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LG Tidal App randomly cuts playing music

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3 minutes ago, HPDeskjet said:

This issue does indeed seem to have been resolved with the update which was released on 9 February 2022.  That said, it should never have taken this amount of time for Tidal to get it's act together and resolve the problem.  The amount of time it's taken Tidal to get an issue it's been aware of for longer than 6 months resolved certainly deserves no praise from it's paying customers. 

Hi, I totally agree with you. I had been in talks with them from the day I posted this here. Their support team would constantly ask me for details and I would provide. Until yesterday when they came back with the fix. Unfortunate that it took so long. 


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Maybe you can try to use Tidal on LG TV offline. To do that, you will need a DRmare Tidal Media Downloader (

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 ) to download music from Tidal as local files. Then you can move Tidal music to LG TV for play offline. And you can transfer Tidal songs to other devices for use offline.

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I just bought a brand new 55” C2 and the Tidal app is not working. Songs buffer for a few seconds then stop and never play. Eventually the TV goes into screen saved mode. I don’t see any updates available for the app or the tv os. Any tips or suggestions as to how to get it working?

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