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  1. nemilose

    Does my TV have webOS - 42LM620T-ZE

    My TV has option Mobile TV On under Settings-General. It has to be enabled to wake up on LAN. I then use LG webOS Magic Remote Android application to turn the TV on. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lgerp.mobilemagicremote It seems that this option was first introduced in WebOS 2.0
  2. nemilose

    files on USB device shown as ._xxx.jpg

    I have just copied 1500 24 megapixel images to a fast USB 3.0 USB flash drive SanDisk Cruzer Extreme 32GB, formatted as NTFS in Windows. My TV 49UH8507 did not create those files with weird filenames. However, TV is also slow at decoding images. It is equally slow regardless of the USB port I use. Namely, my TV has both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports and it is always slow.
  3. nemilose

    Update Chrome

    In the same way as any other application. WebOS will report that there is an update.
  4. nemilose

    Recording onto hard drive

    You would need a TV with two tuners in order to be able to watch one channel and record the other. Theoretically, you should be able to record one channel and watch the other with one tuner if both channels belong to the same transport stream, i.e. they are at the same radio channel. However, even that is not possible, but I do not know the reason. Probably it has something to do with the signal processing.
  5. nemilose

    HBO go

    It seems that HBO Go availavability depends on the country. Some users have HBO Go, some dont't. I have had it installed out of the box. If you do not see it in LG Store, then you probably cannot install it. You have an option to buy Chromecast, and use your mobile phone HBO Go application to cast it to TV. In this case, you would choose what to watch using your phone, and then watch it on TV.
  6. Why don't you use Netflix application?
  7. nemilose

    how to "forget/skip" wrong XPLAY update

    Yes it does. I have just played back 4K HEVC video without transcoding.
  8. Did you test the same stream on a computer with gigabit ethernet?
  9. nemilose

    how to "forget/skip" wrong XPLAY update

    Ha, interesting! When I open Content store it says 2.189.171 and date 08. Oct. But, within the application, the version is as above.
  10. nemilose

    how to "forget/skip" wrong XPLAY update

    My version is 2.187.292
  11. nemilose

    how to "forget/skip" wrong XPLAY update

    I have installed the latest version and everything seems to be working fine. After the update I had to register the player again at Plex website.
  12. If you want to downgrade your firmware, there are topics on this forum with the instructions. However, you cannot install different generation of WebOS. For example, if you have version 2.0, you cannot install neither 1.0 nor 3.0.
  13. nemilose

    new to WebOS, two simple questions

    1. The easiest way to do this is to export the channel list to USB, rename and sort them in ChanSort application, and import the list back to the TV.
  14. nemilose

    HBO GO

    You might need some casting receiver like Chromecast.