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    Chatting with LG rep - He said: "The LG servers are currently down for maintenance, LG is currently working on fixing this and should be back up soon". That was a scripted BS answer - who takes down servers for routine maintenance on New Years Day. I dug a little deeper and he confirmed the servers "crashed and LG is trying to fix" I also asked him to pass upstream that a proactive effort from LG to the Community on the status would have helped a lot of people not waste their day trying to fix something that they couldn't.
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    According to the developer site, the Web Engine powering the Apps and I assume the Web Browser on WebOS is built on version 53 of Chromium (for 2018-2019 models) or Chromium 68 (for 2020 models). Version 53 is from 2016, and 68 is from 2018. The current version is 85. The latest version of JavaScript used by modern websites (ES7) is only supported in version 68 and above, and there has been some evidence that although WebOS is using version 53 of Chromium the browser is not fully compatible with the previous JavaScript version (ES6). The result is that by keeping the WebOS browsers locked in older Chromium bases users will find more websites become unusable on our Smart TVs as old sites are upgraded to new versions and new sites come out. This is not an issue for Android based Smart TVs where users can install current web browsers of their choice. LG is supposed to be a leader in technology- I have been incredibly pleased with my LG phones and other appliances but am extremely disappointed with the proprietary WebOS browser on LG Smart TVs. IN 2020 it is unacceptable thar such a fundamental function of a smart device (web browsing) is so out of date.
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    No problem - I'll post here when I get more info. Hopefully, they will get this resolved quickly
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    YES. PLEASE ADD THIS! I can currently do "free" or non-DRM content using Hue Sync from a PC but it would be a HUGE feature to add this natively to WebOS. Application needs to send information about the displayed colors on a given area of the screen to the Hue Bridge over WiFi link. Hue Bridge would then tell the Hue Lights how and when to change color values. As there is no way to output video from the TV, the content providers should not have any DRM concerns. This would be the absolute cleanest solution and at least in the US market and would funnel so many buyers towards LG units. Summary of wish: Feature to be added to the "all settings" menu somewhere under display Selection enables the TV to run Hue Sync software TV then connects to the Hue Bridge on customer premises Whatever content is displayed on the TV screen from whatever source (streaming, cable box, etc.) is analyzed by Hue Sync software for color/placement information TV sends color and screen area information in real time to Hue Bridge Hue Bridge tells Hue Lights the appropriate color adjustments to make Check it out in action:
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    We had the same issue. Unplug your tv and press the on/off button on the tv, hold it in for 10 seconds while the tv is unplugged. Then wait 20 seconds more and plug the tv back in and turn it back on. This solved the problem for us.
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    It would be amazing to be able to use the Philips HUE and synchronize the lights with the video and audio of the LG TV. Thanks
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    The sales person in showroom pushed for LG saying it has better sound and picture richness. But obviously didn't reveal big shortcomings of non-android smart TV in today's ecosystem. This is useless as you are not having freedom to install apps of your choice from playstore. I can't even get Sonyliv. Horrible OS. Now I am trapped for years after buying this TV. Don't buy LG or other non-android TV unless you can affford to throw it in weeks. When will LG grow up?
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    It is now 2020, and the WebOS browser in LG Smart TVs (which I believe is Chromium-based) is still massively out of date and doesn't work properly with a ton of websites! The main problem is actually very simple. The browser doesn't support EMCAScript 2015 or ES6. Basically, translated from nerd speak, it doesn't work properly with modern code using new features created since 2015, so any newer websites will break unless they've been written to be compatible with ancient browsers and OSes. This should not be the case on a TV made in the current year. It should be running an up-to-date web browser, if not for convenience, then for SECURITY reasons as well!
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    Not everybody are Android fans and I find the apps in the LG Store are perfectly adequate for my needs. I am very happy with my LG, best set I have owned.
