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  1. What models this method is compatible ? Enviado de meu A0001 usando Tapatalk
  2. albertguedes

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    Firmware : 04.00.30 TV Model : 40LF6350-SB Country : Brazil
  3. albertguedes

    LG Watch Urbane LTE

    Where we may to buy ? Enviado de meu A0001 usando Tapatalk
  4. albertguedes

    [Feature Request] File Manager and...

    You know, we need is a good term emulator for use with webos. I think in a adaptation of wterm that i use in HP Touchpad and my old HP pre3 Enviado de meu A0001 usando Tapatalk
  5. albertguedes

    WebOS desired apps

    It is a waste of potential LG does not provide basic apps that would make use of them more than stand watching videos, music and photos. For me, missing programs such as: - simple file manager - messenger with video call ( skype or lg proprietary app, why not ? ) - email client ( may be, only to read messages ) - one social network app - rss or news reader ( read through the browser is horrible ) - an blessed ssh server to access the system !!!
  6. Yes, the use of WebOS on a cellphone is a dream of a long time since HP sell the OS.