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  1. Delete Account

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  2. It's Official Palm Is Back!

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  3. Samsung Tizen - The Competition

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  4. CES 2015 - What to Expect

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  5. HP to release $99 tablet in partnership with Walmart

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  6. Is HP being investigated?

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  7. Browsing Around? Join Up!

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  8. Hurricane Irene

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    • Ok, the "list" button now shows just my favorites.  I'm not quite sure why.  I'm pretty sure it showed ALL of the channels before, but I just went to the rename of the favorite group dialog and I think that may have flipped some flag in the code.  Now it just shows my favorite TV changes and I can navigate through them.  So that is only a couple of clicks to go to the next favorite.   Two other buttons would have been nice on the magic remote.  One to record what I'm watching.  The other would have been a "goto next favorite" channel. Nemilose:  I don't see a way to export the favorites, but there is a "flip order" button that would allow you to rearrange things probably easier than an export, rearrange, import operation.
    • Hello i have tried updating my Webos fro 04.70.09 to 04.70.30 but after finishing downloading its says cannot apply updates on your TV...Solutions please
    • Hi everyone. I would like to know if it's possible that my webos tv may start an app when I turn On the tv. Currently it looks like it will auto-start on the last selected input. Is this possible? Planned? Is there a workaround? Really would like to have this feature. Thanks
    • George I have no idea where you get all your apps on your LG smart TV the only apps I get for streaming are Netflix and Utube all others are foreign languages and are useless to me! My previous LG I got Dailymotion but this new LG has nothing like that! This is also a new LG! I know it is not my computer or main streaming device but if i want to stream i should be able too!  Enough said! No excuses! LG is not updating me with the apps they have provided to you or many others!  
    • I do not believe that it is possible. Video output is not built in probably due to the DRM.
    • Hi there,

      a few weeks ago i got the 43uj6309 LG SmartTV and now i got a question to this TV.

      My plan is to install a Ambilight for the TV itself, without HDMI input (as I got none). I red the last days a lot about it and it seems its not that hard.
      The only problem is, every topic is about grabbing the video source of an HDMI device, not the TV screen itself.  As i dont use any HDMI Device and just stream TV, Netflix and Amazon my ambilight setup has to get the video information from the TV directly.

       So i came up with an idea... maybe its not (yet) working or just a stupid idea...

      Is it possible to stream the Video signal of the TV to any device trough my network at home? Screensharing or miracast work the same way, dont they? There are Apps like the WEBOS app, where i can scroll trough my photos, so there must be a way to share my TV screen to another WIFI device in the network.

      If that works or if  there is any way to get the f*** video signal of my TV to the raspberry Pi my ambilight setup would work.

      so thanks to anyone who is into the topic and knows someting about it. 
    • With my TV, I press List button on the remote, then click on Filters, and finally I choose a Favorite group. All in all, far from user friendly.
      I exported the list of channels to USB flash, arranged them in ChanSort, and imported to TV.
    • So I set up favorites for cable.  How do I USE them with the magic remote?  When I'm watching cable, and I click on the scroll wheel, there aren't any choices to "goto favorites" or anything like that.  How do I invoke the favorites that I created?