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Rukmaj Chandavar

Connect external drive to TV over network


Hi All,


I recently bought a LG Smart TV with WebOS (42LB6500) and would like to connect to my external hard disk connected over network. Here is how my home network and devices are setup.


  • I have a high speed broadband that comes to my WiFi router (D-Link DSL 2750U) with USB support for External HDD.
  • I have connected my Seagate Ex.HDD to this router and I am able to access the drive over WiFi on my smartphone and computer using the network path \\\...
  • Once connected I am able to use it similar to any mount location, i.e., read/write files, play media, etc.,
  • I want to do similarly with my TV, I would like to use this connected Ex. HDD as any other location and would like to achieve following two things at the least without any additional hardware
    • Play media files on this HDD (very very important)
    • Use the HDD as recording device for timeshift/live pause feature (important)


Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.




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on my experince timeshift/live pause feature works only on HDD on usb.

Some videos not play over network but play on HDD on usb, in my case usb 3.0




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Hi Rukmaj,


I am also looking to do something similar. My situation is a bit different though.


1. I connected an External USB 3.0 HDD to the LG webOS TV

2. My MacBook (no WiDi :( ) and the TV are connected on the same wireless network

3. I want to mount (with either samba/cifs) the HDD over to my Mac so I can copy files to the HDD and share them easily.


Does anyone know how I can Network connect (mount) my mac to the External Hard drive?


Thank you in advance,


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Hi Dan,


Your approach also seems good. Only thing here is we need a solution that can do this. If my HDD too can be connected to TV and can be accessed as a network drive on all other devices the deal is done. I believe we are looking for either of one option from below


1. Have a file generic explorer on WebOS that can allow access to network drives (Most preferred)

2. Expose storages connected to WebOS so that other devices can access the files over network.




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You folks have been talking about exactly what I am looking for. Any luck with it friends?


Both options would be awesome. Option-1 was possible in older LG devices.  I have a very old LG-BluRay player that can access any NAS or any Windows Shares on my network, allow me to login with user-id/pwd and let me browse and play media; pretty much like the way you would access any Network Storage using a PC. But recent media players, including WebOS TV (I have LB7200) can access such media only via DLNA (and DLNA sucks. Why do I need DLNA, if I have great media player, like LG or WDLiveTV, that can play almost any media format). Why do they remove good features from newer devices?


I have a WDLiveTV media player. It can do both options. It can access any windows shares over local network, allow you to login with user-pwd and access media from it with-out DLNA. Also, if you connect an external HDD to WDLiveTV, it exposes that HDD as Network drive; meaning you can that drive as any Network Storage from any other PC. And it has two USB ports. Such a small device with price-tag less than $100 can do such awesome things. I have tried almost all popular smart-devices in the market and none could do that.


Please keep us posted if you find any pure-LG solution. It would be awesome, if I can cut one device (old LG BluRay player and WDLiveTV) from my setup.






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I have a solution to this, but it has some limitations.
I have a TP-LINK 1043ND router with OpenWRT ([email protected]@0.6 Barrier Breaker 14.07)
This openwrt build has miniDLNA included, and can - of course - mount external harddrive. 
Through DLNA you can see your content from your external HDD. 
Now my problem is that I am using the router quite a lot and it stops with OOM Kill errors the DLNA daemon. The biggest number of videos it would able to present to the TV was 67 - although there are tons of pictures, music, and videos on the drive.

Any suggestion is more then welcome.
ps: I am thinking about a standalone NAS with DLNA instead of putting all the load on the router which has only 400Hz processor and 32MB RAM

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