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    • only one app on my LG PF1500W webOS enabled LED projector , the accuweather app. I can't find any other apps like Netflix. How can I run Netflix on this projector Is the LG content store not ? I have ordered the projector through Amazon US. Everything else seems to work fine. Including the LG TV Plus android app.   Help me please            Quote
    • Hi, i’m Trying to download ZEE5 app in my LG smart TV. However, it shows your device is not registered. Please assist.
    • Hi, noticed the same limitation. Why can't I have content from Netflix in the content menu ???
    • Had a long discussion in LG support chat a few days ago. Basic message : 

      The TV System (WebOS?) doesn't support more than 999 files (pictures, folders, whatever) !! What ??🤔😮 Can't tell how irritated I was by this statement ! A operation system that doesn´t support more than 999 files on a volume ??? Even if I format the drive to NTFS - same restriction.  Asking for the reason I got as feedback "you have a TV which is for moving pictures (movies, series, TV shows...) and not as for presentation of pictures. Generally customers don`t have 1000 movies on their hard drive" ... !! Asking in return what about music files ? Answer "same limitation" ?!! So Im pretty irritated about the purpose of the music + picture apps in WebOS or the Gallery app ... . Okay - then I asked "...so I've to use an Apple TV or a NAS server ? And there's no such limitation of <999 files ?". Answer "no, same limitation" ! Conclusion :  the  LG TV I've bought promissed high connectivity (4 x HDMI, 3 x USB, Ethernet) - but there's no chance to use it central media viewer without additional hardware.  And the database to use is limited to 999 files.  I`ve 40000 pictures on my iMac, another 80000 music files (from my big CD collection) - and there's no way to handle this via WebOS ?  My iMac 27" is from 2010 still doing a pretty good job - and an expensive Multimedia TV (!?!) from 2018 can't handle this ?  And this despite the WebOS has several Apps that look so promising - really, really disappointing.  Sorry LG, but if there would`t be this really good OLED display I wouldn't have bought your TV. Guess other brands (using your OLEDs) have a better OS. WebOS is a nice toolbox - but none of the tools are programmed to the end. Or can anyone tell me the real purpose of the gallery app (despite its nice for the showroom of the sellers to show some 4K pictures - but only a few, more is not working ) ? Or a pictures app where  you can't search and that doesn't support folders ? Same for the music app where you can't really sort.  
    • Hi LG I have  a 2016 smart tv and I cannot find dstv now - will it ever be available for my tv ? I think the model is 65UG870
    • I can't answer your question , but I have another problem - the sw update on my 55 oled is taking hours to complete - and its not a broadband problem - my download speed is in the 70s- does anyone else have a problem ?  is it easier to download to a pc ?
    • We need steam link app. We could use hardware steam link, but now, when it is discontinued by Valve, this app could be the way. Please respond, thanks!
    • I got an update this morning 04.10.31 -it hasnt fixed my particular issue but try your lip sync issue once updated.  Also i may be wrong here, but my lip sync options has another button below it "bypass". Im not sure what the effect is but i assumed it would switch the positive values on the slider to function negatively? Have you tried with bypass off/on?