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WebOS 4.4.0-9 web browser does not handle PDFs well

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Of course PDF files can't be downloaded, but the WebOS version 4.4.0-9 browser can't even display them!  Previous versions of the bowser displayed them just fine.  Now I have a bunch of browser bookmarks that are useless.

Also, there is no way to rearrange the bookmarks anymore.  So version 4 also killed bookmark management.

And while I'm on a rant, I can no longer drag and drop text between tabs.  I have to write down or remember things like URLs and retype them into the new location.  That's something else that got killed in the update.  I'm calling it a downgrade.  Can I go back?

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Whatever your computer is capable of,  you can do and see it on your smart TV (used as a monitor) , according to their matching capabilities.  Use your computer's web browser. I don't use any of the WebOS apps, and subsequently haven't had to agree with any of LG's WebOS terms in order to run those apps. The only drawback might be the limit of the computer's video card resolution and speed.

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