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Wifi must be turned on?


When trying to use apps that need an internet connection I get an error (-106) saying that there is no connection. When I go to settings -> Network -> Wifi it says that wifi is turned off and I need to turn it on to see available networks. Well there's no switch or option to turn wifi on. I've had it connected to wifi before. Also sometimes it disconnects and then I have to go back in and tell it to connect again. This is the first time its said the wifi was off.

I did a google search and the results that came up were for WebOs 1.0, even though it was written in 2017, and I have WebOs 3.0. It said hold the settings button until a box appears in the top right of the screen and input 0 0 0 0 then adjust the baud rate. First no box shows up on the 3.0 and two its not the baud rate I'm trying to adjust.

I tried calling customer support to get to technical support. The automated system is garbage by the way. Then I found out they are only open Monday through Friday as if customers never have a problem on the weekend.

This is my third stop looking for an answer. This problem is causing my dislike of LG products to grow even more. So if anyone has had this problem and figured it out I would greatly appreciate your help and thanks in advance for your time and help.


Product - from Settings -> General -> About this Tv

Software version = 05.30.02

TV Information  = [LG] webOS TV OLED55C6P

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So, I was having the same issue.  I checked my router and everything.  Finally, I called customer service and they had me turn the "Quick Start +" off, then power the TV off and turn it back on.  After I did that, they had me go back and check my network and it was connected again and I was able to use my apps.

Maybe it will work for you guys, or anyone else who might be having this issue.

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Hoping to keep this thread going as there still seems to be no resolution.  I just joined hoping to find one.  I've had my TV over a year and just since the most recent update I've experienced this same problem.  I've tried turning off Quick Start, tried changing my home country to Canada and back again to the US, I've unplugged and replugged in everything so many times.  I even got Spectrum to give me a new router.  When I go into the router settings I can actually see the TV listed in there as an unconnected device.  Once in a very great while, the TV will find all the neighboring networks and I can log in again, but it's usually only a few minutes 'til they've disappeared again.  Sure, figuring out how to run a wired connection through my house is a Band-Aid, but this is an expensive TV and I expect it to work.

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Unfortunately, the problem reoccurs. Extremely unstable WiFi. It either appears off and I can not start it, either it's turned on and does not see or connect to the Router. I turned off "Quick Start +", changed the wifi router, switched on / off the TV. Nothing resolves the problem, it reappears after a while. I turn off the TV, leave it for 10 minutes, then sometimes I connect it to the wifi. The router is 3 meters from the TV. Extremely frustrating, especially as a 2016 model TV (49UH8507). Since I bought it, no software updates appeared. Disappointed by LG. I connected it to the cable network to get rid of the problems. I have new problems with Magic remote, refuses to take orders even though it has new batteries in it and the LED lights up on orders. The only remedy is, take out the batteries, put back and go.

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It seems like every sunday the wifi reception gets stuck.  I'm going to try the quickstart off and see if that helps.

There's nothing like traipsing through the house to power cycle the router, the fiber modem, then mucking with the TV wifi settings.  And all the time the wifi on the TV shows 4 bars solid reception.  My phone is streaming like a champ right next to the TV and the router is just 10 feet away.   Yet every WebOS app is stuck and times out.  Youtube is a 'page not found'.  lol.  insanity.

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On 4/16/2018 at 1:31 PM, James Lloyd said:

It seems like every sunday the wifi reception gets stuck.  I'm going to try the quickstart off and see if that helps.

There's nothing like traipsing through the house to power cycle the router, the fiber modem, then mucking with the TV wifi settings.  And all the time the wifi on the TV shows 4 bars solid reception.  My phone is streaming like a champ right next to the TV and the router is just 10 feet away.   Yet every WebOS app is stuck and times out.  Youtube is a 'page not found'.  lol.  insanity.

Same situation here. LG 5500, 6 months old, suddenly wifi connection is "off" but cant find such on/off switch. Last few days it wanted me to set wifi password onde in a while. Now is dead. I tried every tip I could find and nothing sees to solve the issue...

Any answer LG guys? or no one from LG is reading this?

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This still keeps happening even though I've moved to a new home.  I've stayed on wifi though and resisted running ethernet.   It seems like this is definitely something to do with WebOS updating.  It will happen right in the middle of watching (seemed like Game of Thrones usually) and I found that turning the TV off for a while seemed to fix it.    A quick on and off does not work.  Turning it off for 20 minutes or so seems to bring the WiFi antennae back.   I chalk it up to just a plain crazy computer brain but so far it has always come back.

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When in Settings - WiFi Connect: You get a message saying WiFi is turned off.  Turn on WiFi.  There is no hard switch or setting switch.  This means the main board cannot detect the WiFi card, ie it is not turned on.  There are videos saying to straighten the cables and remove twist and kinks after unplugging the ribbon.  The real fix was unplugging and plugging back in the ribbon ribbon at the WiFi module.  The male and female plug do not maintain alignment very well.  The twisted or kinked cable causes the male plug to cock.  The degree of misalignment will cause various WiFi issues from not being able to connect a PC to the TV (without using Share or a router) to not being able to pic up the home WiFi router at all.
You can try all the power off routines, changing locations, etc.  But if you get the WiFi not turned on it is the hard wire connections between the main board and wifi module.  Open the back of the TV and work with the WiFi ribbon plugs.

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