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  1. I also find it curious that you can not disable the wifi-direct functionality. Would be interesting to see if LG provides an explanation ...
  2. Samsung TV's also offer a limited browser. I don't think any TV (as far as I know) allows you to install a third party browser
  3. U.K .based? I think the UK has more consumer protections, at least from the evidence in this forum and similar. How long had you owned it ?
  4. One way to mitigate this is to go to setup/channels/channel tuning/manual and add one digital channel (channel 2 ). Then the TV will startup there, to a quiet black screen/ in built JPG's
  5. TV 2017 49UJ6500 The default setting operation gives "Auto" energy saving mode for SDR programming and energy saving "Off" for HDR. Switching back and forth between SDR and HDR programming will engage these energy saving modes automatically However, if you assign a different mode (minimum, medium, etc) to either HDR or SDR programming no matter the source, this mode becomes the setting for ALL sources- and the original operation cannot be recovered (automatic switching between SDR and HDR) UNTIL, either you reset the whole TV, or you reset the A/V using the mute button 3 times I don't know if this has been fixed in newer firmware / newer TV's, but it is something I would check before ever purchasing another LG TV If anybody has noticed this and has more info, please respond
  6. Check the Vivid color temperature setting. Are you talking about watching something through HDMI, or some of the built in apps? If it's the same everywhere, unplug the TV from the power for at least 15 minutes plug it back and retry
  7. Are you using the "Auto" energy saver mode ? If not have the backlight and/or contrast settings changed?
  8. Sorry to hear that but it doesn't surprise me at all. The memory is probably on the board, it cannot be customized. I agree LG has been a little cheap on the memory, it chokes on it's own basic functionality. I close apps running in the background on mine, not sure if it's a placebo or not, but I haven't seen that message in a while. Another option is to get a Roku box or similar and use that for streaming
  9. Unplug the TV from the power and leave at least 15 minutes. Retry
  10. I don't think so. My own 4k ultra has had it's OS updated about 5 times since I've had the TV, but I'm pretty sure the WebOS has not changed. I would have thought that if there was an update, it would prompt you or happen automatically the same way the OS update does. Perhaps you'll get some other responses with something a bit more definitive
  11. What version of WebOS is installed ?
  12. What is your TV model number, what year is it from and what version of WebOS does it have ? For example my uj6500 (2017 model) has OS 5.30.xx, but WebOS 3.50 - probably too old for this app
  13. You can assign a number key. Open the app then do a long press on one of the numbers (1 - 9) it will ask you if you want to assign a shortcut to the app
  14. if it's not in the LG content store, it cant be done
  15. Anybody tried the long press on the Home key to close apps running in the background ? This may free some memory
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