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When will Spotify be available in WEBos?

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  • 4 weeks later...

yes, its aweful that spotify web version does not work, even spotify said (when stopping to provide the app for Web OS on LG) that it should work in the browser.

As spotify cannot support HTML5.0 web application for their service, still Adobe Flash is needed to start the web app of spotify. Which the current LG Web OS Broser doesnt support.

So no Spotify anymore on Web OS on my LG. 

LG: PLEASE upgrade the browser with Flash, or simply find a sulution for Flash needed contents, or support a new version of the "old" app for LG Smart TV.

I have a smart TV and want this service from Spotify, I cant believe that Software Providers and LG makes steps back, where service do not work anymore, even worked years before!

THANK you.

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its a shame: LG PLEASE DO SUPPORT HTML 5.0 for SPOTIFY, its aweful not to have this app,...as Spotify siad when they turned down the app: "......your webbroser will support the spotify wb app" - which DOES NOT work, is not true. PLEASE put a proper web browser on smart TVs, or i get rid of this stuff in short time!

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1 hour ago, Dianne Lonie said:

Mine was pre-installed on my LG WebOS, but when I tried to use it, said it wasn't supported anymore!

Hi Dianne,

Just checked the Spotify forum and there are complaints from March 2017 about the failure of the app to be updated, so someone isn't getting the lead out and sorting things.  Bad Spotify.

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1 hour ago, Meinharttv said:

its a shame: LG PLEASE DO SUPPORT HTML 5.0 for SPOTIFY, its aweful not to have this app,...as Spotify siad when they turned down the app: "......your webbroser will support the spotify wb app" - which DOES NOT work, is not true. PLEASE put a proper web browser on smart TVs, or i get rid of this stuff in short time!

The browser in LG webOS does have support HTML5, although admittedly not on the same level as say Firefox or Opera.

You can test the browser at www.html5test.com

LG are not in the business of building web browsers they are in the business of building a software platform that is there to run apps created by content providers.  It is Spotify that needs urging to sort out their software.

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  • 1 year later...

There are lots of methods for you to choose from.

1. Spotify TV app

You could download the Spotify program on LG Smart TV and play Spotify music on the premise that you are a Premium account holder.

2. Spotify Connect

You could play Spotify on your phone and connect your phone to your LG TV. And then all Spotify music will be played on LG TV.


You could  via Spotify Music Converter and then play Spotify music on LG TV without any limitations. For more details, you could read the post '

link hidden, please login to view

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  • 9 months later...

Spotify app is now unavailable on LG WebOS TVs. There is no plans for it to make a comeback updated. So here I introduce a new way to listen to Spotify on my TV. 

You can use a to download and convert Spotify songs to TV compatible audio files and them transfer them to USB drive. After that, you can easily

link hidden, please login to view
via the USB stick after you plugin your USB stick to the USB port of the LG TV. 

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To play Spotify music on LG smart TV, there are three methods available for you. The first method is that you can download and install Spotify TV app on your smart tv and then search for music you like within the app. Or you can using developed by

link hidden, please login to view
and stream Spotify music to LG smart tv via USB. Except for the former methods, you can also play your favorite Spotify music on your phone and cast it to your smart tv via Spotify Connect.

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  • 2 months later...

Bad news is that there is still no good information about when Spotify will be compatible with the LG WebOS TVs. But please take it easy as there are also other solutions to figure it out. 

You can have a try to use

link hidden, please login to view
to download and convert Spotify playlists, albums, songs to MP3 or other plain audio tracks. After that, you can transfer and backup them to USB stick and they can be supported by LG WebOS TVs. 

In this case, you can directly play Spotify music in LG TVs via the USB port. 

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