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C9 Update - 05.10.04 - Can no longer connect to Dolby

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Since this update the Apple TV 4K can no longer connect to Dolby via HDMI.  Immediately prior to this update - it worked.

Now, if you attempot to connect and set it to Dolby - the screen flashes the Apple TV screen on and off - it can't stabilze.

This happened immdeiately after the update.  

Can I revert back to the prior software?  Or, can you send me a version that does not have this issue.

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I am experiencing the same thing. I was watching a show in Dolby Vision and stepped away for a bit. The tv restarted and the new software installed. Immediately after, I got the same unstable picture. I had to switch Apple TV to 4K HDR to finish watching the same show I had been watching in Dolby Vision a few minutes earlier. Very frustrating!

AppleTV 4K through a Sony STR DN 1080

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Hi, I have the exact same problem, also going through a Denon AVR.

The update broke something, always worked fine until then. I hope the issue gets to LG so they can fix it quickly but until now support blames my internet connexion (fiber lol) and refuses to acknowledge the problem...

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On the Denon, if you enable "Pass Through" of the ATV while in standby mode - you can select Dolby on the ATV and the C9 accepts.

Guessing LG made a change that affects HDMI communication with the Denon since it was working fine immediately prior to the update.

I have a ticket open with LG - they said their sofware enginners would get back in a couple of days.  If I get a resposne i'll post it here.


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Having the exact same issue since i did the update today. Enabling Dolby Vision causes massiv screen flickering. Absolut desaster.

tried different cables, inputs…

LG messed it up. Unfortunalty not the first time (since half a year 4k 120hz aint working with nvidia 3000 generation. They know it. they are „working on it“.) 

i hope there will be a fix soon.



LG C9. 
Denon Receiver.

AppleTV 4K (2021 Version)

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I received the 5.10.04 update to my C9 today.  I am in the US.  The update immediately broke Dolby Vision where it flickers and the screen cuts out like it constantly connects and disconnects from the Dolby stream.  It is worse with 60fps content vs 24fps.  I have a 2019 nVidia Shield Pro and Panasonic UB820 running through a Sony STR DN1080 with 48gbps certified HDMI across the board.  I have had no issues with Dolby Vision until this update.  Please fix or at least let us roll back to the previous firmware.

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16 hours ago, RobNBill said:

On the Denon, if you enable "Pass Through" of the ATV while in standby mode - you can select Dolby on the ATV and the C9 accepts.

Guessing LG made a change that affects HDMI communication with the Denon since it was working fine immediately prior to the update.

I have a ticket open with LG - they said their sofware enginners would get back in a couple of days.  If I get a resposne i'll post it here.


Enabling pass through of the ATV, I still got a black screen after 3 minutes of watching a video. Seems random, could be every 30 secondes or every few minutes.

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LG Support is a desaster…

I reported them about the issue. They answered my with a „no reply“ E-Mail Adress and said they need proof. But i could not reply, because the e-mail doesnt allow it *facepalm*

So i contacted them again and put a link to this discussion it.

I refuse to believe that nobody at LG has an Apple TV or nvidia Shield to test this issue….

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