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Invalid Service


I  have just bought an LG Smart Tv and have tuned it in via freeview and the guide shows that i have all the channels installed. However I am a Racing tv subscriber and the guide shows channel 261 as installed but when i try to access it I get a message saying 'Invalid Service' with an animation and a blank screen. I had no issues with my previous tv so am a little baffled by the fact that i cant receive racing tv on my brand new LG tv. Is this a compatibility problem or is that i need a flash player installed to stream racing tv. Can someone please offer a reason and a solution for this as it is driving me batty.


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Hmm same problem here with the UM7400. Apparantly it is because your ariel signal is far too strong and this will cause interference with the tv, therefore stopping some services/channels/HD chan

Hi, My previous posts - mainly from July/August last year show that after all the aggro I had I returned my set to Curry's. The things that really made me fed up were that: LG Customer

Does anyone from LG see these posts?  It's just staggering.  Selling a bunch of TV models not fit for purpose! 

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On 12/25/2019 at 1:15 PM, Neversaydie said:



I have also sent a message to BBC Watchdog regarding this LG issue and would advise all other affected customers to do the same. Maybe we could get some satisfaction through them.




Hi. Just wondering if you have got any further with this issue? 


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I have just bought a 32LM6300PLA and it says Invalid Service on Freeview ch 251 to 271.

I've now come across this thread in this forum and horrified to read that this a problem with LG design of TV and it not meeting the standards used in the UK by Freeview.

I will now have to return this TV to my supplier as not fit for purpose.

Before I do have any of you got your LG TV working on these data channels?



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27 minutes ago, Neversaydie said:

Hi David38

...., the only way I found that I could get them was by buying a new freeview set top box at a cost of £80.

I just bought this TV to replace a TV plus a Freeview box to get HD, so not wanting to go backwards.   

Have contacted the Freeview and they have no knowledge of the problem and they say nothing wrong at their end and LG should be contacted.

Thanks for your response.

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I've recently bought a 49UM7400PLB and noticed these invalid service channels, which led me to this thread.

As you appear to have found out, the invalid service channels are 'MHEG' ones which haven't been updated to 'HbbTV' yet, but I noticed that this set does support MHEG in some other countries which haven't switched to HbbTV yet, one of which is Ireland. So I tried a quick experiment, and changed the TV's location (in the General settings menu) from 'United Kingdom' to 'Ireland'. It did some resetting and wiped the channels out, but also changed the 'Programmes' menu to show the 'MHEG' option instead of HbbTV. I did a full retune, which arranged the channels in some fairly random order, but I was able to view '365 Travel' and the racing channel with no problems at all. So that's an ugly work-around, but I don't know if it breaks something else.

Unfortunately, this seems to have disabled all HbbTV channels, but things like BBC's Red Button work like the old teletext service instead of the new graphic version.

Afterwards, I switched the location back to 'United Kingdom', re-input my postcode and retuned again, and got most stuff back with no trouble. I don't use the MHEG stuff myself, but I've got a DMR-PWT655EB freeview play recorder which still supports MHEG in the UK, so I can see them on that if I want.

Hope this helps someone get round LG's premature MHEG withdrawal problem. It would be nice if they just gave us the option to turn it back on in the UK.

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1 hour ago, Geren said:


As you appear to have found out, the invalid service channels are 'MHEG' ones which haven't been updated to 'HbbTV' yet,.....

That's an interesting statement Updated Yet, so is there some update planed by Freeview?

Who is responsible for controlling the standards and specs. of broadcasting?  Freeview tell me not them and they do not know.

I will just hold off returning this TV  until I find out about this pending change.  Would be foolish I get another make and it works the data and streaming channels then the spec. changes to this HbbTV and I loose them again.  😞

Why oh why do they not stooping messing about.

Thanks you give good info.

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@Geren well that's all very odd considering these sets do not run MHEG yet they are capable of receiving it when you changed area etc. I tried changing that on my set but it made no odds. BBC red button will work on both platforms as it incorporates both HBB and MHEG. 

2018 sets can receive both HBB and MHEG at the same time,  so I wonder why 2019 sets can only receive either MHEG or HBB separately  according to your experiment Geren? 

It's all very odd considering LG are saying these sets are NOT MHEG compatible 🤔

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@David38 if you emailed them you could have linked this thread/site as it's open to public viewing. I hope they are able to get to the bottom of this as something is certainly awry. 

I cannot understand why LG state they phased it out of these sets if Geren managed to gain access to MHEG albeit through another location. 

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I've been browsing adverts for the 49UM7400PLB in other countries and they say it supports MHEG in Ireland only !

For example,    (LG's own specification in Romanian) says "MHEG (Numai Irlanda)" which is "MHEG (Ireland only)". It may be worth seeing what LG say about other models in Romania, since they're telling everyone except the UK about them.

The DTG people, who are pushing the switch to HbbTV in the UK made an announcement in 2017 about it  

link hidden, please login to view
but somehow these channels haven't moved since then. I think they were more interested in getting TV receivers ready for HbbTV rather than the channel providers. Maybe the channel providers need prodding, since their business is looking a bit slow to join the party.

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@Geren I've already called the company that run Planet Knowledge, Racing Channel etc and they run their programmes through a platform provider (sadly I can't remember the name of the company now but found it through extensive searching).  So I also contacted them and the odd thing was, they told me the platform was HBBTV. 

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