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  1. Updated today by USB at 3.23.34 - Romania - 47LB730v
  2. No. This is a Netcast model with some smart features. Sorry.
  3. Connect your Samsung BD player through device connector to the respective HDMI port. For this go to the Device Connector tile and select your hDMI port where the Samsung is. You will be taken into a setup sequence. After this you will be able to use you remote to control the Samsung. Also be aware that you have an extensive help - electronic user manual on your tv. The WebOS works different to the Netcast. It is a PC like software.
  4. No. WebOS is present only on selected models of the 2014 tv range.
  5. Dear SerdarPinar. Of course you can share your opinions. You may also help other users. But agreeing to a two months old post about a feature that either was not present at that time or the user did not know how to access it, does not help anyone. Since that post the firmware changed four times. The folder structure is available therefore my question. There are still features missing from Smart Share but not the folder structure. Concerning the mobile phone access may I ask what os do you have on your phone? I might help you if you are using ios.
  6. Agree to what? The TV has a folder structure. Select all in the smart share app and in the upper right side select folder view. Please read here: http://www.lgwebos.com/topic/1512-feature-request-and-ideas-add-folders-to-smartshare/?p=1948 Before bashing some feature that already exist, learn to use your tv or ask in the forum.
  7. @Mr North. I think that a better solution for you would have been to buy a cheap non smart tv and to attach in the back an Asus Vivopc with windows 8.1. In this way you wold have had the freedom of a PC combined with a big screen tv. @Mile Until this year Android TV has been a nice fairytale. I read a review of the Android TV system and it was not stellar. 99% of the apps are not optimized for the TV, the Android system itself is a mess because it has a too broad scope and it runs on a 1001 devices with totally different specs. I own an Android miniPC and is bareley useable with an air mouse. Most of the android apps that run on a tablet are not running of the minipc because they do not detect a touch device or they are not drm signed by the owners of the service. So if you think that Android TV is God's gift for the world go and be an early adopter for that one too. After that I am looking forward for your honest review.
  8. I am happy with WebOS. What you wrote are normal things in a new OS. It will improve in time. Make sure you have the latest firmware on your TV. The star-up speed is improving with every firmware. This is a pc like software. So it is normal to take abit of time to start all the services. Concerning the speed in changing the channels this may be cable operator related. The issue with changing from HDMI to Live TV is not present on my set running 3.23.24. Fw. If you like Android you should have waited a bit more. Philips is launching its android TV top line which is three times more expensive than the LG. Also will be present only on active 3d tvs. Last, if you really dislike your tv so much give it back to the store.
  9. Read here. http://www.lgwebos.com/topic/1496-audio-language-and-external-subtitles-on-webos/ I used bubble upnp over Serviio and works great. Another solution is to use plex web app in the tv web browser.
  10. 1. No. Only through HDMI. 2. No. You can press virtual remote and go tonsettings from there but is the same thing. 3. Yes. Move the apps you use in front of the ones you don't. Or delete the ones you do not use. To delete , highlight the tile and press the the x above. 4. Not yet. I cold not test but on other forums there were reports that there is no BT Headphone pairing option.
  11. Interesting. Southern hemisphere is at 4.00.13. Northern at 3.23.xx. Why LG?
  12. Please post here firmware number for your WebOS set including your country or the country where you downloaded the firmware and the model of your tv set: - 3.23.24 - Romania- 47LB730v - 3.23.34 - Romania -47LB730v - 21.08.2014 by USB - 4.30.09 - Romania - 47LB730v - 29.08.2014 - OTA
  13. I bought my 47lb730 for 1000 euro and they threw in for free a 500GB USB3 portable HDD. Here in Romania LG discounted hard the entire LB line, probable to push for a more rapid adoption of the WebOS.

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