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LG Bulgaria support - very disappointment



The package was open already. I buy new TV but this TV is not new.

Have a many problem and zero support from LG - Bulgaria.

They close my phone when I try to tell him about problems with WebOS.


Not receive latest update. I still use 4.30. Why?

Facebook not work and cannot log on with my account.

LG Store for Bulgaria is very poor and missing many applications and games according others country store.

My LG is registered for Bulgaria but LG support Bulgaria tell me that my TV is not for Bulgaria. What? I try to tell him that LG support speak nonsense but they hang off phone.

Service is unavailable - many times a have this message error.


I try to play original mp4 file via USB with 4K video but TV cannot play that.

This TV is 4K but cannot play simple 4K .mp4 file from USB 3.0


I delete application from my LG account but available free space is the same size and application is still in TV. I can launch deleted application. Not any logic but this is the true.




This model is for all EU country but LG Bulgaria try to convince my that my TV is not for Bulgaria.What nonsense?


TV password use simple 4 number. Only bank account with plastic card use 4 PIN CODE. LG forget to implement in there security functionality NFC tag. Little boy can crack password easy because it is a simple number between 0 and 9999.

Bank functionality use 4 pin code too, but they have plastic card. LG WebOS Team live in island of famous tv serial - LOST. 


Have many problems at the beginning with tuner management and make videos in YouTube according many fatal bugs.

link hidden, please login to view


Cannot sort easy my "standard" tv collections of channels. 

Cannot sort my "favorite (n)" tv collections of channels. 


Missing functionality for sorting favorite collection.

I can sort only standard channels but it is not easy because sorting functionality is a simple replace between only two channels.

Web OS team - "LOST" must implement functionality for move one channel between two or simple put "up/down" buttons.

Missing move one channel(row 3) between 1 and 2. IT is simple, but not for LG WebOS Team.


At then end I thing that this TV was refurbished because package was open.

TV is good because LG is a good manufacture of simple tv and vary bad according "smart TV". For that reason I give you 5 stars.


Please LG take care about people in LG support - Bulgaria, because if this people work there job I will never upload YouTube videos. Videos do not lie. It is just a true.

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Well, sorry to hear about your bad experiences with LG Bulgaria. You should be able to escalate it furthe rup the "food chain" to som sort of manager or marketing/sales/support manager or regional director. Maybe that will get things going?


Regarding all your problems, some seem to be that the apps are not available, which is really strange, but LG seem to be very slow when it comes to distribute their services to other countries, here in Sweden we still wait for the TV spotlight feature, for one thing.


And I must agree on your experiences with webos, but sadly LG doesn't seem to be doing anything at all but fixing minor bugs or stuff that has to do with enhancing/adding new features. Maybe they plan to throw out webos, they can't present a roadmap so it is impossible to know what plans they have.


There are LOTS of things that need to be adressed with the current version of LG Webos, but wether or not LG plan to fix it, nobody knows.



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Have many problems at the beginning with tuner management and make videos in YouTube according many fatal bugs.

link hidden, please login to view




since you're suspecting the TV is not new - if that is the true then someone else has already created an account with that TV and that is the reason you can not log in with your account. Because when you are creating account it says you can not ever change your username. The same would happen if you selled the TV and didn't tell him/her the account data - he/she then couldn't create/use another username from that TV. The only solution would then be to contact LG and ask them to delete the account connected with your TV (every TV has some ID to be identified).


Have you tried to create a new account (from this TV) at all?


Did you go to the About menu and read Total Power On Time after buying the TV? Then you could know if someone has used it before (or it was turned on in the shop).


As for the Live Menu navigation (filtering the channels) - yes, it's not OK the highlight jumps to the channels instead to the upper commands, I hope they'll fix that soon. In the meantime you can use the OK button at the up-arrow to at least speed up the process.


Cannot sort easy my "standard" tv collections of channels. 

Cannot sort my "favorite (n)" tv collections of channels. 


Missing functionality for sorting favorite collection.

I can sort only standard channels but it is not easy because sorting functionality is a simple replace between only two channels.

Web OS team - "LOST" must implement functionality for move one channel between two or simple put "up/down" buttons.

Missing move one channel(row 3) between 1 and 2. IT is simple, but not for LG WebOS Team.


You're right, it is a very big problem!! It's very frustrating to organize the channels by swapping two-by-two channels. However, in the Satellite mode the functionality is OK - take a look at my post about that issue - so I expect it will be fixed in the very next software update.


BTW, you didn't mention the model of your TV (or I missed it).

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About total power functionality. I did not know that. At current moment it is very late.

For me is not a problem to return item. But my main reason is to show problems to LG.At the end product will be good.

Why LG not have feedback functionality.

Automatic report for bugs and issues.

Lg support in Bulgaria tell me that all my problems is because tv is buying from Amazon, not from local sellers.It is apear message according service is not available(randomly show this error).

LG Bulgaria told me that problems is because TV is from Italy. This is segregation. If my TV is part of EU seller program must implement functionality acording this problem. No body told me that if I buy LG tv from Amazon will have problems.

By the way today I report new bug for HBO Go application problem.Not work any more. Give me error about not support by is message.

I will not return my TV. At the end in my youtube playlist will have many videos about all true for this TV.Then LG-Palm team will fix all and everething will be good.

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    • By majorusa
      Please post here firmware number for your WebOS set including your country or the country where you downloaded the firmware and the model of your tv set:
      - 3.23.24 - Romania- 47LB730v
      - 3.23.34 - Romania -47LB730v - 21.08.2014 by USB
      - 4.30.09 - Romania - 47LB730v - 29.08.2014 - OTA
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      Build Your First App for webOS TV
      Web apps are written using HTML with copious amounts of CSS and JavaScript for style and functionality. Any modern Web browser can deliver this type of apps to the user.  With webOS TV, web apps are elevated to the lofty title of a first class citizen - web apps on webOS TV are given access to the same hardware, and OS features that typically available to native apps.
      Web apps built for webOS TV are very similar to standard web apps. Like the standard web applications, you can create web apps for webOS TV using standards based web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Anyone with experience in building web applications can easily start developing web apps for webOS TV.
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      Run the webOS TV Emulator.
      Install your app to emulator. Be sure to use the correct file name for your package.
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      Launch your app on emulator.
      ares-launch com.yourdomain.app.firstapp
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