insted of changing channel ? If you connect to any HDMI device it taking long time to switch back to normal TV mode some time it requied to switch off an switch on. This is dumb OS. I should have check before buying it. Please any one has answer to make it fast ? Is it is possible to change OS if I dont want to use WebOS ? New buyer please check before you jump to WebOS
  2. Thanks for reply. MANJORUSA i have followed steps but it is not working. TV is saying no HDD is connected. Is it required to format HDD before using it for Time Machine ? Is it required to wipe out all the data before using it for TV ?
  3. I have 50LB6300 running on webos. I need to know any step by step guide availabe to connect USB HDD to record program and ply movies stored on HD. I have tried 500 GB and 2 TB USB HD but TV is unable to detect it. One HD detected after keeping it connected to TV for 15/20 minuits. But normally TV is unable to detect hard disk. Any specific formate required for Webos ? Any one know any BUG of OS ?
  4. hi, I have 50LB6300 WeBOS running on latest os. It may be dumb question. but can anyone tell me how to enable subtitle for normal digital tv channel. like for news / cartoon channels. in my prvious tv i use to get separate button to enable subtitel for normal tv channels.
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