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  1. US LG 50UK6500AUA WEB OS 4.1.3-5700 (goldilocks-glacier) (TV FIRMWARE 05.10.10) https://www.lg.com/us/support/software-firmware-drivers?customerModelCode=50UK6500AUA&csSalesCode=50UK6500AUA.AUS&category=CT10000018&subcategory=CT30017664
  2. Some sites I visit using not an app, but a regular web page, require I do a right click to access display options within the web page. So add Right Click functionality please.
  3. I have a "right click" question. It was mentioned earlier in this thread. When I am using the browser function on my LG TV (Web OS Version 4.0.0-16022), there are some sites I visit where I need to do right click to access a function's options on a web page. Is there a way to simulate a right click using my Magic Remote (AN-MR18BA), or using the pop-up Web OS keyboard?
  4. Thanks Dave, I got around to testing what you suggested, and it does work just like you said ---- the first 5 Bookmarks are the ones displayed on the homescreen. And, by moving around the bookmarks, you control what the 5 bookmarks are that appear on the homepage.
  5. Thanks George, I was hoping you would be able to answer my question and clear this up. I will ignore the update messages that pop up on my Home Page.
  6. POSSIBLE CHROME UPDATE..... When I landed on my LG WebOS 4.0 Home Page this morning, there was a message near the top of the screen that said something to the effect of "You have an older version of Chrome, press here to update to the latest version". After I pressed that, it didn't download, but instead gave me the task of selecting which "Chrome for Linux" Package to download. Option 1: 64bit.deb fir debian/Ubuntu Option 2: 64bit.rpm/openSUSE for Fedora/open SUSE Option 3: "Other" Link Then, at the bottom of the page it said: "Google Chrome will automatically add the Google repository to automatically keep up to date." ---------------------------------------------- So my question is, should I always ignore such messages, or, if I can update Goggle Chrome, as I was prompted, WHICH OPTION SHOULD I CHOOSE???
  7. Some things I listen to on YouTube have a static screen, and I don't want any burn in. Sometimes I leave the music playing for hours. Yes, YouTube has channels that can play for hours with one "video."
  8. It's on the Launcher screen. Watch this, for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48jgyug-58s
  9. I already linked a few web pages to the LG Home Page on my Smart TV (UK6500AUA), but, that was over a week ago, and I can't remember how I was able to do that. So let's no confuse this Bookmarks I have already made that I see when I go my Default WebOS page (Google Search). Referring to this:
  10. I have an LG UK6500AUA. My WebOS version is 4.0.0-16022 (goldilocks-gayasam). I used the WebOS internet (*not the YouTube App) to log into my YouTube account. I wanted to comment in Live Chat. And I got this message: "It looks like you are using an older version of your browser. Please update to use Live Chat." What can I do ? ? I'd like to able to comment in the live chat of YouTube...
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