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Found 13 results

  1. Now days terrarium tv is troubling in my phone. So i am searching for any app with the same features terrarium tv apk have, Suggest me some good apk streaming app
  2. When will we get the SONYLIV app on WebOS ? Even the WebOS browser doesn't support playing SONYLIV content due to lack of Flash support. Strangely Chromecast also has issues.
  3. Is there an app to put Kodi on my LG Smart TV? Can you please give us the Kodi app?
  4. I use Enigma2 for watching TV, recording etc. Is WebOS an alternative? Enigma2 can: Unlimited number of simultaneous recordings. Streaming (Intranet and Internet) Softcam (for pay-TV card) <= Alternative: support for "Unicam" etc. NAS instead of USB HDD. Unencrypted recordings.
  5. Hi, LG webOS also needs Flash Player Support to Stream video content from any website. So that if some apps are not available then one can visit the website and stream contents directly from the webOS browser. Thanks
  6. Are they any plans to get the DirecTV Now app on webos?
  7. Hi all, I have a question in using SmartShare on LG WebOS 2.0 (my LG TV is 43UF770T, a 2015 model). Recently I often use the TV to view pictures from files located in my NAS through DLNA capabilities in SmartShare app. I found out that when I view pictures with resolution smaller than 4K, then the pictures are shown in the center of the TV screen and cannot be shown full screen (automatic best-fit). This is quite annoying because when viewing older photos taken from old phones with 1920 x 1080 resolution for example, then the picture will look small because it is not shown full screen. For comparison, when viewing video files, the TV automatically resizes the images until best-fit full screen, i.e. video with smaller resolution than 4K still shown full screen. This is exactly what I want. Does anyone here know how to get full screen image shown for smaller pictures (auto resize upscale to best fit full screen), just as with video files in SmartShare? Many thanks in advance.
  8. I got a new C7 but no Direct TV Now App. It been a whole year since the launch and is a major channel app for Smart TV like Web OS to release. Why does LG want to force their owners to use a third party streaming box like Apple TV, Amazon Fire or Roku? "LG should go big or go home!" meaning LG's Web OS should have all the main apps in their inventory and not have their customers to go outside LG to buy another third party streaming device in order to be complete their viewing interests.
  9. ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿค“Remember those frustrating times when you were watching a video or a movie online and all of the sudden you experienced a loss of quality? Now it can be possible to stream high-quality videos in congested network environments in a faster and virtuous way. Conceived to boost video streaming, High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), or H.265, is a video compression standard designed to substantially improve coding efficiency when compared to its precedent, the Advanced Video Coding (AVC), or H.264. With an increasing growth of video streaming on the Internet over popular websites such as Netflix and YouTube, and with 4K cameras gaining new ground in the market, a considerable amount of storage and bandwidth is required. HEVC promises a 50% storage reduction as its algorithm uses efficient coding by encoding video at the lowest possible bit rate while maintaining a high image quality level. !!! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ -Ana Rodrigues, Medium.
  10. Got the latest WebOS 3.0 update for my 2015 LG Smart 4K TV. Previously, I could go to a local TV channel and watch the morning news' "live stream" very successfully. Since the update, whenever the live stream goes to commercial (the channel displays a screen message stating that there is a commercial break), the streaming does not resume when the break has completed ...and clicking play arrow does nothing. I've got to refresh the page and click the "watch live stream" button again, then the play arrow to get it to resume, however when there is another commercial break, the live stream still does not resume after that break. Worked fine with the older version of WebOS 2.0.
  11. can webOS 3.0 play a stream from network URL? would typing rtmp://ipaddress/stream in the URL bar of webOS work as a player? i've setup a streaming software on a computer and viewed the output with VLC media player and I'm wondering if LG webOS can display the same output EDIT: if webOS 3.0 can't play the livestream, are they any alternatives?
  12. Hi all, As you will soon realise, I'm new to 'smart' things like TV's & Phones, and just invested in both. I'm disabled, and struggle with things at times. My Son - lives with his mother - streams from his phone to his tv, and been explaining it to me. My phone is a Moto G 4GLTE, but I can't seem to get it to stream to the LG. Any ideas please ? Today, I am finding that my PC will stream to the TV. I have just opened SmartShare and seen some video's from the PC. One of them is a film: it has foreign subtitles. Can I turn that off at the tv ? If not, can I turn that off at the PC ? There are also a couple of youtube shorties that I did. On the TV, they are in the same folder. How do I swap video's around from folder to folder ? Obviously I want to keep movies in their own folder etc. Are they 'stored' on the TV, or purely stream every time I turn it on ? This TV is a replacement one. When I bought the original one, I also bought a new 1tb Samsung HDD for it & saved a couple of things. When I plug it into the replacement machine, I find that I can no longer play them. LG say this is their doing. Can I change the extension or something, to get them to play on my new set ? (I know I can change the extensions to run .rec files from the Toppy onto the PC/TV) Also, the replacement came with no black box for accessories,,,, nor batteries,,,, nor usb stick. Again, LG say this is their doing. When researching for my new, & long awaited TV set, I'm sure I saw an advert, or some write-up stating that it comes with a usb recording stick, but can't find it now. Can anyone point me in the right direction of any such advertising please ? Thanks all for reading the ramblings of an old geezer.
  13. Hello, I am new to this and would like a little help. I just bought my first telly (LG 49UB8500-ND). I love everything about this telly, I am only hoping to love it more. My family is all Apple computers and iOS deices. However, my hard drives i reformatted to windows so that i can plug them into the telly (one 2TB and one 5TB). I have an apple base station extreme and the telly connects to it (as does any and all devices). I also have one of the hard drives plugged into it. I would like the telly to see the hard drive so that i can play movies that way instead of having to plug the hard drive in every time i want to play a movie or tv show. is it possible?
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