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  1. Well I think in the future more people will use the internet more ans more. There is growth in the streaming services and at present the BBC carrying a lot of adds for iPlayer.
  2. Got this this morning from VOD365 "Good Morning Unfortunately we not yet support HbbTV, this is due to change later in the year but as yet we do not have a date." Please keep us posted on Watchdog. The whole situation is a mess.
  3. Have got the Bluetooth set up ok, was a struggle as instructions only cover Optical. Problem is TV does not remember it has to use the soundbar by bluetooth when switched on it is back to internal speakers then I have to go back into menu and set it up again. First time with bluetooth and surprised it so hard as have been led to believe it is an easy system. Thanks
  4. Thanks not really an answer I wanted but seems your right I got wrong info. given.
  5. Today bought this soundbar and sub. I asked salesman if it would wall mount and yes he said and showed me the two screwed inserts on the bars base and told me wall brackets are in the box. Got it home and no brackets in box. Are they missing, or did he lie to get a sale? How does one wall mount? Thanks.
  6. Just now from VOD365 "I am afraid you will need to speak direct with LG as we are not experiencing any issues with our Channels , therefore it would be a hardware issue." Do LG read this forum? If they do will they comment to us?
  7. I've gone back to them on 265 Planet and 266 Sports as they are theirs. So looks like a continuation of "Someone else's fault"
  8. Quick response from VOD365 saying they are not responsible for Freeview 251 to 271 😞
  9. As well as Ofcom I've contacted DTG as well, did give DTG ref. to this site.
  10. Have just reported my situation to Ofcom that LG and Broadcaster out of line and hopefully they have the power to sort who at fault out.
  11. That's an interesting statement Updated Yet, so is there some update planed by Freeview? Who is responsible for controlling the standards and specs. of broadcasting? Freeview tell me not them and they do not know. I will just hold off returning this TV until I find out about this pending change. Would be foolish I get another make and it works the data and streaming channels then the spec. changes to this HbbTV and I loose them again. 😞 Why oh why do they not stooping messing about. Thanks you give good info.
  12. I just bought this TV to replace a TV plus a Freeview box to get HD, so not wanting to go backwards. Have contacted the Freeview and they have no knowledge of the problem and they say nothing wrong at their end and LG should be contacted. Thanks for your response.
  13. I have just bought a 32LM6300PLA and it says Invalid Service on Freeview ch 251 to 271. I've now come across this thread in this forum and horrified to read that this a problem with LG design of TV and it not meeting the standards used in the UK by Freeview. I will now have to return this TV to my supplier as not fit for purpose. Before I do have any of you got your LG TV working on these data channels? Thanks David

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