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List of bugs and feedback for LG webOS TV



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I have a 70LB7100, and if I try to change the picture settings to 'Cinema' on any of the apps (e.g. Netflix), sometimes the display goes completely black. I can recover by powering the TV off and back on, but whenever I switch to any app after that (including some of the settings screens, e.g. naming the HDMI inputs) the screen goes black again, and I have to power off and back on to recover.


When it is in this state, the HDMI inputs continue to operate normally.  Also, setting 'Cinema' mode for the HDMI inputs does not appear to trigger this bug, only setting 'Cinema' mode while an app is running.


Doing a 'reset to initial settings' allows me to recover, but that is painful.  I also found that once it is in this state, I can recover by turning the TV off, then back on, then switching to 'store mode' (which sets the picture mode to 'Vivid') and then back to 'home mode' (which sets the picture mode back to 'Standard').  This resets the picture mode for all inputs and apps, and the apps start to work normally again.


Even in 'Standard' mode I found that changing some picture settings while an app is running can trigger this bug.


Does anyone else experience this?

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I tested 2 other 70LB7100 units, and one had the same reproducible problem with the screen going black when selecting 'Cinema' picture mode in an app, but the other did not.  All three are running the same firmware version.


I also tested a 55LB6300, and that one did not have the problem.

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I have a 42LB650V.

When I use the Smart Share app, I see all my pictures in one time, it doesn't respect the hierarchy of sub_directories on my DLNA server


This is so annoying... The very old DLNA of my 2010 model is very much better, clean and organized than this!

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from me two annoying thing in regard with the latest version of OS from my TV (42LB731), in smart share on subtitle encoding doesn't remember last option selected on a new play. For every play I need to go in this setting to change it to my needs. Also in smart share the list with files from devices is only in thumbnail mode, it take to much of screen for a few files. The classisc list mode it will be OK.

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from me two annoying thing in regard with the latest version of OS from my TV (42LB731), in smart share on subtitle encoding doesn't remember last option selected on a new play. For every play I need to go in this setting to change it to my needs. Also in smart share the list with files from devices is only in thumbnail mode, it take to much of screen for a few files. The classisc list mode it will be OK.

This is the most bothering thing to me also. I have a friend that have the 2013 model and he get an update that fixed this issue. When will this issue be fixed on WebOs?

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Fw version 3.23.24:


- it happened only once. When out of stand-by the TV failed to modify volume settings though on the screen the bar was moving. I cut the volume to 0 and the TV still had sound at 20 intensity. Also the TV channel showed 2 seconds of picture than black screen. Resolved by unplugging

- this is specific to UPC Romania CI+ card. The tuner has troubles locking the frequencies and upon changing the channels I receive "no signal" message on the screen. This is fixed by moving up one channel then revert. It is not a network issue. I called UPC Romania and they measured the signal with me. There was no fluctuation on the signal. LG 47LB730v is losing signal randomly on few frequencies at the time,not the same every time. In firmware 3.23.17 the loss of signal resulted in the loss of stored channels and favorites. Also if the favorites were lost, all picture settings were lost. Since 3.23.22 this bug is less frequent but did not have the time to in depth testing. The 3.23.24 is to new. 

- Improvement suggestion: please add a soft reset function the the TV in order to restart webos without losing settings. 

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This is not an official LG forum. This forum is maintained by WebOs enthusiasts.

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