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  1. Yes, I shut the notifications off but received this ^^^ message in email from you in spite of that. I noticed that some of the fields that I'd checked have since had their ticks replaced but in a blurred out green and have become impossible to disable, perhaps if you could remove these too as I did that other day? That would prevent any more of these messages coming through to me and the fact that I unticked all fields - as this was clearly not taken at its face value - was intended as a means of stopping these messages. It shouldn't be necessary to apply for a Cease & Desist Order to prevent being bugged by messages from web forums' office bearers. I shall consider this a success when I've gone through a further week and haven't been spammed by this board again. Thanks in advance, J
  2. Hi, I've clicked the link and saved the default setting (No newsletters) several times now, yet still they start coming back after a few days. I tried allowing, saving, then disallowing again, I tried another link which actually brought me back to the home page and still the newsletters come! Please don't anyone take this personally, but there's enough unwanted email in the world without this adding to it. Can anyone prevent the spam coming? I say "spam", but even after I mark one as such, the next comes to my inbox. 😡
  3. Hi, any chance of the necessary code to do this without having to create a Windows VB please? My machine is a mid-2012 spec Macbook Pro A1278 running Mint 18.1 & Cinnamon desktop UI and Auld Fecker 17.6 (Debian sc based) for the PT work. I do have access to a Dell desktop but that is also a factory Linux box and I'm not prepared to downgrade either to Windows just so that my TV can be hacked on the offchance that there's a tangible advantage for doing this downgrade, which there may well be but given that the TV works properly I'm only needing to find out for myself which seems fair. Also, does this affect the warranty? TIA, Seam.
  4. Magic remote (or equivalent Android app) not needed, the regular remote works with the up arrow and the x, but I'm sat looking at the "My Apps" home screen just now and am not seeing any pencil icon, the icon at the top right on that page is the one which is clicked on to go to full screen in a game or browser window.
  5. I came here mainly to ask this very same thing and this: Worked for me. In yer face, Wuaki! Now to find where to post the next question.. Thanks, E0Zyo and Flaviu, for the correct answer. :thumbsup:

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