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  1. I have a strange problem with freeview play and Iplayer on my 55 E6 I need help first is this the correct place to post The problem started about 2 months ago If i select a BBC program from the past by scrolling through the freeview guide Iplayer starts as usual But when it starts playing there is no picture or sound if subtitles are on you can see the the subtitles going by but no sound of picture. if i start iplayer using the app UI to watch the same program it works fine all other catch up works through the freeview guide If i am watching a bbc program and press green to restart the program it works ok also I have contacted Freeview they told me to contact BBC I have contacted bbc iplayer help they told me to contact LG I contacted John Lewis they sent an engineer he said he would report the issue to LG I am told LG said they did not see it as a problem and would do nothing I spoke to John Lewis again and was told LG tvs do not support Iplayer any more I also have a 55uh850v that I use in my cinema as a 3d monitor this tv is olso webos3 this tv has exactly the same problem I also have a 49UH610v this works perfectly I also have a OLED55B7V this has the freeview guide disappearing problem that is well documented in "LG TV Freeview Play" forum but when its working the Iplayer works ok I have 70mg fibre broad band and the tvs are on wired ethernet I do not know what to do next
  2. I have a oled 55b7v and Freeview play has been unreliable for a while now it’s not working at all it brings up a dialogue box that says you need to be connected to the Internet but it is connected to fast Internet and all the apps work my 55b7v has changed now i get a screen asking me to agree to data exchange briefly appears if im quick i can agree but it makes no difference i have tried to speak to a technician at lg but just spoken to the telephone person who told me to have nothing else connected to my router that of course did not help. I have a stable 73mb connection I explained i can watch 4K netflix with no problem. If they know what the problem is they are not admitting it. I have a second hand ebay talktalk Youview box the guide is so much better it just works. I also have 55e6v and a uh850v the guide works on both ok but for the last few days bbc iplayer does not play through the freeview guide yet if i press green to restart a program its fine and if i use iplayer through its own UI its working ok. I also have a Uh610v and it works as it should freeview play works perfectly but painfully slow this is really annoying

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