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  1. nemilose

    new to WebOS, two simple questions

    1. The easiest way to do this is to export the channel list to USB, rename and sort them in ChanSort application, and import the list back to the TV.
  2. nemilose

    HBO GO

    You might need some casting receiver like Chromecast.
  3. It might be something related to HDMI CEC option. If there is such an option in cable box setup, try to turn it off.
  4. nemilose

    USB Recording, Freeview Plus.

    Did you try to format it to NTFS?
  5. nemilose

    Add HBO

  6. nemilose

    Displaying Analytics Dashboard

    Why don't you connect a computer with the TV?
  7. nemilose

    What version?

    Probably 1.0
  8. nemilose

    What version?

    It is WebOS 3.0.
  9. nemilose

    Unable to edit list of programmes

    You may try to export channels list to USB, use ChanSort to sort them, and import the list back to TV.
  10. I do not have this model of TV, but you may look for an option in accessibility submenu that allows multiple audio output. For example, newer Samsung TVs have an option that allows to use both internal speakers and Bluetooth headphones at the same time: http://www.tomsguide.com/answers/id-3209250/headphones-speakers-simultaneously-samsung-smart.html
  11. nemilose

    upgrade webOs 3.3.3 to WebOs 3.5

    I have UH8507 and the available internal storage is 0.11/0.62 GB. However, if I go to LG Content Store and click on some application, it says that the available internal storage is 463/631 MB.
  12. nemilose

    upgrade webOs 3.3.3 to WebOs 3.5

    In that case it is a WebOS 3.0 revision. To the best of my knowledge it will not be upgraded to 3.5 or higher. I think it is due to hardware differences between the chipsets.
  13. nemilose

    upgrade webOs 3.3.3 to WebOs 3.5

    It is probably firmware version.