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LG webOS Smartwatch

LG webOS Smartwatch discussions including usage, specific models, new releases, and upgrades. It is currently unknown if LG is going to release an official webOS Smartwatch.

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    • MikeWWW You do not need to be in home mode, you go to store mode turn off the messages and then go back to home mode, and the messages are gone for good. Is that too difficult to understand??  Also I am not interested in any alleged HDMI events ,as I did not have any. I am trying to help people who have the constant annoying pop up messages in the top right hand of the screen.  The fact is the option of turning off the annoying messages,is in the store mode section, and I assume LG put it there so when the TV is on display the distracting and annoying messages don't show and spoil chances of a sale! However the fact is when the option to display or not is turned off in store mode that selection is for the whole TV not just store mode okay?
    • I just made an account in hopes that someone could help me out. I tested a usb 3.0 ethernet adapter that I already had with my B7. The adapter leds are flashing, I get internet connection on the TV and I can access DLNA devices on my network. Wifi and ethernet both say disconnected in WebOS as others have stated. My problem is that casting youtube or netflix no longer works. This is a function I use a lot, but it won't work when connected with the adapter. My phone can find the TV, but when trying to cast anything it says trying to connect forever. Casting works fine when connected to the built in ethernet port or wifi.  My question is: can someone confirm that casting to youtube and netflix works when using the Cable Matters ethernet adapter that others have used? It seems in most cases either everything works or nothing works, so I'm trying to find out if my adapter is an odd one where everything but casting works, or if casting has been broken in an update over the years. Really hope someone can help me out. 
    • To play Spotify music on LG smart TV, there are three methods available for you. The first method is that you can download and install Spotify TV app on your smart tv and then search for music you like within the app. Or you can link hidden, please login to view using link hidden, please login to view developed by link hidden, please login to view and stream Spotify music to LG smart tv via USB. Except for the former methods, you can also play your favorite Spotify music on your phone and cast it to your smart tv via Spotify Connect.
    • I agree, lack of PGS subtitle support is a big problem, and "soft-coded" subtitles in HDR mode are often much too bright, "blinding" you in dark scenes. I hope there is work on these issues.
    • Hotstar i am not getting it in version 05.30.95 and it is not updating also please fix this problem and also the screen share is not working it is showing restart yohr tv everytime
    • There is no option to turn off messages in Home mode. It's not just the messages that are the problem. As soon as the Wired Lan Cable disconnected/Connected message appears ( which appears even if you're using WIFI and there is no LAN cable), but there is a subsequent problem with other HDMI connected devices being triggered by this event.  
    • Hello   since upgrading my LGOLED55C9PLA firmware to 05.00.03  every time I open a TV channel, I get the HOME menu bar at the bottom of the screen, not sure if a bug, or a bad idea, it has no disable option, feel I would like to roll back to the previous firmware, is this safe ? Is there an easy procedure ? Where do I get the previous firmware file from ?   thanks
    • The solution is simple and I guarantee it works. Go to Settings-General-Scroll down to Home/Store Mode wher you will easily find the option to turn on or off messages in the upper right of the screen. I had the message Wired Lan cable is disconnected quckly followed by Wired Lan Cable connected appearing constantly and after the above fix all messages stopped for good! My messages began after the recent update to the Disney App the update must have somehow switched on the messages for the upper right of screen by voodoo. Anyway it is the fix that everyone seeks. But how utterly amazing the Technicians at LG don't even know where the issue lies! I have read of service calls parts changed etc. etc. when it is just a simple act of using the menus! Happy Days. 

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