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  1. I do see what you're getting at, T and accept your logic. I'm just trying (somewhat unsuccessfully!) to both rationalise & weigh up all the alternatives that are open to me, financially and practically. It's complicated, as I've attempted to explain.... I do subscribe to 2 movie streaming services, Netflix & Amazon and 4K UHD content is available (at no extra premium) on the latter, which is great and I've been able to appreciate the leap in quality over my previous LG HD TV. I have quite a library of Blu-Ray & DVD titles, hence my thoughts about upgrading to a 4K UHD model w
  2. Hello again T! I did give some serious thought to soundbars, but in the end, decided (at least for the forseeable future) to try and utilise my existing AV receiver/twin speaker set-up. The main reasons for this being : a) buying a soundbar would just make a working (albeit not brilliantly compatible) system redundant, b) I've got no way of checking if a sub. £200 soundbar would actually sound 'better' than my current AV set-up and lastly, c) The crescent-shaped stand on the 49NANO866 does not allow a 89cm soundbar to fit snugly & unobtrusively beneath the TV without it projecting out
  3. Thanks again for your input. You confirmed my suspicions regarding the Toslink's capabilities, but unfortunately, due to the age of my receiver, I have few choices. As I stated, it doesn't even have a direct optical port (hence having to use an analogue to Toslink adaptor) let alone any HDMi sockets! It comes down to either just listening via the TV's internal speaker and having the benefit of Dolby Atmos, or foregoing that and outputting the sound through the receiver and my two stand-alone speakers. Of course, the 'sensible' thing to do, would be to just go out and buy a new receiver, e
  4. TBH.....I think you are absolutely right! My Sony AV receiver is now over 20 years old, but in conjunction with my 2 Mission speakers, still produces a great sound...well good enough for me anyway. Unfortunately, all the connections on the Sony receiver are RCA/analogue and whilst I was able to connect to my previous, 8 years old LG TV, things have progressed more digitally, connection-wise these days, so my new TV posed a bit of a hook-up problem. However, I think that I've now got it sorted out by investing in an analogue/toslink/optical audio converter. Digital optical cable from the TV goe
  5. Thanks for the suggestions td47. Much appreciated! I actually do have a Sony AV receiver set up for TV/BluRay use. It worked fine with my previous, 8 year old LG 3D TV, but as it's now over 20 years old and 'analogue,' its somewhat difficult to connect & sync with this new LG model, hence my thinking about a suitable soundbar that was compatible to my new TV and sympathetic size-wise to the crescent-shaped stand. Stephen.
  6. I've recently bought a 49" LG NANO866 TV and so far, am very pleased with it, especially when viewing UHD content, but I'd like to enhance the audio. The crescent stand on this model is both functional & stylish, but doesn't really lend itself to having a soundbar in front of it, even the LG SK1 with a width of 650mm isn't that well accommodated within the curve of the stand below the TV. Any suggestions? Thanks, Stephen.
  7. Hello, I've just bought the 2020 LGNANO866 and also an Amazon Echo, which amongst other uses, I wanted to sync with the LG TV in order to have an additional speaker at the rear of the room. So far, my attempts (in the LG 'Sounds' out settings) have enabled the Echo to connect via Blutooth : this gives the TV sound ONLY through the Echo speaker and NO sound through the TV. The LG rep. I contacted suggested adding the Echo via the 'Surround Sound' setting, which I tried with the result : sound from TV speaker great as normal, but weak, muffled & 'echoey/delayed' sound from the Echo sp

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