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Hello,  I recently got a 32LB650V from LG Hellas as replacement of my old 32LM620A where it had a serious damage that coldn't be repaired.  Nice move from LG but.... The new WebOS for the moment is

OK, another bug that i found last night. My TV doesn't display properly greek subtitles (they look like "Chinese").  I tryied to change almost everything that was possible, but nothing happened.  I

No problem,  I'll try to set it to France today and see what's gonna happen.

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Realy ???  for now i say NO. to much  section`s  scare`s people away. BUT if you got 50 members online  at the same time then is time to make section`s :)


Believe me i got experience in this. because i was 1 off the founder`s /moderator`s on 1 of the  big  .satellite boards in the Netherlands and before you know its a daytime job.

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So we have a mixed vote...lol. I understand djazzy, I have a few other forums as well and we don't want to scare people away with no content. Just looking to categorize a bit with the app catalog opening for some..:)

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Should we create a section for the webos web store, apps, etc discussions?

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It's not a bad idea. 

If people who use those apps can tell thier experiences and write a small review with "-" will be good for the rest who don't try apps if they don't know if it works or/and how it works. 

The only thing is that the reviews should be checked somehow for their reliability from an objective view. 

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In my old LM620A i use to plug the USB stick in one of the TV's USB ports and everything was OK with the subs. 

Doing it the same way now, my TV doesn't recognise the greek fonts of the SRT file and instead it shows incomprehensible words. 


By the way, thanks for posting the model of your keyboard, i'll get one too.

So I have the 42" one but I guess they run on essentially the same fw that my comment will help u.

It probably has something to do with the encoding of your srt files. I always convert greek srt to UTF-8 but i have successfully displayed correctly both utf-8 and iso 8859-7 greek srt on my lg.

After you start playback hit OK on your remote, move to the right, click OK on the arrow button, then OK on the SUBS button and then I think it's the second button where u select the proper encoding of the subtitles. Supposing you are using the greek menu it should say something like Κωδικοποίηση-->Προεπιλογή (or something like Encoding-Default, I'm away for the weekend so I can't quote the exact terms). Change Προεπιλογή (Default) το Ελληνικά(Greek) if using ISO 8859-7 encoded srts, or just select the first option after Προεπιλογή if using UTF-8 and it should work.



The Logitech keyboard proposed is an excellent choice. I have also tried it on my new LG and it works flawlessly. Its battery consumption is so good you'll forget to change batteries. However it is a bit large so for most operations I use the standard remote. Will try the new smartphone app in the next week to see how usable that is.

I also tried connecting a Logitech usb webcam but i got an unsupported USB device message. Guess I'll have to buy an LG model to use skype.

For network media playback I use DLNA (Smart Share) serving media from my PC using Serviio. I tried using the default Windows 7 Media Player sharing, but couldn't get .mkv playback unless i changed the extension from .mkv to .avi, something I am not willing to do. Also finally I have a TV that can playback DTS audio so that's a +1 for no more need to transcode audio.

Overall, I'm quite happy with my recent purchase, just two details that I don't like.

1. The interface seems a little slow responding to commands from the standard remote. Using the touchpad from my wireless keyboard it gets a bit better but I don't want to use an entire keyboard for simple functions. Maybe a Magic Remote will also work better that the standard one, or the smaprtphone app too, but is too much to ask for something that works well out of the box with all the money I spent?

2. There is no option (or I haven't found it) to display a list of channels. On my old LG (2009) the remote had a "List" button to display a list of channels and quickly navigate to the channel of your choice. Even the cheapest STB dvb-t decoders have this. But there is no such operation on the new LG model. I have to manually change channels until i find the one I want, or remember where I put each channel. Any ideas?

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I have the excellent LGla690v, bought it at the end of 2013, surely LG will update their high end TV'S OF 2013 TO webos after all its less than a year old and I presume it would be more than capable. There's no way am buying a new tv just for a software update which should be upgradable, it's one of the reasons why people get upset over their shiny new TV'S, come on LG don't leave out your customers who's tv is less than a year old, it's just ridiculous give people value for money and services and updates with capable tvs.

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Added a sub forum for LG Store discussions: http://www.lgwebos.com/forum/37-lg-store-tv-webos-apps/


Also added a sub forum under than for a listing of apps we can all provide feedback and review: http://www.lgwebos.com/forum/38-webos-tv-apps-reviews/


For the second, I added 4 new topics for 4 apps and ask that if anyone adds an app listing/topic, just use the app title as the topic title and they will all be listed in alphabetical order as posted. :D I turned on the rating system for that section so we can use it as an app review.

