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  1. So i tried joker.org on the lg webos default web browser and apparently it works. However, since there is no copy/paste function you have to type the full web path to the .torrent you want to watch. Also, since there is no file upload/ filesystem access you cannot use subtitles (at least for now)
  2. Could you please share where you came across this info (4.2 GB memory size) ???
  3. I have also pinpointed localisation issues, in my case for the Greek UI (I think i have mentioned this in another thread also). It seems they just translate things without any QA process. My main problem is with the fact that while the GUI buttons text should convey state, in the greek menu the text is as if it conveys action. For example when something is active, the corresponding english text button will say "ON". This wording (although not clear at first) conveys state. Whatever the "something" is you know it's ON. If you push the button the text changes to OFF and therefore you know it's OFF. But in the Greek menu "ON" is translated to something like "ACTIVATE". This wording clearly conveys the meaning of an action and not of state. Anyone reading it will understand it as meaning "Push this button to ACTIVATE". But in reality pushing the button deactivates the corresponding setting. So the translation is so bad that it breaks the whole UI. I spent countless hours trying to use the LG Remote app on my iphone before I realised the above, and bear in mind I happen to be in the technology business. So although the webos foundation maybe good, little problems like translation issues can quickly escalate to a bad user experience.
  4. Supposedly you have to DRM sign it and then use a USB drive it to install it on the tv. At least according to this: http://developer.lge.com/webOSTV/develop/web-app/app-developer-guide/app-test/
  5. Reading this , https://forums.plex.tv/index.php/topic/66801-dlna-support-for-subtitles/ it would seem Plex is not able to stream external subs over DLNA. Try installing serviio on your pc and serving some files wth external subtitles from your pc. If you get subtitle playback with this setup it will confirm it's a problem with the plex server and not the tv.
  6. Maybe your DLNA server is not configured correctly or doesn't support external subtitles. What software are you using?
  7. 1. I can't start the emulator from either inside eclipse or from the executable in the corresponding folder. 2. I can't test on the TV since I don't know how to enable developer mode. Tried putting in some codes that worked in hp webos devices but no luck. Let's hope by the end of the month the SDK gets officially released and we get a proper manual alongside it. Anyway, thanks for your effort Himself!
  8. Update completed fine for my 42LB650V New firmware is 03.23.17 (from 03.23.08) and webOs version has been updated to 1.2.0-2717 (from 1.2.0-2708). I haven't been able to find out any release notes either. Looking at the version numbers I suspect this version probably contains only a few bug fixes.
  9. Just checked and there is a new firmware available (03.23.17) (Fingers crossed I don't brick my tv the first day of the World Cup)
  10. Hopefully when the SDK is publicly released there will be a process for running homebrew apps. Then we just have to hope http://plex.h3consulting.net/ gets ported to webos.
  11. Yes you have to do this every time you play a movie (at least that's my experience). In my case I don't have to select Simplified Chinese. The first available option after the default does the trick for me. Just check my screenshots a few posts back.
  12. Finally, I got it working. After days of trying everything I could think off, it turns out the "LG Connect Apps" setting in the tv menu was in the "OFF" position. However, the greek translation of the menu implied the opposite. Essentially, when "LG Connect Apps" is "ON" the greek translation is equivalent to "ACTIVATE" instead of "ACTIVATED". So when i thought I was enabling it, in fact I was disabling it. So the app works, but the greek translation of the TV menu is problematic. Off to file a bug report...
  13. Check the last image from my previous post. Change "Προεπιλογή" to the first option under it and your utf-8 subtitles will display 100% correctly (You need to do that every time you start watching a movie unfortunately)
  14. mribeiro could you post your tv's firmware and webos versions?
  15. Doesn't work using: LG 42LB650V (fw 03.23.08, webos 1.2.0-2708) iPhone 3GS running iOS 6.1 (10B141) + jailbreak Stuck on step 2: App successfully locates the TV but no window appears on the TV to grant access to the app,
  16. Yes same series. It's the 42LB650V. Firmware version is 03.00.56 and webos version is 1.0.0-7916. So it turns out I was wrong in my previous post. I can now confirm that ISO 8859-7 encoded greek srt files don't display correctly. However UTF-8 encoded greek srt files render just fine. Here are some screenshots of the process (they are very blurry, but which widget-button is selected on the GUI in each step is clear enough). To change your .srt encoding to utf-8 just open with notepad, select File-->Save As, choose the same filename and UTF-8 encoding Update: I read above about the fw update, but it was not available in Greece. So I just changed my LG Services Location setting (or whatever it's called when using the english menu) to UK, it showed a new firmware. I updated (fw 03.23.08, webos 1.2.0-2708) and then had access to the UK webos appstore. I then reverted the location setting to Greece and now have access to the Greek appstore (which i guess hasn't officialy launched yet). Not a lot of content atm, but better than nothing.
  17. So I have the 42" one but I guess they run on essentially the same fw that my comment will help u. It probably has something to do with the encoding of your srt files. I always convert greek srt to UTF-8 but i have successfully displayed correctly both utf-8 and iso 8859-7 greek srt on my lg. After you start playback hit OK on your remote, move to the right, click OK on the arrow button, then OK on the SUBS button and then I think it's the second button where u select the proper encoding of the subtitles. Supposing you are using the greek menu it should say something like Κωδικοποίηση-->Προεπιλογή (or something like Encoding-Default, I'm away for the weekend so I can't quote the exact terms). Change Προεπιλογή (Default) το Ελληνικά(Greek) if using ISO 8859-7 encoded srts, or just select the first option after Προεπιλογή if using UTF-8 and it should work. The Logitech keyboard proposed is an excellent choice. I have also tried it on my new LG and it works flawlessly. Its battery consumption is so good you'll forget to change batteries. However it is a bit large so for most operations I use the standard remote. Will try the new smartphone app in the next week to see how usable that is. I also tried connecting a Logitech usb webcam but i got an unsupported USB device message. Guess I'll have to buy an LG model to use skype. For network media playback I use DLNA (Smart Share) serving media from my PC using Serviio. I tried using the default Windows 7 Media Player sharing, but couldn't get .mkv playback unless i changed the extension from .mkv to .avi, something I am not willing to do. Also finally I have a TV that can playback DTS audio so that's a +1 for no more need to transcode audio. Overall, I'm quite happy with my recent purchase, just two details that I don't like. 1. The interface seems a little slow responding to commands from the standard remote. Using the touchpad from my wireless keyboard it gets a bit better but I don't want to use an entire keyboard for simple functions. Maybe a Magic Remote will also work better that the standard one, or the smaprtphone app too, but is too much to ask for something that works well out of the box with all the money I spent? 2. There is no option (or I haven't found it) to display a list of channels. On my old LG (2009) the remote had a "List" button to display a list of channels and quickly navigate to the channel of your choice. Even the cheapest STB dvb-t decoders have this. But there is no such operation on the new LG model. I have to manually change channels until i find the one I want, or remember where I put each channel. Any ideas?
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