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    How to fix these problems?

    I also have an lg 55uj635 and the SW version which has just been updated during the week us now at 04.70.45. Although Indont think that means the version of webos is at 4.7 Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  2. manus34

    Channels show Invalid Service

    All I get is invalid service for every non Irish channel.I have to set my tv to UK tuner to neven pick u these channels.I live in Donegal. When set to Irish broadcast,only pick up Irish soarview. I have a fairly powerful antenna, so should be able to pick up freeview from NI Dont know what the issue is,but had same problem with old samsung TV.Am thinking the soarview broadcast has somehow interfered with Freeviews.Dont know if its an LG problem.I got into the service menu on the tv and messed about with a load of different settings for the DTV tuners, different regions,but still same issue Would really love to get the freeview channels or explanation or solution for this. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  3. I have a new lg 55uj634v tv and have an annoying issue.I live close to the border of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland When I tune in my DTV,I get about 47 odd channels showing up on auto search,but when I go to watch them,The non Irish Channels all show up with Invalid Service with a little animation,so basically all the freeview Channels seem scrambled or something. Does anyone know what Invalid Service means or how I could get around this
  4. manus34


    This site is spamming the crap out of my Gmail account with a newsletter email Dodgy site with dead threads anyway Don't trust it
  5. Seems to be a problem using over 32gb pen drives. I used a 16gb drive, now no issues, also tried external hd mybook 500gb with own power source all work flawless
  6. manus34

    More apps in Ireland

    I heard webos was the best non android smart tv platform and thats why I purchased a new LG 43UH650V 43 Inch over the more expensive samsung models. I would say I am 50% happy with my purchase, the app store is lacking bad, especially for irish users, no 3player, and all uk catch up is geo locked. My old samsung 2014 model had everything except a good browser, but it was better than my lg for the smart tv aspect. There are a ton of crap apps on lg store with the exception of netflix and youtube and if your not in the uk your screwed I contacted lg who said they have no plans to get 3player. I dont get it, even low end manufacturers have this app . I thought lg was one of the big boys
  7. On my recently purchased lg 43UH650V tv I am experiencing a problem when recording tv shows on dtv. I usually schedule my recordings to record in the evening and leave my tv on standby. Some shows which are less than 30 mins record no problem, but Ive been trying to record one particular show at 9 to 10 pm every night this week. The problem which I am getting every time is that the recording stops, sometimes after 15 mins, other times 25 mins, 40 mins. The error Im getting is "Recording has stopped due to problem with hdd device" or something very similar, Ive tried two different usb sticks, one 32gb and one 64gb, I had no problem using these sticks on my old sony tv, Anyone know why this happens ?