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  1. Yes, it also happens to me sometimes, but those channels were not important to me, so I didn't care about that :-)
  2. You should better ask you cable TV operator. You are probably not subscribed to that channel, or the channel stream is corrupted.
  3. How did you get this? 66.5Mb/s which is 532mbps 66.5 Mb/s is 66.5 Mb/s or Mbps 66.5 MB/s is 532 Mb/s Mb is Megabit MB is Megabyte If you have a movie with 66 MB/s that is two hours long, it would occupy 464 GB. That would not fit on a Blu-ray disc.
  4. You may try to find some VCR, connect it to the analog video input, and check whether everything is ok with the picture.
  5. Do you have any problem because of that setting?
  6. 2015 LG TVs, i.e. UF series have WebOS 2.0. UH are from 2016 and have WebOS 3.0. WebOS 3.5 is introduced in 2017. You probably have firmware version 4.x.
  7. Why don't you download the firmware from UK website and update manually?
  8. You are saying that other people have firmware 4.0 or 5.0 for SM8200?
  9. https://www.lgwebos.com/topic/1862-pdf-reader/
  10. https://www.lgwebos.com/topic/2444-how-to-install-google-play-on-webos-not-google-play-movies-and-tv/
  11. Videos recorded by TV are encrypted, and may be viewed only on that particular TV. You probably need better settings for your USB video capture card, or get a better card. Try to Google for VHS capture settings. Long time ago I was successfully using some Terratec TV card to capture old VHS tapes. Also, some digital cameras have A/V input. Here I have found a list: http://www.4kam.com/camcorders_with_av-in_av_input.htm

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