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  1. A simple file explorer that allows to browse network locations just like \\\ or \\homenetwork\media\movies etc., would be awesome.
  2. Hi Dan, Your approach also seems good. Only thing here is we need a solution that can do this. If my HDD too can be connected to TV and can be accessed as a network drive on all other devices the deal is done. I believe we are looking for either of one option from below 1. Have a file generic explorer on WebOS that can allow access to network drives (Most preferred) 2. Expose storages connected to WebOS so that other devices can access the files over network. Regards, Rukmaj
  3. Hi All, I recently bought a LG Smart TV with WebOS (42LB6500) and would like to connect to my external hard disk connected over network. Here is how my home network and devices are setup. I have a high speed broadband that comes to my WiFi router (D-Link DSL 2750U) with USB support for External HDD. I have connected my Seagate Ex.HDD to this router and I am able to access the drive over WiFi on my smartphone and computer using the network path \\\... Once connected I am able to use it similar to any mount location, i.e., read/write files, play media, etc., I want to do similarly with my TV, I would like to use this connected Ex. HDD as any other location and would like to achieve following two things at the least without any additional hardwarePlay media files on this HDD (very very important) Use the HDD as recording device for timeshift/live pause feature (important) Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Rukmaj

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