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  1. James Lloyd

    Wifi must be turned on?

    Sorry to report that after that day I drilled holes and ran ethernet. Yup, gave up.
  2. James Lloyd

    Wifi must be turned on?

    It seems like every sunday the wifi reception gets stuck. I'm going to try the quickstart off and see if that helps. There's nothing like traipsing through the house to power cycle the router, the fiber modem, then mucking with the TV wifi settings. And all the time the wifi on the TV shows 4 bars solid reception. My phone is streaming like a champ right next to the TV and the router is just 10 feet away. Yet every WebOS app is stuck and times out. Youtube is a 'page not found'. lol. insanity.
  3. Wow - funny. I just stopped HBO on Hulu and started it on Amazon since that app can play HBO - go figure. Old Hulu has worked great on 65" 3D OLED - will be curious when the new Hulu is rolled out.
  4. James Lloyd

    Please add the HBO Go, and Now apps.

    Heh - I had HBO Now added to my Google Play account - LG app can't play it. So I moved it to my Hulu account .. LG app can't play it. I searched for HBO content on the LG Amazon app and it shows up so guess what... yup.
  5. James Lloyd

    Hulu Support

    Hulu app has been working well on 2016 OLED but it does not support all the channels. I just added HBO Now and would really love to get to it on the Hulu app rather than using Chromecast.