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  1. This is not an official LG forum. This forum is maintained by WebOs enthusiasts.
  2. You will find quicker answer to this specific questions on the official lg forum: http://developer.lge.com/community/forums/RetrieveForumList.dev?prodTypeCode=TV
  3. I think PIP feature will never be available due to hardware limitations. As far as I know for the PIP function to work 2 tuners are required. The only think that can be possible is to have PIP from 2 different sources (e.g. one HDMI and one TV-cable).
  4. 4.x version is out? In what country? In Romania the latest version is 03.23.24.
  5. Yes, it is quite simple. - Go to future menu by pressing the last card from the main menu; - Find your app; - If you are using magic remote put the cursor over your app and an arrow will appear above the app; - Click on the arrow. The app will pop out from the line. From this point you can rearrange the apps or you can delete the apps by clicking the X from the top of the icon. Check out the picture:
  6. Try this link: http://developer.lge.com/community/forums/RetrieveForumList.dev?prodTypeCode=TV
  7. Yes the model is 42LB671 and my ISP is RDS. How can the ISP block the access to the update server? It must be something else.
  8. The sdk is not yet available. You can subscribe to be notified when the SDK will be available here http://lgsvl.com/notify/
  9. I am also from Romania and so far I have already have 2 system upgrades. Now I have the version 03.23.17. The LG Store is available for some time.
  10. I'm in Romania and the update is available via 'Check for updates' option in settings. Where can I find a chagelog?
  11. This is the most bothering thing to me also. I have a friend that have the 2013 model and he get an update that fixed this issue. When will this issue be fixed on WebOs?

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