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    Model: 2016 55-Inch OLED55B6P Smart OLED TV. Current Software Version: 05.30.60 Just wanted to share my experience relating to what started as a YouTube message that read “We’ll stop supporting this browser soon. For best experience please update your browser”. I don’t consider myself an LG TV expert, so my only motivation is that this might help someone. The bottom line is there is more than one way to access YouTube on your TV. First of all, let me be clear that I am referring to the basic YouTube platform, the one that features ads, which is what I use and care for. You also have YouTube Premium (previously YouTube Red), a paid service that offers an ad-free YouTube experience, and thirdly, YouTube TV, which is another paid service that offers live streaming television to compete with the likes of Sling TV and Hulu with Live TV. For the longest time I watched basic YouTube through the TV’s Web Browser application and it is through this method that I got the “We’ll stop supporting this browser …” message. In trying to resolve this I checked for software updates by going to ‘General’ and ‘About this TV’ where I then selected ‘Check for Updates’ but the system response was ‘No updates found’. My take at this point is that unless LG eventually upgrades the Web Browser application, it looks like this method of accessing YouTube may eventually stop working. It might be a good idea to make sure the “Allow Automatic Updates” option is enabled or checked. A Second Way (and this how I fixed my situation): I went under ‘LG Content Store’ on the TV, searched for the basic YouTube application and installed it. At first it was a bit awkward to figure out how to navigate the app. but after about 20 minutes of playing with the different remote buttons, I was able to figure it out. As it turns out, this LG YouTube application seems to be more feature rich and is actually easier and more practical to use than by using the Web Browser. A Third Way: Some time ago I purchased a Roku Streaming Stick+ which also offers the ability to access YouTube. The only issue with this method is that I don’t believe you can use the TV remote to control it (at least I have not figured it out), and for this reason alone, I believe the LG YouTube application is the best solution.
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    Today I updated my c8 firmware to 05.10.35 Now arabic subtitle splits letter by letter CodePage is Arabic Before update everything was OK
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    I sent mail to LG support and they answered me Dear Friend Thank you for writing to LG Electronics Middle-East. Please let us express our sincere apologies for the situation you faced and thank you for taking time to contact us Regarding your complaint kindly we would like to inform you that we already escalated to the concerned department and they will take an action regarding this complaint. We are committed to provide you with the level of service you expect from LG. We value you as a customer and appreciate any additional feedback you may have in the future. Best Regards, Customer Service Department [You can also reach us on WhatsApp No +971 54 3939 054]
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    DisneyPlus contacted me through Twitter and stated it will launch on LG WebOS software versions 3+ everywhere 11/12.
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    Does anyone from LG see these posts? It's just staggering. Selling a bunch of TV models not fit for purpose!
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    Just bought an LGLED-65UJ630 65INCH TV. Right away I started to get the message "This app will now restart to free up more memory". After searching the internet and forums, I now understand that this problem is huge, it has been going on for years now and it is right across many models of LG TV's. I have tried everything to fix this problem. It has the latest firmware. I did the factory reset and that lasted 4 hours before I got the message back. I turn off the TV and leave it for 10 minutes, maybe one hour later I get the message. I delete browsing history, maybe 10 minutes and I get the message..... you get the message. As I understand it, the problem is that LG TV's don't have enough internal memory, but they have shipped a ton of their "smart" TV's with this problem. My question is, has anybody heard anything from anybody, anywhere about a solution to this problem. I really want to keep this TV, but it is not fit for purpose in this state.
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    I'd like a fast accessible shortcut to turn off the screen, eg. when pressing settings, a button on the screen. Or even better, the possibility to configure the speaker off button on the remote to turn off the screen instead. It should work independently of the energy saving feature, so that energy saving is not set to off when the screen is turned on again. The existing procedure to turn off screen is to complex press settings, press all settings, press energy saving, press off..... and when the screen is turned on again, the energy saving is set to off, and not to the previous value (eg. auto). OLED65C7V-Z
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    Excellent post, something LG might finally listen to due to its technical basis. If you agree please reply to the OP’s post because change in this topic is way overdue. LG WE WANT CHANGE!
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    Looks like Disney finally fixed its app - have not used D+ in months as I purchased an NVIDIA Shield Pro and now stream everything from that (including Movies Anywhere, CBS All Access, HBO Max and Peacock). Just for fun loaded the D+ app on my LG, saw a 9/14 update and applied it, and lo and behold the D+ 4K movies now show 4K available and play in 4K. Still better with the NVIDIA since I can get ATMOS sound in addition to Dolby Vision (the 2016 models do not have eARC and can only output 5.1 max via HDMI).
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    @td47 I got it working! A new 4K Hdmi Premium cable did the trick. Its odd the other cable also states its 4K but it did not work. I am happy its going good now as I just received my SVS Atmos Height speakers today.
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    I am only using my LG SmartTV as a SmartTV, no traditional cable/antenna-input at all, only internet and other devices. But still it seems to default to expecting old fashioned TV signals, always starting up on a "dead" TV channel with no input, and always ruins the nice screensavers with a big black box saying "not programmed". Any idea how to get rid of this?
