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  1. Events from magic remote to skip forward (with click on progress bar) in a video not working anymore, click on home symbol from youtube controlers (down on screen) not wotking, only controls that work on click from remote is play and pause. How do i go back a version on this app ?
  2. Yesterday i made update and the only thing i noticed was a slow start of smartshare app over the wireless connection, and a buggy play from a dlna server. conditions for the wireless connection not changed.
  3. build version of the new software is 03.23.17
  4. today I got an update to system software (not WebOS), I do not know what it give new because I do not observed samething new. Where I find what is new in this version or any version ?
  5. from me two annoying thing in regard with the latest version of OS from my TV (42LB731), in smart share on subtitle encoding doesn't remember last option selected on a new play. For every play I need to go in this setting to change it to my needs. Also in smart share the list with files from devices is only in thumbnail mode, it take to much of screen for a few files. The classisc list mode it will be OK.

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