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  1. I clicked on 4.70.30 link and started download. Then, I copied link and pasted to text editor: https://www.lg.com/us/lgecs.downloadFile.ldwf?DOC_ID=20150525095161&what=MANUAL&fromSystem=LG.COM&fileId=AU57bTFgijJLAzWedONN8g&ORIGINAL_NAME_b1_a1=Software_File(Version_04.70.30).zip Finally, I replaced 4.70.30 with 4.70.07, pasted it to browser and started download: https://www.lg.com/us/lgecs.downloadFile.ldwf?DOC_ID=20150525095161&what=MANUAL&fromSystem=LG.COM&fileId=AU57bTFgijJLAzWedONN8g&ORIGINAL_NAME_b1_a1=Software_File(Version_04.70.07).zip
  2. My WebOS 3.0 TV UH8507 has WiFi On/Off button, as on pictures.
  3. I am in Europe. I purchased 2016 model 49UH8507.
  4. HBO GO was installed on my webos 3 TV out of the box.
  5. sir

    You need some DLNA server running at your NAS. For example, Plex, Twonky, Serviio. You may use the WebOS built-in DLNA player, or you may install a third-party app from LG store. I personally prefer Plex server with XPlay application.
  6. I think that old recordings are encrypted and only your old TV is able to decrypt them. It will not even work on the other TV that is the same model as your old TV.
  7. I was not aware of this feature, but it seems that you need to have a compatible STB with supported service provider. HDMI is certainly the best way to connect STB.
  8. 1. You should set resolution within STB menu. Both 720p and 1080p are HD resolutions, with 1080p usually being called Full HD. 2. Live TV works only with channel you are receiving with coaxial antenna cable plugged directly in TV (terrestrial, cable or satellite channels) 3. TV Guide is available only for Live TV channels. Use your STB remote for the Guide. 4. Only Live TV channels may be added to My Channels. 5. I do not know. 6. I believe that you cannot. Maybe you can if you pair TV's remote with STB. 7. That probably works only with some specific STBs.
  9. I think that the only problem with external HDDs may be power related, i.e. TV's USB port may not deliver enough power to HDD. However, this should not be an issue with any modern HDD (2.5", USB 3.0). USB 2.0 should not be a bottleneck. Cable TV channels usually have bitrate of up to 10 Mb/s. That is 1.25 MB/s, which is supported by any HDD and is way under the capacity of USB 2.0. Here is the list of drives that my TV (49UH8507) was able to use as a recording device: 1. WD My Passport Ultra 1TB, USB 3.0 plugged into USB 3.0 port on TV 2. Apacer AC233 1TB, USB 3.0 plugged into USB 3.0 port on TV. It also works plugged into 2.0 port. 3. An old Apacer AC203 500GB, USB 2.0 plugged into USB 3.0 port on TV. This HDD was designed to draw power from two USB ports using Y cable. However, it successfully works with a regular mini USB cable. 4. Sandisk Extreme 32GB, USB 3.0 flash disk 5. An old Silicon Power 8GB 3.0 flash disk, plugged into 2.0 port on TV. I successfully recorded some cable TV HD channel . Virtually anything I tested was working ok.
  10. Did you try Humax in some other HDMI port? Did you try other device in HDMI 1?
  11. Maybe TV does not deliver enough power? Try to connect HDD via a powered USB hub.
  12. Please check pages 23 and 24 from 65LM6200 Owner's Manual: http://www.lg.com/us/support-product/lg-65LM6200 https://www.lg.com/us/lgecs.downloadFile.ldwf?DOC_ID=KROWM000397694&what=MANUAL&fromSystem=LG.COM&fileId=KROWM000397694.pdf&ORIGINAL_NAME_b1_a1=MFL67468102_65LM6200-UB.AUS.pdf Pages from MFL67468102_65LM6200-UB.AUS.pdf
  13. You shold get, with the TV, extension cables for AV an component inputs. For example, you plug cable in yellow connector, and get AV cinch connectors on the other side. Something like this: https://www.amazon.com/HDE-Triple-Composite-Splitter-Adapter/dp/B00CIC9KW2#
  14. ^ If you use XPlay webos application in combination with Plex server, you will be able to select each of the different languages subtitles.
  15. Hi! You have two options: 1. Find channels on SAT TV STB and use STB's program guide. All the control regarding SAT TV channels is done on STB with STB's remote. Connect STB via HDMI with TV. Switch TV input to HDMI1. 2. Plug SAT antenna cable into TV, and find channels on TV. In this way, STB is not used anymore. You will also probably need to move smart card for SAT channels decoding from STB to TV.