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  1. From TV screen to any device

    I do not believe that it is possible. Video output is not built in probably due to the DRM.
  2. With my TV, I press List button on the remote, then click on Filters, and finally I choose a Favorite group. All in all, far from user friendly. I exported the list of channels to USB flash, arranged them in ChanSort, and imported to TV.
  3. Remote not working

    I am Europe, Serbia. We should be a highly restricted country :-) According to the specs, we have the same WebOS version. I do not know why you don't have HBO-Go and I have. What is even stranger, LG is not on the list of the supported TVs:
  4. Remote not working

    It is strange that some TVs have HBO-Go, and some don't. For example, I have it with WebOS 3.0.
  5. Remote not working

    With my 2017 UH8507, I can get the cursor to show up if I shake the remote. It should be a Bluetooth remote.
  6. Is lg smart tv fast?

    How do you measure the speed of different TV platforms? LG is fast enough. I have no complaints.
  7. I do not think that you may use magic remote with PC, but you can use a phone app, such as Unified Remote.
  8. There are YuppTV and YuppFlix apps in LG store. You may install them for free.
  9. LGWebOS Version 5.30.01

    2017 TVs have WebOS 3.5, 2016 3.0 and so on. My 2016 model has WebOS 3.0 and software version 5.30.10
  10. LGWebOS Version 5.30.01

    You may check at LG website. If they do not offer a newer version, it is very likely that there is no new version. BTW, I don't believe that the upgrade will help you with the flash videos.
  11. Hard disk drive

    Any new drive should be ok. I have two USB 2.0 and one 3.0 and all of them work correctly.
  12. user agreement
  13. Check this
  14. Shahid Sethi
  15. Firmware downgrade.

    I clicked on 4.70.30 link and started download. Then, I copied link and pasted to text editor: Finally, I replaced 4.70.30 with 4.70.07, pasted it to browser and started download: