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  1. Just want to let you guys know the Spotify app is available in the Netherlands (so probably in many other countries too). I find it pretty slow and why there is no option to cast songs from your smartphone? My suggestion is buying Chromecast for easy casting of songs from Spotify and Soundcloud (Chromecast is only €35 in the Netherlands). There is still no casting option in both the official apps but with the My Cloud Player app and Spoticast app it is easy to finally cast music to your TV. I hope many LG WebOS apps and also Android and iOS apps will support casting in the future. I use it a lot (Youtube in WebOS and Spotify and Soundcloud in Chromecast).
  2. Since two weeks or so, finally the WebOS store became available in the Netherlands. Unfortunately for me some very desired apps are still missing. These apps are: - Soundcloud - Spotify - IMDB Does anybody know if they are to be released in the Netherlands soon? Are they already available in other countries? In the web browser both Spotify and Soundcloud cannot be used because flash is not supported. Will there be flash support in the future? Before WebOS I used a Western Digital Live TV media player, WebOS is such a relieve in comparison to the WD media player. If these apps become available soon, WebOS is for sure the best smart-tv OS.

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