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  1. My sound settings is only "optical" not "optical and internal speakers", so I don't unterstand why he jumps back to "internal speakers". When I start my TV the soundbar powered on with optical and all working fine. When I connect my BT headphones, all working fine with BT headphones, but after disconnect BT the TV jump back to internal speakers, not optical.
  2. What? How can that be? You have OLED65B7A with 05.80.55? Yes you have https://www.lg.com/de/support/software-firmware?csSalesCode=OLED65B7D.AEU I have with OLED65C97LA (2019) with only 4.80.03 and there are no updates available. In fact its the latest version. See https://www.lg.com/de/support/software-firmware?csSalesCode=OLED65C97LA.AEU Thats strange, your TV is from 2018 and you have a higher version number as my TV from 2019.
  3. I have a LG OLED C9 and use a soundbar with optical. If I use Bluetooth headphones and terminate the connection, the webOS always jumps back to internal speakers, which I don't use. Is there any way to set it to automatically return the soundbar (optical)?
  4. Hello, I have a LG OLED C9 and a Synology Diskstation (Wifi). The LG shows in DLNA only very old files. I can't see new addes files/folders or I see deleted files. There is no "Refresh"-Button. Currently the DLNA for LG OLED C9 is unfortunately useless. I've seen in my research that that's been a problem for LG TVs for years. How can that be? Is there any workaround or trick to update DLNA?

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