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  1. That's odd then 51. Considering they are saying it's not a software issue, having an update causing the issue that some of us already have, says clearly to me it is indeed due to software. I've turned off auto updates on my 2018 set for this reason. Can I ask what happens if you press the red button when watching BBC1? As for in fur for purpose, they are just blaming everything else but themselves. By designating sets to have HBBTV only leaves issues at the moment As MHEG has not been phased out. I wonder who the ombudsmen is for this kind of thing?
  2. Hi. I'm pleased you have got it sorted but it's really not good enough that you have had to buy accessories in order to view channels that are readily available on freeview. Happy viewing...finally! I can cast to tv using the planet knowledge app but the only reason I bought the LG was because of my previous set. If I'd have known it was a generic fault I would have got a Samsung! Still I have no apology for me wasting £65/70 on getting an ariel engineer in on their advise.
  3. You can email them too. I'm going to email now so I have a paper trail. I was told if an attenuator didn't work then I would need a new ariel...so cost me a further £65 plus £5 for the attenuator. Then I was fobbed off with lots of excuses which I have proved wrong by ringing Freeview, planet knowledge channel and arqiva who provide the multiplex for the IPTV channels. I'm still waiting for a call back from the complaints team. I wonder who their ombudsmen is because I'm fed up of having to chase this problem and do LGs dirty work for them. They should be chasing the channel providers etc not customers. As for waving the remote, it's really not on that you have to keep waving it in order to watch something. Hardly fit for purpose is it really. I remember Samsung fitting cheap capacitors and they rectified thousands of sets at their expense and rightly so. They can't blame these issues onto old technology or format of channels/freeview/multiplex as they are all HBB.
  4. I have the UK6400plf and it's the same as yours. Freeview play uses the internet connection but mine is 56mbs so can't understand why it's so slow too! As you say, reloading with each page....what a drag!
  5. Go to settings/sound/sound out/devices. It should search for Bluetooth devices and once it's recognised I think you click on pair. I have a different tv but it's a 2018 model so may be very similar?
  6. I would think so Russ. You can connect a Bluetooth speaker which would cover headphones.
  7. I think it's definitely a huge hiccup on Lgs behalf. Have you called customer services for an explanation at all? The more people that call in the better...they told me they wouldn't do an update unless they get more complaints! What a shame you cannot turn off the screensaver. What happens if you shake the magic remote...surely that should activate and the screen saver would disappear...not that that is acceptable but it might be a quick fix? We recieve the signal from freeview and need the internet for the IPTV interactive side of these channels. Obviously something is awry if our models are not even recognising the on demand side despite getting signal and yours recieved the on demand yet blocks it somehow and imposes the screen saver.
  8. How about trying to download the Racing TV app on your phone and cast it to the tv? Or can you not return it to where you purchased it? Explain to the merchant what has happened. Along with Tonys screensaver issue, it seems that this 4.5 LG OS is not recognising the HBBTV channels for what they are.
  9. Hi Tony. Thanks for checking the channels. My 2018 LG TV has 100% signal and recieved the IPTV channels fine. The UM models seem to have an issue with it. Do you mind giving me your model number and WEBOS please? I have checked the IPTV channels and I get no screensaver at all. You can turn this option off in settings...not sure if you have tried that at all?
  10. Sadly I'm not an expert either but after this issue I have done a lot of searching. Even the BBC state they are recoding for HBB yet still incorporating MHEG so nobody misses out. The tv's we own have HBB capability; the channels we cannot receive are HBB format. I believe it is a fault in the software of LG. Even the red button on BBC reports a carousel failure of WEBOS 4.5 HBBTV. The red button uses hybrid code.
  11. not sure if that model is alexa configured but I use the alexa app (on phone or with echo)to turn tv on and off. You don't need the echo, just the app and connect it to tv.
  12. Have you got Google home on your mobile? I had to download Google calendar on my phone for it to work. Have you tried pressing the Mike on magic remote? This brings up options first try.
  13. Are the tv/google home on phone, both on the same Wi-Fi channel? I found, with the Google assistant, any previous entries in your calendar will not be recognised. I had to re input diary dates verbally to Google for new diary entries, it then recognised them and worked ok.
  14. Thanks for posting their response. I'm a tad confused them saying their tv's do not use MHEG as that really has no baring on this issue. I have contacted the company that supplies the platform for planet knowledge and they stated categorically that the format is HBB that LG incorporates. I'm not sure why they would have to replace hardware as MHEG/HBB is a software issue. Sorry to hear attenuating did not work and you has an extra expense.
  15. I think it's either an issue with the UM models or the WEBOS 4.5. My old set is WEBOS 3.5 and runs the hybrid channels perfectly. I have returned and replaced my defective set for UM7000PLA....another defective set and very bad on the eyes. This model still does not have the capability to access the hybrid freeview channels on uhf25. So yet another return tomorrow. Good luck with them investigating. They informed me they would only programme a new update if they had more complaints! In fact, I don't even think LG staff even knew what I was talking about as they referred me to freeview play and that was a tech engineer who just happened to be in the room at the time! Good luck...I think we need it.

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