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  1. These channels are already 'hybrid' as they are an IPTV service...both internet and OTA. I doubt we will get a response from LG even if they read these comments. Wash and hands springs to mind.
  2. I'm not sure if we will ever get to the bottom of this.
  3. @David38Well that's all very odd too considering planet knowledge/ketchup is splashed across their website!
  4. Great. Let's hope something can come of all of this.
  5. This is the platform provider https://vod365.co.uk
  6. @Geren I've already called the company that run Planet Knowledge, Racing Channel etc and they run their programmes through a platform provider (sadly I can't remember the name of the company now but found it through extensive searching). So I also contacted them and the odd thing was, they told me the platform was HBBTV.
  7. @David38 if you emailed them you could have linked this thread/site as it's open to public viewing. I hope they are able to get to the bottom of this as something is certainly awry. I cannot understand why LG state they phased it out of these sets if Geren managed to gain access to MHEG albeit through another location.
  8. @Geren well that's all very odd considering these sets do not run MHEG yet they are capable of receiving it when you changed area etc. I tried changing that on my set but it made no odds. BBC red button will work on both platforms as it incorporates both HBB and MHEG. 2018 sets can receive both HBB and MHEG at the same time, so I wonder why 2019 sets can only receive either MHEG or HBB separately according to your experiment Geren? It's all very odd considering LG are saying these sets are NOT MHEG compatible 🤔
  9. Hi. Just wondering if you have got any further with this issue? Tinks.
  10. Hi xanda, Im not sure if you left the partial quotd out? I can't see how one of the previous posters lost his channels after an update....unless it was not a 2019 set. As I stated on Facebook, they should have a disclaimer on the box, or inform the sales outlet that these sets are not capable of receiving the channels, giving the customer a choice to buy it or not. After all, the only reason I bought a new tv for a different room, was so I could watch these channels. The UM74/UM70/UM76 models are ones I know of, that do not have the capability to receive these channels.
  11. Yes they are ahead of their game as MHEG is being phased out but it's too early to phase it out on sets until the changeover is complete. As this thread has proven, customers are missing out...not a good recipe for customer relations. MHEG and HBBTV can run alongside each other as can be seen in my 2018 set so why jump ahead of the game only to find many customers are unduly disappointed at purchase of these tv's.
  12. Can I ask if these are interactive/IPTV type channels?
  13. I have left a response *or two, on Facebook. Here is a copy of the email response as requested.
  14. Well I'm not so sure if LG are really aware of the cause as an earlier poster lost channel 265 after a software update which leads me to believe it is a software and not something that needs 'New parts' as stated in neversaydie's email he recieved from them. I think this issue is to do with programming of the OS and conflicts. My red button shows carousel failure due to OS often. I have spoken to freeview and the service is running fine and dandy on my 2018 set which runs HBBTV. I will check out that post on Facebook.
  15. That's odd then 51. Considering they are saying it's not a software issue, having an update causing the issue that some of us already have, says clearly to me it is indeed due to software. I've turned off auto updates on my 2018 set for this reason. Can I ask what happens if you press the red button when watching BBC1? As for in fur for purpose, they are just blaming everything else but themselves. By designating sets to have HBBTV only leaves issues at the moment As MHEG has not been phased out. I wonder who the ombudsmen is for this kind of thing?

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