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LG Tidal App randomly cuts playing music

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I am also having problems with playing all content using the Tidal app on my LG C16LA OLED

Yesterday, I sent the E-mail below to Tidal asking what the problem is and when it will be resolved.


Dear Tidal,

As a Tidal HiFi customer I would like to complain about the broken and unusable Tidal app brought out earlier this year for my 55" LG C16LA OLED television.  Please note that this problem seems to be specific to the LG C1 OLED model released in 2021.

Every track selected and played on the Tidal app for my 55" LG C16LA OLED television, and it makes no difference as to which track I select to play, stops playing at exactly 30 seconds before the end of the track.  The sound cuts out and the track cannot be restarted without closing the app and restarting it.  Even after restarting the app, every track selected to play stops playing again at precisely 30 seconds before the end of the track.  This is unacceptable and makes the Tidal app on my 55" LG C16LA OLED television unusable.  The fact that I am paying €19.99 a month for this unusable and broken app is an absolute insult.

A quick look on the internet shows that I am not the only LG C1 television owner experiencing this problem with the shabbily supported and completely broken Tidal app for LG C1 televisions. 

link hidden, please login to view


Why are all tracks stopping 30 seconds before the end of the track?   I informed Tidal about this problem in June 2021 and, as yet, nothing has been done by Tidal to resolve the issue.

There is no point in asking me to send Tidal a list of tracks that it happens on.  It happens on every single track selected, every time.  Completely uninstalling the app then reinstalling the app has no effect on this behaviour, neither does resetting my entire home network, setting up a static IP for the TV or changing DNS servers.  My television is connected to a stable 300Mbps cable internet connection via a Cat6a ethernet cable and no proxy servers are being used.  The problem also occurs when using either 2.4 or 5Ghz Wi-Fi connections to connect the TV to the internet.

The Tidal app on my 55" LG C1 OLED is the only app that does not function properly.  All other streaming apps work optimally and without a hitch.  This ongoing problem and the non -existent fix from Tidal is certainly no advert for the company. 

When will this now ridiculous situation be resolved by Tidal's 'technical experts'?



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3 minutes ago, Kenshin said:

This is also happening to me on my LG C1 OLED TV. This app is too expensive to have literally every single track stop/pause before finishing.

It's highly frustrating isn't it.  I haven't had a reply from Tidal yet.  When I do I'll post it here.  The current Tidal app on the LG C1 is broken and has never worked properly on my C1.

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I have received the reply below from Tidal.  How long it will take them to release any fix is anyones guess.


Sep 20, 2021, 5:22 PM EDT


Thank you for reaching out to TIDAL Support.  My name is Abbe and I am happy to assist you with your request.

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with your LG Tv.

Our developers are already aware of this issue and they are working to resolve it.

They aim to have a fix out as soon as they can for the LG TV's. 

We appreciate your patience in the meantime. 

Please to keep an eye out for any updates to the TIDAL app on TV in the meantime. 

If you have any other questions or problems please don't hesitate to email us back.

Have a great day!

For answers to FAQs and more visit

link hidden, please login to view

Best Regards,
TIDAL Member Support

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