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  1. Well, another vote up for @Rich Dowling. I did have to unplug the speaker one more time to get it to work. One question I had was "Turn HDMI control off at the TV and soundbar" Not sure what this means. I followed the other steps. like others, I wished I knew what caused the problem and why this worked. I have C9 and SK8Y which worked perfectly for a year until the sound out just stopped one day. As did the ability to turn the soundboard on with the TV. I have not re-connect any other HDMI port but for the soundbar. I'll report back
  2. is there a webtv function or app that shows all of shows available on all the services I subscribe to. Xfinity does with this it's cable service for example. If you click on "recently watched" it all show all the shows you've watched wether from live TV, on demand, or from apps such as Netflix, that you've logged into. , Apple TV does the same thing. As do third party providers such as realgood. Anything similar of LG TV
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