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  1. Nothing has been fixed yet. My TV has download all available updates but all problems such as subtitles, flash plugin in the browser, menus' delays etc still remain. And by the way, another bug came up few days ago. I plug a stereo jack to the TV's audio output to send it to my HI-FI and evereything worked well untill i unplug the cable from the TV. Then I had no sound from the TV until i manually select the audio output (from the menu) to be my TV's speakers. In any other TV i have or seen this is done automaticaly.
  2. Mr.North and anyone else who believes that soon there will be a solution. I am afraid that incompatibility will play a key role in what's next for this platform. I personally think that LG should come out officially and say clearly to the people that this attempt was a FAILURE and if there is a possibility of moving to another platform using the same hardware to do it so directly and free for all WebOS based TVs owners. I do not believe that they have room for more excuses. Any upgrades are available so far, haven't restore any of the major issues have been reported here and all over the
  3. Nothing special for the moment. The problem with the subtitles still remains, also no fix update for browser's flash plugin. My TV's Firmware version is at 04.32.20 and WebOS Version 1.3.1-3220(afro-arches). The fact that they haven't fix any of these very important issues is very annoying. Whenever i call them, they say that "if you believe that there is a problem with your TV, take it to the service store, otherwise wait for updates". ....At the end..... Bullshit.....
  4. Another problem came up last night. I connect my blu-ray Samsung BD-E5500 and the SimpLink couldn't work. I try everything that was available in both TV and Blu-Ray but nothing happend. I will say it once again that in my old LG 32LM620A the activation of SimpLink was just few clicks on the RC. WTF is going on with this fuckin' WebOS?????????????
  5. Older LG models such as LM and LA series was playing ALL subs without problems even if they had color changes, italic, bold, underline etc. For the moment there is no update to fix this problem. This situation has started to annoying me too too much, I'm thinking to make use of the warranty rights if they don't fix it soon.
  6. Hello guys, I have a first official answer from LG Hellas about the bugs. "We would like to inform you that the reported as weak spots of the system webOS have taken into account of the competent departments (software development) of our company. In any case, we would like to note that the webOS platform is at the heart of the operation of the new TVs of LG Electronics and is constantly evolving, so that every consumer has gradually (and through future upgrades) a better experience handling these devices" I don't know what they had in their mind when they were writing this e-mail
  7. Also, 8) I had apps on my mobile phone where i could use'em with my old 32lm620A, such as remote control, live camera from my android phone to the TV, TV photo grabber and few more. None of these apps work in WebOS.
  8. Hi guys, So, as far as i can see, the problem still remains and as others mentioned, it's not only one problem (the one with the subtitles). So to conclude everything here, so far the problems are: 1) Subtitles doesn't play as they have to. 2) The menu is too slow 3) To open the menu you have to push a button such as "smart" or "guide", "info" etc, wait for few seconds until you see the message "System Manager Initializing" (or something like that) and then you can finaly enter the menu. 4) The above includes the problem with the "guide", that you cannot enter straight after you t
  9. Steve86, this is pretty much the same issue i have but in my case it's not that bad. Do you have the same problem when you try to play video files with subs from USB Stick?
  10. Hi, I download the new firmware but the news are bad. Things wtih subs are still the same. So they haven't fix the problem, instead they create a new one. With the previous update i had access to apps & games. OK the list wasn't as big as the in the pre-webos menu, but it had few things to check and see. Now, when i try to go to apps & games a message comes up that says something like "The page has nothing show" (or something similar, i don't remember it exactly). BUT, when you click on "search" and you type for example "facebook" the app shows up straight away. I also typed
  11. Nop, Unfortunately the problem still remains and there's no any update too. I was very busy the last days and i couldn't come in touch with LG Hellas, also their e-mail for some reason doesn't work.
  12. Hi, I did another trick and it worked for at least to .mp4 files with .srt. I first change it to "Simplified Chinese" as they suggest in a previews post but nothing happend, no subs at all. Then i change it to Greek again and subs played without problems during the whole film. Of course, even with this trick the WebOS doesn't recognise italic or bold fonts, that means that if an .srt file has italic fonts it will be displayed as <i>bla bla bla</i> and of course it goes the same with the colours for example "<font color=#FF0000>w</font>" will appear on TV instead of
  13. WTF???? Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Realy?????? Well, i'll try it later and i'll let you know if it works for me too. p.s: Do i have to do the same thing every time i play a movie??????
  14. Well you see? So as Sirival said, this must be a bug. I still have the problem and nothing has come up to fix it.
  15. It only took me few minutes to find out that the guys at LG Hellas have no idea for both FW updates and how to fix the Subtltles' bug. Very disappointing

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