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  1. Hi to all. I have this model: 47LB 652V-ZA with this webos version: 1.4.0-2518 (afro-ashley) Which version can i install on this model??? Has anyone try to update the latest webos on this tv??? Thanks to all for any suggestions.
  2. Hi to all. I recently purchased a lg tv with web os. On the old TV was using an external media player (wd live tv). Now I wanted to directly connect the USB disk to the TV. Unfortunately, I can not do it, because, to my regret, the web os does not have a file manager So I can not copy, move, or do anything on the external drive, no do not connect it to the PC first. I ask is you are putting a file manager, so you can manage files between USB devices connected. In addition to, if possible, add an icon to each file (movie) already seen. What do you think
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