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Hi Beredim, 

Are you sure that you're talking 'bout the same TV (series) as mine?

My old TV was the 32LM620A (and as i wrote above, everything was working fine), but the problem that i have now with the subtitles comes from my new 32LB650V. 

Yes same series. It's the 42LB650V. Firmware version is 03.00.56 and webos version is 1.0.0-7916. 

So it turns out I was wrong in my previous post. I can now confirm that ISO 8859-7 encoded greek srt files don't display correctly.

However UTF-8 encoded greek srt files render just fine.

Here are some screenshots of the process (they are very blurry, but which widget-button is selected on the GUI in each step is clear enough).


To change your .srt encoding to utf-8 just open with notepad, select File-->Save As, choose the same filename and UTF-8 encoding












I read above about the fw update, but it was not available in Greece. So I just changed my LG Services Location setting (or whatever it's called when using the english menu) to UK, it showed a new firmware. I updated (fw 03.23.08, webos 1.2.0-2708) and then had access to the UK webos appstore. I then reverted the location setting to Greece and now have access to the Greek appstore (which i guess hasn't officialy launched yet). Not a lot of content atm, but better than nothing.

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Back for news. 

I update the FW version by changing the regional settings. So i set it in UK as Beredim suggest and now LG Store is open but most of the apps are not available yet for some reason. 

I also try to fix the subtitles' bug and i change the .srt file from ANSI to UTF-8 format.

Things looks better now but it doesn't display greek fonts all the time. By that i mean that during playback 4 out of 5 subs are correct and 1 is displayed as ^@[email protected]))_KS*@H ...... 


I'll call the guys at LG Hellas to see if i can find another solution and i'll be back in few minutes.

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Back for news. 

I update the FW version by changing the regional settings. So i set it in UK as Beredim suggest and now LG Store is open but most of the apps are not available yet for some reason. 

I also try to fix the subtitles' bug and i change the .srt file from ANSI to UTF-8 format.

Things looks better now but it doesn't display greek fonts all the time. By that i mean that during playback 4 out of 5 subs are correct and 1 is displayed as ^@[email protected]))_KS*@H ...... 


I'll call the guys at LG Hellas to see if i can find another solution and i'll be back in few minutes.

Check the last image from my previous post. Change "Προεπιλογή" to the first option under it and your utf-8 subtitles will display 100% correctly (You need to do that every time you start watching a movie unfortunately)

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So I have VERY good news. I managed to fix the issue with the help from LG Hellas! There is a very nicely hidden menu in WebOS which allows you to change the encoding of the subtitles. Steps:


1) Play your movie

2) When you see weird characters appears with your subtitles hit Pause.

3) In the Pause menu click on the little arrow on the right hand side.

4) Click on the button that says 'Sub'

5) Click on External

6) There is the hidden menu!

7) Select Code Page

8) Here is the bug. Try Greek first. It didn't fully work for me. Some characters still appeared like chinese. The solution for now is to select Simplified Chinese. That did the trick for me all characters appeared fine after that.


LG told me that they are going to look into the issue because Greek should work. Hopefully that solves the issue!

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Well, i'll try it later and i'll let you know if it works for me too.


p.s: Do i have to do the same thing every time i play a movie??????


I'm not sure I haven't tried another movie yet.. Possibly..

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Yes you have to do this every time you play a movie (at least that's my experience). In my case I don't have to select Simplified Chinese. The first available option after the default does the trick for me. Just check my screenshots a few posts back.

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      Date of last update of the app i.e. 20.04.2015
      Size of the app i.e. 105 KB
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      Thanks in advance!!!

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      I was tying to change the settings on our LG TV to enable it for HD channel reception. We found instructions on the net to configure the "area option" in the hidden menu, however, they did not work. So, we thought that we need to change the country group to be able to receive the HD channels. Although we could not change the "country group code" from 20 to an arbitrary number, we change it to 10. After that, we have not been able to change it anymore. It is struck there. I know this is ridiculous, but an LG TV expert who is working in LG customer services told us that I could not change it either and we need to replace the IC. I shocked why with a simple change in one of the TV parameters, everything is got complicated. 
      In details, here is the picture of the parameters currently set on the LG TV with the model number of 49LH549V-TD: 

      Please tell me why I could not set the "country group code" to 20 once again? It is gray meaning that is unchangeable. Any ideas will be appreciated.
      Best regards 
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      Please post here firmware number for your WebOS set including your country or the country where you downloaded the firmware and the model of your tv set:
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