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  1. Mak

    Wifi must be turned on?

    Take a look here. I hope it helps as it worked for me, although it was not exactly the same problem. https://www.lgwebos.com/topic/3285-wi-fi-connection-problem/
  2. Mak


    In the link I posted above you'll probably find the answer. first of all, turn off QUICK START in the TV settings. If that doesn't work, change the security protocol to wpa2 (not sure if this is relevant). of course all this is applicable if your TV has the same "symptoms" my TV had.
  3. Decided not to wait a few days to tell you what I found but just wait a few days for the final verdict. First of all, thank you for answering my question. Based on your answer I did some web search and learned useful things I did not know such as bands, channels, frequencies, Wi-Fi analyzers , guest networks etc. I think I found a solution which seems to work. I turned off the "Quick Start " setting in the Settings menu as suggested in a previous Q&A session. https://www.cnet.com/forums/discussions/lg-smart-tv-won-t-connect-to-wifi-help-609318/ I also changed my Wi-Fi security protocol from wpa to wpa/wpa2 (don't know what that means) although I suppose this was irrelevant since the TV did see the network but just couldn't establish sufficient data streaming. On the other hand I noticed that certain protocols are paired by the router with specific transmission characteristics (802. n or g or whatever). I'm not a professional on this stuff. Finally I changed date and time from web based to manually set as also suggested in the previous link First day today without a single lagging internet on my TV after a long time. Hopefully I found it. I'll wait a few days more before I call this question answered. Thanks.
  4. I think I found a solution. Testing it for today and tomorrow, and report back
  5. have no idea what frequency my router works. I think 2.4. I tried to setup a second Ssid. But I could not connect anything to this second network. Not even my phones. I'll take a better look tomorrow.
  6. Hi I'm trying to find out if a problem I have is a problem of my LG 49U67V TV or my modem's problem. Some times ( irregular pattern) when I try to connect to some kind of web service (browser, YouTube, Netflix), I can't connect or the speed is too slow. My TV is connected via Wi-Fi. When check the Wi-Fi and internet connection trough the settings Evey thing looks OK. At the same time my Android phones connect superbly and if I measure my internet speed via fast.com from phone or PC everything is OK. I found 2 solution for this A. either restarting the modem and then everything is OK the connection superb etc. B. Going to settings, disconnect from my router and reconnect (you know adding again the router password). Then everything is back to normal. The TV does not seem to have any other issue. I've tried to go back to factory settings. I've noticed the problem again. In irregular pattern it appears no standard time or pattern of appearance. Could it be that my modem router is the problem? I have this modem for over 3 years. I will try another to be sure. LG here said "we can check your TV but if we don't find anything you (me that is) will have to pay for pick up and delivery expenses. clarification The TV seems to be connected during this problem. Just it does not stream data from the internet or it does in low speeds. Netflix speed test shows it at really low speeds or disconnected while in settings it seems connected. Strength of Wi-Fi signal, superb