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  1. You should try some other DLNA server. For example, Plex, Serviio... I am using Plex server on my NAS, and XPlay application on TV. With this combination I can use subtitles in different languages if I name files as follows: Movie.mp4 Movie.en.srt Movie.de.srt
  2. You should probably ask Eurosport :-)
  3. You may also try some other DLNA server, such as Plex or Serviio.
  4. You can't find such a thing. WebOS 3.0 is the only version for UH models.
  5. Just like any other application. Go to LG Content Store and install it from there.
  6. Your TV has WebOS 3.0 and, according to LG, you have the latest version of the firmware. I also have an UH TV. Until mid 2017 there were several firmware updates. After that - nothing. UH models are discontinued and a believe that there will not be any more updates. I really do not need an update because everything works perfectly.
  7. If someone is not using WiFi, is it possible to just remove the WiFi module? Will the TV work without it?
  8. You can not do that. The only option is to buy a new TV.
  9. This is information from LG webOS Magic Remote Android application. I have tested and it works. However, I haven't sniffed the network, so I don't know whether a regular wake-on-lan magic packet is used or something else. EDIT: I have just tested some Windows wake-on-lan application and it also works.
  10. All apps are installed from the LG Content Store: https://www.lg.com/us/support/product-help/CT10000018-20150291623404-lg-content-store HBO-Go is region locked app, so it may not be available in your country. You have several topics here about it.
  11. Why don't you use an external power adaptet? For example, the one that comes with Chromecast.
  12. Due to different hadware, TVs cannot be upgraded to a higher WebOS version.
  13. ^ it is Ethernet over Powerlines ;-)
  14. I have just tested my UH8507 with speedtest.net within browser. It measured 94.4 Mbps, which is OK for 100 Mbps LAN card. I do not know what could be wrong with your TV.

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