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  1. amount of Tullamore ads now is unbearable! If it used to be between every 4th or 5th video, then now it's almost between every video!
  2. Hi! I'm having this annoying Tullamore ad in YouTube that hasn't been replaced for last week. It's driving me crazy 'cause it's played almost before every youtube video I choose by remote controller. Is there any way to block those ads in router level? or any other way? Or at least can I have various ads in webos YouTube? Thanks, archs
  3. Offtopic! newest glitch - ads in Youtube! Damn I hate them! Especially political ones! How do they bypass and others don't?
  4. <i> and </i> also drive me crazy And for some MKVs i cannot turn off subs when I have changed the audio track to my desired language - Latvian. Then I have Latvian audio track and english subs. Or is that problem with mkv container?
  5. guys, where did you download this update?
  6. So i'm also expierencing trouble with subs on 42LB650V-ZN with latest updates available in Latvia. It doesn't change a thing when external .srt's are encoded in utf8 or not. Tried to change encoding on TV to any of offered, but it only changes the kind of gibberish symbol displayed. but the strangest thing is that only some symbols of latvian aren't shown correctly but it makes me mad

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