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  1. Depending on the TV software version there were some recent additions in settings/general that provide some options regarding the home screen
  2. DO a long press on ther Home button and close the app that way
  3. The usual course of action is to unplug the TV from the wall for 30 minutes and then retry. If still broke, consider doing the factory reset from settings/general
  4. TV is the 2017 uj6500 series, for the last 4 - 6 weeks the FIlmrise channels do not properly load. They install, you can select them, you get the channel splash screen, then the screen goes black and stays that way until you exit out. Uninstalling/reinstalling doesn't help. Any info appreciated
  5. I have to qualify the above post, this situation was resolved and the TV is working fine again, but I had to "reset to initial settings" in settings/general. This is the first time after the numerous software updates in the past this was ncessary. Before doing this reset, I first tried the mute button x3 / reset A/V to default but this did not help the poor picture/color
  6. Hello - after no updates for approx. 2 years, the TV updated to 06.00.03 about 4 months ago, now to this latest, which is described as a bug fix release. This release has changed the TV picture, it is too bright, almost garish, with a decidedly blue color cast - Let's be honest, a stable and properly balanced image was never one of the TV's strong points, now it's almost unwatchable. Why would anybody update the TV firmware picture settings of a 4 year old TV in such a drastic way?
  7. On my 2017 LG uj6500, the out of the box experience is poor, the default settings are poor, and the color accuracy / grey scale adjustments are poor. This seems to be a common experience on the lower end TV's
  8. The TV itself (assuming it's connected to the internet) will check the firmware when you turn it on. I got a notification last week (which was a surprise since it's been more than a year since the last update) I checked in the settings/general/About TV, I have WebOS 3.9.x, but TV software version 6.0.x You WebOS/software is up to date as far as I can see
  9. Is there any difference between the INSTOP reset and the factory reset available through the normal TV settings?
  10. The Channel Plus/LG channels on the earlier firmware was pretty poor (in my opinion). I've updated the firmware on my 2017 uj6500 TV but I have not activated this functionality, leaving the user agreements off (Out of the 7 that are there, I've only activated "terms of service" and "privacy") and the TV, for me, works fine this way, with apps in the LG context store functioning normally
  11. Isn't the screen always running at 4k (3840x2160) ? Lower definition feeds are upscaled to the native resolution, as far as I know
  12. It can not be upgraded unless LG makes it officially available
  13. The only time it can be upgraded is when/if LG make available, officially, for your TV
  14. Try unplugging the TV from the wall for at least 10 minutes and then retry
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