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  1. I think the LG response is unacceptable. Their TV should be able to receive all the current freeview channels just as their 2018 sets do. This was a decision made LG that give the consumer no choice . I have reported this to BBC watchdog program I hope some more of you do this as well as i think it is well out of order.
  2. Hi All Has anyone with a 2019 model Webos 4.5 or above got any of the Freeview IPTV channels working eg. 211, 261, 265 etc. I am trying to workout if this really is a problem affecting every TV made by LG in 2019 or just a few of us. If it is every LG tv then why are there so few people highlighting and reporting this, If it is just a few of us the maybe is is a set or batch problem. I just struggle to understand why LG would remove functionality from a tv that has more processing power than it predecessors who could successfully run both formats
  3. Hi yes i have the same issue and i am not happy. LG said it this the broadcaster who is at fault which is ridiculous. I have reported this to BBC Watchdog I hope you do the same as there does not seam to be a solution
  4. Hi All . This has been driving me nuts as well. LG customer support say that Ketchup TV channel 211 and planet knowledge chanel 265 and a load of others broadcast is MHEG. They said that this is an older technology not supported by their 2019 models. There only suggestion was that i contact the relevant broadcasters and as them to update there broadcast to HBBTV. The retailer Richer Sounds was also unaware of this issue and it is not something that has been highlighted in any of the review or information. I want to confirm that this is the case as i don't trust LG support It dose not make sense to remove a function that is still in use when the TV has the power and processor to handle it with no problem. Looking on the internet it dose not seam that a huge number of people have had this so i want to make sure it is not a fault with my set or a random setting. Either way LG are not interested in finding a solution and the retailer said they cant help and were not aware of the issue I have reported this to BBC Watchdog as i think it is unacceptable that i can be sold a new smart tv that cannot receive channels broadcast through Freeview and available on epg. If enough people report it to them they will do an investigation

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