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  1. Yes, you're right about that. As an opportunity remains, call the maintenance of LG. Enforced return of the old firmware, needs to know the risks of brick device or void the warranty.
  2. You are mistaken. For most countries the actual firmware is 4.30.09.
  3. I just talk about this difference in the new version of WebOS 1.3-0. From the menu "all" is replaced by "devices" and folder structure. But TV again no way to save it as default view.
  4. I think your TV is 2014 model. The archive is no problem. Probably if you have a problem when downloading files. Usually, the latest versions from the link below are engineering test versions. Here is a link to how to update. If necessary you wear TV of the service center, a test version will invalidate your warranty.
  5. Unlike WebOS "1.2.0 - **** angeles", in WebOS "1.3.0 - **** arches" was realized folders view in SmartShare. Firmware 04.3*.** TV series 2014
  6. Procedure to update via USB is: 1) Make in USB disk, folder named LG_DTV 2) Copy firmware *.epk in LG_DTV 3) Connect USB disk to TV For LG store. Make sure you take all agreements with LG and check if there an error in the address of the DNS server. Verify that no error in the country to use the TV. In a pinch, call service support.
  7. This is not a beta software. You ought, to no problem after any update. Try update via USB. Folder LG_DTV. Link to the update may be found in the file \заготовки\online\your_model\HE_DTV_****_AFAAABAA
  8. Wireless Keyboard Hama "RF 2200" works on TV LB670V.
  9. 1) Play your movie 2) Hit Pause. 3) In the Pause menu click on the little arrow on the right hand side. 4) Click on the button that says 'Sub' 5) Click on Internal or External 6) There is the hidden menu 7) On the left is button Sub On/Off.
  10. My system. PC model 2008 > DLNA Mezzmo > ruter TP-LINK 740N > WiFi > LB670V Blu-ray ISO - 3D FULL HD 1080p high bitrate works perfectly.
  11. Is there any possibility to use another USB camera with Skype? Are there any tests done? LG camera has quite a high price for such a device probably is not universal for use with other devices. And experience shows that despite the declared requirements for Skype in LG Store (presence of internet connection) does not work without a camera.
  12. This is related to the requirements of the Digital Rights Management (DRM) and is present in almost all devices with recording capability.
  13. Maybe you're right and connection is possible only in LG ecosystem.

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