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  1. Custom channel sorting is a challenge. Favourites is your best bet where you basically end up with types of sort. By channel number or name, or the order in which you add the channels. You can then adjust the order of those channels by using the swap channel position order. This is basically useless as you have to choose 2 channels to swap position which in reality is no good. Say you add a new channel, it will go to bottom of favourites. now you want to move this to say the 3rd position. Using swap the channel currently in 3rd postion would end up in the last position which means your previously sorted channel list is messed up. I have a live LG support question open which apparently is now with development team. My idea is when you add a channel from All to Favourites instead of adding to the last position instead it would place it above the currently selected favourite channel. Fingers crossed this gets implemented.
  2. Be nice though if there was an option in settings to turn off when you know you are having an early night!
  3. So you buy a LG 4k ready TV, you load the YouTube app that came pre installed and that you have updated to the latest version so you can see 4K quality. Then you try to watch ANY 4K video and the you get the app "out of memory" crash. WTF why is the TV free memory not large enough to play 4K videos via the app? What needs to be done to make this work? Add more memory, free up memory, uninstall everything? Most apps including the LG browser crash consistently with this memory message. Don't you test this stuff before releasing it? Come on LG give some feedback on the real issue and more importantly what can be done to fix it? 43UJ670V TV with WebOS 04.70.45
  4. Why is the satellite tv guide so slow to start, to populate once started and to navigate? This is so important, if sky can get this to work fast why can't you? Can you not make the guide cache itself to speed things up if it's opened in the same hour? Navigating up and down 5 pages of channels is so slow. So is navigating left to right by time of day. Please fix
  5. The channel sorting is near to useless especially when the source is satellite with hundreds of channels. For example, say you wish to create your own list in fav1. You add the channels and they appear in the order you add them. Your sort order is either, numeric by channel or alphabetical or leave in the order you added them. You can swap 2 channels to change the order but this is useless. Say for example that slots 1,2,3 have satellite channels 101, 118 and 122. Later I want to add channel 102 into slot 2. This is the problem, adding a new channel puts it in the last position, in my example that would be slot 4. The only option to adjust the position is to use the swap feature, but I don't want to swap the order with another channel I simply want slot4 moved to slot2 and leave everything else in the same order. If I use swap then either chan 101 or 118 will go to the bottom of the list and then that channel would be on the wrong order. In reality the fav1 list would have say 50 channels in it so swapping every other row to get the new one at slot 51 to slot 2 would take hours. With hundreds of channels and channel numbers being updated there is no way to reorder these easily without removing all and adding them one by one in the order you want them.
  6. how do install Flash player into the chrome browser so it can play online video through browser?
  7. Yes this is very annoying and happens a lot for us as well. I wonder if it's really a memory issue or something else. Don't these rings get tested before release?
  8. Brand new 2018 tv with latest firmware yet browser keeps crashing as per these messages. try to update chrome browser but fails. Please fix this fundamental Internet feature as it appears to be going for sometime now. had firmware update 19 Feb 2018 still useless.
  9. I currently have webos ver 04.70.45 lgwebostv uj670v 1. Under certain circumstances the TV will turn itself on during the night. After much testing it would appear that if a schedule program is due during the early hours while the TV is off it will turn itself on waking everyone. For example set a reminder for a program that starts at 11pm. Then if you turn your TV off at 10.30pm the TV will turn itself back on later. I suggest that there should be an additional check prior to the reminder going off to see if the TV is on. if it is not on then don't action the reminder thus not turning the TV on. twice now have been woken during the night to find the TV on. please fix in next release and advise. 2. Also, can you add a page in settings. general. about TV. upgrade. what's been updated. a histotical list of changes. this would be ideal as it would advise both bug fixes and new features. 3. Also the favourites feature is very hard to organise. For example if I add a new channel to favourites1 it will go to the bottom of the list. However the swap feature is useless if you want to move this channel to say the second position. This is a problem because you are expecting us to swap 2 channels when on reality we need to move 1 channel from the bottom to say the 3rd slot WITHOUT changing any others. We don't want to swap the channel in position 2 with that in last position.

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