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Auto Start App - Upon Turning On

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Would love to auto start the Alexa app so my smart home can connect to it automatically when I turn it on from a plug since you can't turn on the tv with the hubs.


One small workaround instead of trying to figure out how to turn on the tv from a hub since it disconnects from the wifi when it powers off.

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  1. Startup Folder:

    • Place a shortcut to the application in the Startup folder. You can access this folder by pressing Win + R, typing shell:startup, and pressing Enter. Drag the shortcut of the desired app into this folder.
  2. Task Scheduler:

    • Open Task Scheduler (Win + R, type taskschd.msc, Enter).
    • Create a new task, give it a name.
    • Under the Triggers tab, select "At startup" from the drop-down menu.
    • Under the Actions tab, choose "Start a program" and select the application's executable file.
    • Save the task.


  1. Login Items:

    • Go to System Preferences > Users & Groups.
    • Select your username and navigate to the "Login Items" tab.
    • Click the "+" button and add the desired application.
    • link hidden, please login to view
  2. Automator:

    • Open Automator and create a new Application.
    • Add the "Run Shell Script" action.
    • Enter open -a "Application Name" in the script box.
    • Save the Automator application and add it to Login Items.

Linux (Ubuntu):

  1. Startup Applications:

    • Open "Startup Applications" from the application menu.
    • Click "Add" and enter the name and command to run the application.
  2. .bashrc:

    • Edit your ~/.bashrc file and add a line to start the application. Use & at the end of the command to run it in the background.


  1. Autostart Manager (Device Dependent):

    • Some Android devices have built-in autostart managers in settings where you can select apps to start automatically upon boot.
  2. Third-Party Apps:

    • Various third-party apps on the Play Store offer autostart management features. Find one that suits your preferences.

iOS (iPhone/iPad):

iOS doesn't allow users to automatically start apps upon boot unless the device is jailbroken. Apple's restrictions prevent this kind of behavior for security and performance reasons.

Remember to consider the impact on system resources and battery life when setting up apps to start automatically, especially on mobile devices

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