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    I would like to be able to access my network drives without using DLNA. It should look just like a USB drive.
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    Hi, just bought a new LG OLED and pretty fast noticed that I`ve now chance to change the wallpapers ?!? Really pretty strange - even the smallest smartphone offers such a feature. The TV has enough USB interfaces - why is it not able to customize this by an own set of pictures ? Can`t be that big rocket science to implement this , especially for such an expensive device this should be a standard feature !!! Or did I miss something in the settings of the TV ?
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    As davexnet said, there is no option or solution for updating or even changing your Web browser. I have looked at this very same thing several times, because in their total disregard and contempt for their paying customers LG have blocked anything that they can not monetarise or anything that might in any way actually enhance your use of their sub par products. Ohhh ......and they have also started to not support certain web sites and pages that up until now have been available through the web browser, like Youtube, you now have to install the app and thats money in the bank for LG. Do not waste your time and energy contacting LG about anything, they will just ignore you. My advise to you, get an Android TV box and use that to download any apps you want and any web brower you like and as soon as you get the chance, get rid of your LG TV and buy one that actually does what it is supposed to do.
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    Please add the ability to have eye comfort mode turn off / on at set times. (Similar to night shift on iPhone) Or at least move the setting to an easier location to avoid digging through settings menus. I turn it on every evening to stop the light effecting my circadian rhythm, then off when watching TV during the day and this would be very convenient.
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    Its not available & won’t be most probably. You can use airplay if you have an apple device or miracast(screen mirroring) using an android device.(Click on the screen share option in tv home)
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    OLED65B8 webOS browser won't accept password for Amazon.com account. Winows Chrome on desktop or Android phone both sign in normally. I have several other account sign-ins that do the same thing -- work on desktop but not on TV. What's going on?
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    I’ll tell you what whenever you get time go and try out the things you want from a smart tv on an android tv and samsung smart tv. None is capable of what you want. Android has chrome so it might be better at browsing but there are chances of memory overflow . You know it took an year more for Sony to get Dolby Vision working properly. I would trade away All the smart functionality for Dolby Vision if it had come to a choice. As far as OLED is concerned its not for everyone and one should consider usage before buying. LG Sony or Panasonic all are similarly susceptible to burn in. yes I also want my smart tv to be future proof but none is. So keep patience and think of your tv as a display and get additional hardware whether firestick or anything you like. Down the line everyone may have to get one.
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    you are so correct about I should have researched everybody should due the research, Most of the research I did said the LG's tv's are great, which is true if you only want to watch TV. LGOS web is so restick' tive It is not fun. One buys a smart tv to do more than just watch TV. I would never buy another one
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    @chriswv3 If you wanted a PC with the possibilities to watch television then you should have bought a pc with a tv-card. Regards, Jan
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    IMO You have a wrong understanding of the capabilities of a smart tv. It is not meant to replace your laptop. Yes they do expect that consumers connect their laptop but not use the tv as a laptop. I am talking in general for any smart tv. The capabilities you are expecting ; even an external box would fail to provide. The closest you can get is an apple tv or an nvidia shield, still they can’t replace a laptop’s capabilites. Second to push the sales of the newer model they omit new features from older models and provide only on new ones.
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    WebOS rocks ; android is slow , lags and buggy . The only advantage of android is the wide range of apps. If you want so many apps just buy a firetv stick . Its way better than any android tv.
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    I am using a 42-inch LG Webos TV from 2015. I would request LG to add Hotstar app to the content store. It will help us spend some good time while being lockeddown.
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    Am I the only one who thinks that LG is not paying attention to any of this?
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    It seems to me like the dialog above is circular with LG customers complaining that many streaming web sites issue the same error instructions, "upgrade your browser" and LG basically saying, "Not our problem. Contact the website and tell them to fix the problem." That is not an answer. That is basically a cop out saying, "to bad so sad, it not our problem". I really love my new LG TV. S But I didn't buy the TV to stream movies from my laptop via a HDMI cable. What's the point of purchasing a high end smart TV if the only solution the vendor offers is to either use a "work around" (stream content from another device) or tell the steaming vendor to fix their problem. Come on LG. Have your really checked to see what the problem really is with your TVs not being able to stream CBS All Access? Is the problem with CBS All Access that they are streaming with Adobe Flash. I really find this hard to believe. What I do believe LG should be doing is checking out what the problem is and then coming up a a viable solutions for your customers. Do you know why I can stream movies from Disney Plus and not able to stream from CBS All Access? Step up to the plate and give us some answers. If the CBS All Access problem is because they are still using Adobe Flash, then tell us that so we can direct our complaints to CBS to stop using Flash.
