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  1. So should SIMPLINK be ON or OFF? both of your replies are different? Click it from OFF to ON Same problem on the next UJ634V, till my wife turned SIMPLINK to OFF
  2. Thanks for the update Ron however I already had SIMPLINK (HDMI-CEC) set to ON and I still get the pop up box.
  3. Want to know this answer myself, I asked similar question in Oct 17 with “HDMI 1 pop up message” pleased someone else is experiencing same problem, beginning to think it was just my new E7
  4. I tried HDMI 2 and while watching let’s say the Netflix app it still pops up telling me the Humax is not connected, the only time is dos not Is whilst I am watching the Humax and it’s turned on.
  5. No I haven’t, but will give it a go and let you know!!
  6. Why do I constantly keep getting a box appearing on the screen warning that HDMI port one is disconnected, I have a HUMAX HDR‑1100S connected to this port which when turned off keeps displaying this message box, tv is LG OLED55E7N WEBOS 3.5

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