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  1. Hi David38 I put the original post on this thread and got no satisfaction from LG whatsoever. In answer to your question regarding the data channels, the only way I found that I could get them was by buying a new freeview set top box at a cost of £80.
  2. Hi AHHHHH! I have also sent a message to BBC Watchdog regarding this LG issue and would advise all other affected customers to do the same. Maybe we could get some satisfaction through them. Neversaydie
  3. Thanks for this 51,sqn. I agree ,they just seem to be blaming everyone but themselves.
  4. Hi Tinks In the end I kept the TV and after help from my son I resolved my issue by buying a freeview set top box. Now I can access the Racing TV channel which is all I wanted in the first place. Wouldn't you have thought that LG help/support would have been able to suggest such a simple fix to the issue. I'm happy now and so is the wife as she said that if I didn't find a solution or didn't shut up about it the TV would have gone through the front window. Winners all round! Cheers for all your help Tinks Graham
  5. Hi Tinks Thanks again for your thoughts regarding my LG issue. I've become so confused and disillusioned with the whole situation that I have decided to sell the wretched tv. Thank you so much for help over this matter but as I say I've just had enough of it now and am going to invest another TV. Regards Graham
  6. Just totally confused with the whole issue Tinks. I'm no expert on the hardware or software that TV's operate under so don't really understand what it all means. In your opinion, is there anything that LG could potentially do to improve or resolve this software issue? Regards
  7. Hi Tinks Just to let you know that I have tried the attenuator but as we suspected it made no difference.
  8. Hi Tinks Not received my attenuator yet but please see below a response that I got from LG Help/Support. To be fair I have no idea what they're talking about. As far as I'm concerned TV is a TV, I don't look into what format it operates under. Thank you for your response. I have had another look into this for you. It is possible that your old Toshiba smart TV was formatted to MHEG channels whereas our models are not. We would be unable to repair this feature though as it is a compatibility issue, so if the TV were to have parts replaced they would be formatted the same w
  9. Hi Tinks. We can only try attenuators, if it works great, if not.nothing lost .I have the LG 49UM7390PLC model. I have wrote an email to the LG help & support team asking them to investigate further and telling them how disappointed I am in their product. I can't believe that in this day and age they can't rectify this simple issue. I thought I was buying a brand new super dupa upgraded TV and all I've got is a disappointing downgrade. Speak again when I've tried the attenuator. Regards
  10. Hi Tinks, Really sorry to hear that attenuating didn't work. I'm still waiting for my attenuator to arrive but will let you know if it works with me. Not holding my breath though. I totally agree with you that it's an LG issue but they don't seem to be able to offer any help or resolution to the problem. I think it's all rather disappointing that you can go and purchase what you consider to be an upgrade in your tv experience only to find that what you have actually done is downgrade. Bit peed off with the whole situation.
  11. Thank you Tinks for your reply and advice. I'm going to try and reduce my signal to your suggested level and have ordered a RF Inline Attenuator to do this. I will try this when I receive it and hope that it resolves my issue. Thanks again for the info.
  12. I have just bought an LG Smart Tv and have tuned it in via freeview and the guide shows that i have all the channels installed. However I am a Racing tv subscriber and the guide shows channel 261 as installed but when i try to access it I get a message saying 'Invalid Service' with an animation and a blank screen. I had no issues with my previous tv so am a little baffled by the fact that i cant receive racing tv on my brand new LG tv. Is this a compatibility problem or is that i need a flash player installed to stream racing tv. Can someone please offer a reason and a solution for this as it
  13. Hi Nemilose Thank you for your comments. I am a freeview viewer and am subscribed to racing tv so think it's probably a compatibility problem with the tv. Just wondered if anyone else has had this problem with an LG tv.
  14. I've just bought a new LG 49" Smart Tv. I've tuned it in and all the channels show as installed but when I try to access channel 261 (Racing Tv) I get an 'Invalid Service ' message. Has anyone else come across this message and if so can they tell me why I'm getting it and what I need to do to rectify it? Many thanks Neversaydie

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