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    I just checked CBS All Access Help Center. According to the help center, "Which LG TV models are supported by CBS All Access? The answer posted is, "We support LG smart TVs running Web OS 4.0 and higher on 2018 to current models." I have a LG OLED55BPUS TV (2018 model using WebOS version 4.1.4-5xxx) . Unfortunately, I am getting the same error message, "update your web browser". Yes, I am able to watch Star Trek Picard using my laptop connected to the TV via an HDMI cable as suggested. But that defeats the purpose of owning a high end OLED smart TV. So far, the discussion above is circular with customers complaining about not being able to watch streaming video from various website and LG saying there's nothing wrong their WebOS. Being that there are a number of website not supporting the current LG WebOS browser, I would suggest that perhaps LG should look into the problem instead of saying to your customers, "too bad - so sad, there is nothing wrong with our WebOS browser. What do you think LG?
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    I just checked and my TV was able to communicate with the LG servers for the User Agreement - yay!
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    It seems the servers are down internationally at the moment. I just bought a new TV today in Ireland and I'm having the same problem, as are many others on the forums I've checked. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
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    Thanks Tommy, after spending 2k on new things i was going to hit the bottle grrrrr.... try again tomorrow, Happy New year
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    why can't I upload my own pictures to the samples folder for them to be used as the 'no signal' pictures? this is bonkers wasted 3 hours trying to work out how to a) get the tv to show up as a samba share on my network and b) copy photos to the tv for them to be used as the pictures for no signal (various boxes - my Apple TV and sky box take a few secs to boot up and I'd love a random selection of my OWN photos during this time) - this is such a simple thing I can't believe you restrict me from doing it bonkers its this kind of thing that makes you want to hack a tv
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    Yes they are ahead of their game as MHEG is being phased out but it's too early to phase it out on sets until the changeover is complete. As this thread has proven, customers are missing out...not a good recipe for customer relations. MHEG and HBBTV can run alongside each other as can be seen in my 2018 set so why jump ahead of the game only to find many customers are unduly disappointed at purchase of these tv's.
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    We agree - it almost certainly is a firmware issue. For anyone else following this thread: Please do check out the Facebook post and give the oxygen of 'likes' if you're able to. Thanks.
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    Well I'm not so sure if LG are really aware of the cause as an earlier poster lost channel 265 after a software update which leads me to believe it is a software and not something that needs 'New parts' as stated in neversaydie's email he recieved from them. I think this issue is to do with programming of the OS and conflicts. My red button shows carousel failure due to OS often. I have spoken to freeview and the service is running fine and dandy on my 2018 set which runs HBBTV. I will check out that post on Facebook.
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    Hi guys, I have received my LG TV with webOS 3.0 today. I am looking to install a few Apps available on Google Play, however, it seems Google Play is not installed on the webOS software pre-installed. I can only find Google Play Movies and TV, which does not allow me to install 3rd party Apps. Is there a way to install Google Play app and 3rd party apps ? Many thanks
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    Are the tv/google home on phone, both on the same Wi-Fi channel? I found, with the Google assistant, any previous entries in your calendar will not be recognised. I had to re input diary dates verbally to Google for new diary entries, it then recognised them and worked ok.
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    I have the same problem, hope they roll out an update that fixes it
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    I read that by pressing UP button you get the settings options but in my case it is not working.
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    Hi, LG content store administrators! When will you give us Jio TV on WebOS. You have been left back by almost 2 years by other TV OS. At least compete with others in the present market. In the name of WebOS you are charging your customers heavily but you are not giving them even the minimum. Other TV manufactures e.g. MI, VU, Samsung, etc, are giving the world to their customers for a price as low as 60% of what you are charging. Still you have useless apps in your store which have no meaning at all for a TV and have left the stuffs that are inevitable in market. P K Prabhakar [email protected]
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    Pick up your magic remote. Shake it until you get a pointer on the tv screen. Press the little scroll wheel button down. This should display the input source in the upper left corner such as "HDMI1". Then motion with the remote until the pointer is over that "HDMI1" and press the little scroll wheel again. That should show the information about that source.
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