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TV turns on during night bug

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I currently have webos ver 04.70.45 lgwebostv uj670v
1. Under certain circumstances the TV will turn itself on during the night.
After much testing it would appear that if a schedule program is due during the early hours while the TV is off it will turn itself on waking everyone.
For example set a reminder for a program that starts at 11pm. Then if you turn your TV off at 10.30pm the TV will turn itself back on later.
I suggest that there should be an additional check prior to the reminder going off to see if the TV is on. if it is not on then don't action the reminder thus not turning the TV on.
twice now have been woken during the night to find the TV on.
please fix in next release and advise.
2. Also, can you add a page in settings.  general. about TV. upgrade. what's been updated.
a histotical list of changes. this would be ideal as it would advise both bug fixes and new features.
3. Also the favourites feature is very hard to organise. For example if I add a new channel to favourites1 it will go to the bottom of the list. However the swap feature is useless if you want to move this channel to say the second position. This is a problem because you are expecting us to swap 2 channels when on reality we need to move 1 channel from the bottom to say the 3rd slot WITHOUT changing any others. We don't want to swap the channel in position 2 with that in last position.
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23 hours ago, Zorac Dev said:
For example set a reminder for a program that starts at 11pm. Then if you turn your TV off at 10.30pm the TV will turn itself back on later.

This sounds like what I would expect a reminder to do. You set a reminder for a TV show then when the show is going to start the TV reminds you that you wanted to watch said program. 

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On 25/02/2018 at 11:53 AM, Zorac Dev said:

Be nice though if there was an option in settings to turn off when you know you are having an early night!

I agree. 
Several times I have returned home to find that my TV has powered itself on while I was away. It would be nice to have an option in the TV Scheduler that sets a reminder when TV is on but does not power on when TV is off.

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I'm having the same issue, and I guess by the looks of this thread they've not or have no intention of putting in an option to stop it happening when the TV is turned off!

Many times myself, my wife or the kids set reminders as one offs or series reminders only to have plans come up that change our day. I'm sure it's the same with most families! So with that in mind wouldn't a useful feature be to have an LG app that send a notification to your phone in advance (especially if your TV is off) for you to confirm the reminder, thus showing your wanting the TV to switch on by itself and if you don't you simply ignore the reminder and carry on with your day or early night without waking the whole house up!

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